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50+ Recipes For Game Day

Plan the perfect game day party with this list of 50+ Recipes For Game Day from There are football crafts, finger foods, wings, and more!

I’m so excited that football season is back because that means our garage-turned-home theater is back showing games. We play them all day long, but if the Jets aren’t on, I’m more just focused on what food to serve at our game day party. We put together a list of 50+ Game Day Recipes to help you plan your snacks.

These recipes are perfect for game day, as fantasy football food ideas for when you’re hosting your fantasy draft, or any Sunday Funday.

Because this list filled with so many game day food ideas, I broke it into sections: Football-shaped foods and decorations, super salsas and dips, field goal finger foods, captain’s chili and meats, wild card wings, and sideline sweets.

No matter what you want to serve on game day, you’ll be able to find a new recipe from the list. And if you’re throwing a Football Sunday party, focus on the first section of the list. That’s where you’ll find the best game day foods and decorations to make your party look fantastic.

A football-shaped utensil holder, green utensils, green napkins, food on a green plate, all on a table with a football tablecloth on it and the words, "Tips For Throwing A Football Party" digitally written on top.

If you need a little help with game day party ideas, we have a great post filled with Tips For Throwing A Football Party.

50+ Game Day Recipes

This post has meat and meatless recipes. If you only want meatless, check out our list of 20+ Vegetarian Game Day Recipes instead.

Football-Shaped Foods & Decorations

If you’re hosting the game, you’ll want to focus on this section. The football crafts will really help you dress up your home for the big game.

Looking for a sweet way to root on your favorite team? Try this Fantasy Football Candy Bark from Perfect for homegating, Super Bowl parties, the playoffs, and more! Plus, you can make it in any team colors!

Fantasy Football Candy Bark

You can mix and match the colors of this candy bark to match your team colors — or the teams that are in the big game.

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?! Get ready for your perfect football party with this homemade football flatware holder -- made from a soup can! It's perfect for your Super Bowl party or your next tailgate.

Homemade Football Flatware Holder

Upcycle a soup can into a really cute football-themed flatware holder. You can make three — one for forks, spoons, and knifes — if you really wanted.

Make your Football Sunday more special with these DIY Football-Shaped Utensil Holders. Get the tutorial at

DIY Football-Shaped Utensil Holders

If you want something a little disposable, upcycle old cardboard rolls into football-shaped utensil holders. Just make sure to use green napkins to make the footballs stand out.

Homemade Football Flags Party Picks are a great way to dress up your football party appetizers. Get free printables and find out how to make them at

Homemade Football Flags Party Picks

These homemade football flag toothpicks are the perfect way to dress up your one-bite appetizers. The printables for them are already made for you too.

Super Bowl Salsas & Dips

Chips and dips are always really fun on game day.

A chip with dip on it over a red ramekin of dip surrounded by crackers and the words "Spanakopita Dip" digitally written on top.

Spanakopita Dip

Spinach dip is classic for game day, but kick that up a notch with Spanakopita Dip. It’s the filling of spanakopita — spinach, feta and parmesan cheese, and a few other ingredients — but in dip rather than phyllo dough.

A tortilla chip coming out of bean dip with the words "Easy Cheesy Refried Bean Dip" digitally written on top.

Easy Cheesy Refried Bean Dip

Bean Dip is so incredibly popular, especially for game day, so definitely add this Easy Cheesy Refried Bean Dip to your menu.

It's so easy to make your own salsa. Get this homemade salsa recipes from

Homemade Salsa

If you want a more mild salsa, this one is the one for you.

Cannoli dip in a pink bowl that's on a tray filled with waffle cone pieces with powdered sugar on them and the words "Cannoli Dip" digitally written on top.

Cannoli Dip

You only need a couple minutes to make this cannoli dip. Pair it with crushed ice cream cones for a delicious treat.

If you want the perfect summer salad, try this Mango Salsa from It goes with all your summer meals and is perfect for backyard BBQ's.

Mango Salsa

If you want a really fresh salsa, mango salsa is the way to go. It’s a great way to add something light to your game day spread.

Once you make this Homemade Chunky Guacamole, you'll never go back to blended, store bought guacamole. Get the recipe at


Guacamole is necessary on every game day spread. And this chunky guacamole will be the hit of your food. Just be sure to grab tortilla chips to pair with it.


Alton Brown’s Spinach & Artichoke Dip

This is the easiest spinach and artichoke dip you’ll ever make. You microwave a few ingredients, stir, and it’s good to go.

This Super Spicy Weight Watchers Salsa is zero Weight Watchers Freestyle points. It's a great snack for when you're dieting. Get the recipe at

Super Spicy Salsa

I’m not lying when I say this salsa is super spicy. People who like spice said it was hot. And that doesn’t happen often.

Field Goal Finger Foods

No one wants to eat a big meal on game day. People just want to snack. And these finger foods are the perfect game day recipes to get you snacking.

Five puff pastry cups with spinach and feta in them and the words "Spanakopita Puff Pastry Bites" digitally written on top.

Spanakopita Puff Pastry Bites

These Spanakopita Puff Pastry Bites are a fun finger food. They’ll all the flavors of a traditional spanakopita baked into puff pastry.

Wonton mozzarella sticks on a tray with a bowl of marinara sauce in the back and the words "Air Fryer Wonton Mozzarella Sticks" digitally written above them.

Air Fryer Wonton Mozzarella Sticks

Homemade mozzarella sticks are an easy finger food that takes two bites to inhale. And that’s really all it’ll take for your game day guests to devour the entire batch of these Air Fryer Wonton Mozzarella Sticks.

Don't order take out. Make Crab Rangoon at home. This Air Fryer Crab Rangoon recipe can be made in the air fryer or with the oven.

Crab Rangoon

Who says you can only have crab rangoon with Chinese take out? You can absolutely have this packets of deliciousness on game day.

Pigs in a Blanket piled on a plate.

Pigs In A Blanket

Pigs in a Blanket are my favorite party appetizer. They come together so easy (they’re only two ingredients!) and really please a crowd.

Be the hit of the party when you serve these Grilled Eggplant, Prosciutto & Mozzarella Roll Ups. They're the perfect one bite appetizer.

Grilled Eggplant, Prosciutto & Mozzarella Roll Ups

If it’s warm enough on game day to grill, these roll ups are delicious. You can make a dozen of them per eggplant, which is great when you’re cooking for a crowd.

Parmesan Potato Rounds are a really tasty party appetizer. Get the recipe at

Parmesan Potato Rounds

Potato rounds are like a meatier potato chip, which is good when you’re in the mood for something with a little more substance while you’re rooting on the home team.

Wonton Pizza Cups are a really fun party appetizer. Find out how to make them on

Wonton Pizza Cups

You might not want to sit and eat a full piece of pizza while you’re watching the game, but these wonton pizza cups are perfect to pop in your mouth.

Looking for the perfect party appetizer? Make these bacon-wrapped crackers topped with brown sugar from They're great for bridal showers.

Bacon-Wrapped Crackers With Brown Sugar

These bacon-wrapped crackers have been the hit of every party that I’ve brought them too. So definitely make a double batch. One for you and one to serve.

Avocado Toast Bruschetta is the perfect party appetizer. It's vegan too! Find out how to make it at

Avocado Toast Bruschetta

Avocado toast is really popular, but you’re not going to serve it on game day. But, it totally works for game day as a bruschetta.

Loaded Poutine Twice Baked Potatoes will be your new favorite one-bite appetizer. It's all the tastes of poutine in one bite!

Loaded Poutine Twice Baked Potatoes

These Poutine-Stuffed Potatoes are the perfect bite of potato. There’s cheese, bacon, sour cream, green onions, and brown gravy all stuffed into a potato bite. What’s not to love?

A perfect potluck appetizer is this Kale Pesto Bruschetta. Get the recipe at

Kale Pesto Bruschetta

If kale chips aren’t your jam, kale turned into a pesto and made into bruschetta might be the way to go. Kale pesto is so addicting, so this will definitely go fast.

Wonton Taco Cups are a really fun one bite appetizer or snack dinner recipe. Top with sour cream, green onions, and more.

Wonton Taco Cups

These wonton taco cups are the perfect one bite appetizer. They’re flavorful, crunchy, and you can vary the toppings to fit your taste buds.

Deviled Eggs With Tajin are a (literally) sweet twist to traditional Deviled Eggs. Get the recipe at

Deviled Eggs With Tajin

Tajin is the secret ingredient in these deviled eggs. They’re made a little differently than traditional deviled eggs too, so they’re a little less tart and a little more tasty.

Bacon-Wrapped Cocktail Wieners are the perfect keto appetizer. They're also a great gluten-free snack. Get the recipe at

Bacon-Wrapped Cocktail Wieners

If meat-wrapped meat is your thing, you’ll love these cocktail wieners — which are wrapped in bacon and finished with a sprinkle of brown sugar.

Looking for a tasty twist on nachos? Check out these Fully Loaded Totchos from

Fully Loaded Totchos

Nachos are cool, but have you tried totchos? Instead of chips, you use tater tots, and then top those will al your favorite nacho toppings.

These Sweet And Spicy Jelly Meatballs are the perfect party appetizer. They're really easy to make too. Get the recipe at

Sweet N Spicy Jelly Meatballs

These jelly meatballs are made from frozen meatballs and three other ingredients. They’re super easy and delicious. Plus, you can pop them in your mouth between plays.

These Pizza Cones are the perfect party appetizer. Find out how to make them on

Pizza Cones

Pizza cones are what dreams are made of. You can make two per tortilla, then fill them with your favorite toppings: cheese, pepperoni, sauce. Roll and bake and you’re ready to go.

Jalapeno Cheddar Sliders

A large burger isn’t really game day friendly, but a slider is absolutely perfect. These ones are made with a homemade slider bun too.

Grilled French Fries are the perfect side dish for burgers. And even better, you don't have to turn on the oven to make them. Find out how to grill French fries on

Grilled French Fries

If you’re grilling on game day, definitely grill a side of French fries. They’re so easy to make on the grill, especially if you already have other items cooking on the grill.

Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms are the perfect holiday appetizer. Get the recipe at

Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms are the perfect game day appetizer because you can pop them in your mouth and be done with them before it’s time to yell at your team for dropping the ball.

Carrot slices in a white bowl with the words "Baked Carrot Chips" digitally written on top.

Carrot Chips

Carrot chips are a tasty alternative to potato chips. You won’t satisfy your potato chip craving with these, but you will get the satisfaction of snacking.

Looking for a great dinner recipe? Check out these Fiesta Chicken Quesadillas from

Fiesta Chicken Quesadillas

These quesadillas are dressed up with the addition of an orange pepper, onion, Adobo, and a spicy cheese.

Spice up your life with these Jalapeno Jelly Meatballs. Get the recipe at

Jalapeño Jelly Meatballs

Jalapeño jelly, also know as cowboy candy, is a really delicious recipe. Use that to coat frozen meatballs for the perfect game day appetizer.

A guacamole cup on a plate with the words "Guacamole Wonton Cups" digitally written on top.

Guacamole Wonton Cups

Guacamole becomes a game day friendly appetizer when you serve it as Guacamole Wonton Cups. Game watchers can just grab it and pop it in their mouths rather than hovering over a bowl of guac.

Need the perfect potluck appetizer? Go with these Slow Cooker BBQ Sausage Bites. Get the recipe at

Slow Cooker BBQ Sausage Bites

If you can make any game day recipes in the slow cooker, I highly suggest that. It just makes your life so much easier. This BBQ Sausage Bites are the perfect slow cooker app.

Your garden tomatoes will taste great in these Mini Tomato Pies. Get the recipe at

Mini Tomato Pies

Mini Tomato Pies are, arguably, the best way to use garden tomatoes. If you don’t have any ready to go on game day, store-bought tomatoes work just fine.

Corn Dog Muffins are the perfect snack dinner or potluck recipe. Get the recipe at

Corn Dog Muffins

Corn dogs are delicious, but no one wants to eat a whole one on game day. These Corn Dog Muffins are a great way to enjoy corn dogs without filling your whole stomach.

Hungry for eggplant parmesan but don't have the time to make it? Make these Breaded Eggplant Parmesan Bites from instead.

Breaded Eggplant Parmesan Bites

Eggplant Parm Bites are such a simple and easy game day snack. Just be sure to make a lot. These are easy to pop into your mouth and will get eaten quickly.

Chorizo Quesadillas are a great easy weeknight dinner. Get the recipe at

Chorizo Quesadillas

If you want something with a little more substance on game day, this Chorizo Quesadilla recipe is it. Chorizo is easily found in grocery stores and is simple to cook, so don’t be intimidated by it.

If you want a unique one-bite appetizer, check out these Broccoli Rabe Crostinis from

Broccoli Rabe Crostinis

Broccoli rabe is an acquired taste. And if you’ve acquired it, you’ll love these crostinis that are topped with broccoli rabe and goat cheese. They’re a little fancy for game day, and also look like a field, so that’s fun.

Filled wonton wrappers on a tray with the words "Jalapeño Popper Wonton Cups" digitally written on top.

Jalapeño Popper Wonton Cups

These wonton cups have all the flavors of a jalapeño popper, but contained in a wonton wrapper. They’re delicious and a little more palatable for people who aren’t crazy about eating a whole jalapeño pepper.

You'll be the hit of your next party if you bring this Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring. Get the recipe at

Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring

A few cans of crescent rolls are stuffed with buffalo chicken and formed into a ring to make this tasty game day recipe. Serve it with ranch or bleu cheese as the perfect compliment.

Looking for an easy homegating snack idea? Check out this Loaded Beef Nachos recipe from

Loaded Beef Nachos

Game day isn’t complete without nachos. These loaded beef nachos are a really classic nacho recipe that sure to please everyone.

This Goat Cheese Prosciutto Lingonberry Jam Bruschetta is the perfect Thanksgiving appetizer. Get the recipe at

Goat Cheese Prosciutto Lingonberry Jam Bruschetta

My family has requested that I make this bruschetta so many times that I’ve already lost count. It’s that good.

Spicy Chicken Quesadillas are the perfect weeknight dinner. Plus you can use up your garden sweet peppers. Get the recipe at

Spicy Chicken Quesadillas

There’s a spicy cheese in these chicken quesadillas that make them spicy. And if you can find the cheese, it’s a great game day recipe.

These Slow Cooker Sweet And Sour Meatballs are the perfect party appetizer. Get the recipe at

Slow Cooker Sweet And Spicy Meatballs

The best part about this recipe is the taste. The second best part is that these meatballs are made in the slow cooker using frozen meatballs. So that makes life so easy for you.

Air Fryer Kale Chips are such a quick and delicious snack. The Kale Chips are ready in under 10 minutes. Get the recipe on

Air Fryer Kale Chips

You think about serving potato chips on game day, but kale chips are so incredible. Making them in the air fryer is such a delicious way to make these tasty treats.

Want a great homegating recipe? Check out these pulled chicken nachos from It's a great slow cooker chicken recipe!!

Pulled Chicken Nachos

If you have leftover pulled chicken, these nachos come together in no time. If not, a rotisserie chicken works to keep this simple.

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls are such a simple way to make homemade pizza rolls in minutes. Get the recipe on

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

These pizza rolls are so easy to make before game day, then just air fry them right before halftime begins.

Cornbread sausage balls on a tray with the words "Cornbread Sausage Balls" digitally written on top.

Cornbread Sausage Balls

Three ingredients combine to make these Cornbread Sausage Balls the perfect game day recipe. They’re easy to pop into your mouth while you’re watching the game.

Buffalo Chicken Nachos in a pan with the words "Buffalo Chicken Pork Rind Nachos" digitally written above it.

Buffalo Chicken Pork Rind Nachos

These Buffalo Chicken Pork Rind Nachos are a fun twist on traditional nachos. Instead of using tortilla chips, these use pork rinds as the base.

Captain’s Chili & Meats

If you want a big bowl of something warm while you’re watching bowl games, this is it.

Beef, Turkey, or Veggie Chili

You get three chili recipes for the price of one in that post, so you’ll be able to find one that fits what you want to make for game day.

Cook up a twist on traditional chili with this Chicken Chili recipe from

Chicken Chili

This chili, made with chicken, beans, peppers, and more is a really good bowl of chili for when you’re rooting on the home team.

If you want a recipe that will feed and please a crowd, you'll want to make this Slow Cooker Beer Pulled Pork. Get the recipe on

Slow Cooker Beer Pulled Pork

Pulled pork comes out so good in the slow cooker. It’s easy too. You just dump the three ingredients in the slow cooker and turn it on.

Wild Card Wings

Wing are mandatory on game day. According to us anyway.

What are you grilling this weekend? How about these tasty chicken teriyaki wings from

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Wings

Homemade teriyaki sauce is so easy to make. And it tastes so good on wings. Plus, wings are a must for game day. So really, this recipe is a home run.

Sideline Sweets

Finish your game day menu with these game day desserts.

Chocolate-covered pretzels, decorated to look like footballs, in a container with the words "Chocolate Football Pretzel Rods" digitally written on top.

Chocolate Football Pretzel Rods

If you want a dessert that’s going to look adorable with your football spread, these Chocolate Football Pretzel Rods are the way to go. They’re easy to make and really pack a punch.

Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Holes are so easy to make at home. One batch and you'll be hooked. Get the recipe at

Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Holes

We became slightly obsessed with these doughnut holes when I started making them, and we made a different flavor every weekend. A classic donut hole is great for game day snacking.

Pecan Sandies will be your new go to holiday cookie recipe. Find out how to make them on

Pecan Sandies

I’m not saying these last three desserts are perfect for game day because they’re shaped like balls. But I’m also not not saying it.

Chocolate-Dipped Rolo Stuffed Ritz Crackers is the perfect easy dessert. It takes under 10 minutes! Get the recipe at

Chocolate-Dipped Rolo Stuffed Ritz Crackers

A great way to make these stuffed crackers fit in well with your game day spread is to use sprinkles in your team’s colors on them.

Satisfy your sweet and salty craving with Potato Chip Chocolate Bark. Get the recipe at

Potato Chip Chocolate Bark

Everyone puts out chips for game day. You can one up them by making this potato chip chocolate bark.

These Puff Pastry S'mores Bites are a perfect one-bite dessert. Get the recipe at

Puff Pastry S’mores Bites

These s’mores bites are the best way to enjoy s’mores on game day … when your game is taking place in the winter.

Looking for a simple and tasty treat? Check out this Rocky Road Fudge from It's only four ingredients!

Rocky Road Fudge

Fudge is so good. Plus, if you get so distracted by the marshmallows and peanuts in this one, you might not even notice when your team drops the ball.

Looking for a delicious dessert? Try these S'mores Quesadillas from

S’mores Quesadillas

Quesadillas aren’t just savory. Fill them with chocolate and marshmallows for a tasty s’mores variation.

#ad Need an extra kick of energy? Make these No Bake Chocolate Chip Walnut Energy Bites from to keep in your freezer and grab when you're hungry!

No Bake Chocolate Chip Walnut Energy Balls

You can easily whip up a batch of energy balls before the game starts, then bring them out when the game begins.

Which of these game day recipes are you adding to your menu? Let us know in the comments.


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