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About Us

Hi! We’re Lisa & Pete!

We help frugal-minded people cook delicious meals, plan budget travel adventures, and live their best life without breaking the bank.

Sound like you?

Sounds like us, too.

We not only write Drugstore Divas, but we live this life. Read more about it and what we do below.

Welcome to Drugstore Divas, a frugal lifestyle blog that will become your favorite place to find posts about saving money and spending your time wisely.

Who is behind Drugstore Divas?
I’m Lisa, owner and content creator behind the site. And he’s Pete, my husband, who runs the small batch marinara sauce company Rita’s Wooden Spoon and helps me do lots of the audio-visual stuff on the site.

We moved from New York to North Carolina in 2012, got married two years later, then built our brand new home right outside of Wilmington, NC in 2016.

We love to cook at home, work in our vegetable and herb garden, and try to travel and enjoy the outdoors as often as we can.

What is Drugstore Divas?
Drugstore Divas is a frugal lifestyle blog — which means we blog about our life, which we live on a budget. We aren’t flying in private jets, but we do fly and travel … on a budget.

We blog about travel (like my Bucket List trip to San Antonio, TX and staycations in Wilmington, NC), food (like our Sheet Pan Chicken Vesuvio), crafts (like our Homemade Photo Coasters), life hacks based on things we learned (like what happens when you leave your coffee marker on), and more.

We want to help you enjoy your life without breaking the bank. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the finer things in life. You can. You just need to save in order to splurge.

That’s why Drugstore Divas’ tagline is “saving you money on shampoo so you can spend it on champagne.”

How did Drugstore Divas get started?
I started Drugstore Divas back in 2009, after a breakup left me uprooted, unfocused, and with a bit of extra downtime. I was couponing and everyone was asking me how to start and save money. It was so much easier for me to post it on a blog than repeat the same toothpaste deal twenty times.

Couponing became a huge part of my life. But I realized that saying you coupon is like saying you’re on a diet. That’s not exactly how you should look at it.

Instead, it should be a lifestyle change.

So instead of just writing about coupon deals, in 2016, I refocused Drugstore Divas to be more of a lifestyle blog. I wanted to show how we eat delicious meals without going out to a restaurant every night; how we travel and vacation without paying top dollar for resorts; how we are able to save on our home bills so that we could save for our brand new home.

How do I get in touch with Drugstore Divas?
Easy! You can email me at [email protected]. I’m online all hours of the day, and my email is always open.

Are you on social media?
We sure are!

Do you work with brands?
We do!  Pete and I work with brands doing FAM trips, and I work with brands on sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and more. If you have an idea for a collaboration, send us an email. We would love to work together.

If you are a CVB or run an attraction and would like to collaborate on a FAM trip, we do need to work on them around Pete’s schedule (he works full-time outside of the home), so please keep that in mind.

For an example of attraction posts we have worked on, our Fayetteville Marksmen and Airlie Gardens posts are great examples.