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Happy Easter: Easter Baskets Made With Items From SweetWorks

easter baskets sweetworksI’m super excited because my parents and grandma will be here for Easter this year. It’s the first time I’m spending Easter with my family in three years. The last two years, Pete and I spent it just us because we were in North Carolina and everyone was in New York. So I’m happy. Super happy.

Of course, that means I have to put together Easter baskets for everyone. I don’t want them to be generic, run of the mill, boring baskets. I wanted to make sure there was something special in them.

And I found something really special for my dad at SweetWorks. My dad loves key lime pie. Absolutely loves it. But I’ve never seen it in chocolate form — until now. SweetWorks sells key lime milk chocolate balls in the adorable packages. Each chocolate morsel is individually wrapped in green foil. Yes, they’re round, not oval like Easter eggs, but the packaging so closely matches the milk chocolate eggs by Niagara chocolates that this totally works. I think my dad will see them and be so excited, he won’t be calling me out for the non-oval shape.


What I also really, really liked in the assortment SweetWorks sent to Drugstore Divas headquarters was the milk chocolate sports car. I love it. It’s such a cute design for a young boy. Pete has two young nephews (well, three but the third isn’t a month old yet) so it’ll be hard deciding who to give this one too. Maybe I’ll just give it to Pete and tell him I got him a new car for Easter.

SweetWorks also sells your standards: chocolate bunnies. You can purchased them wrapped in foil or in a plastic bag, and either milk, dark, or white chocolate. Personally, I’m putting the dark chocolate in my Easter basket. I’m on a dark chocolate kick lately (well, pre-Ash Wednesday, anyway. I gave up chocolate for Lent, so having these goodies in the house is definitely temptation).

For me, though, there are a bunch of gumballs. These are the fun, large round ones that are reminiscent of the gumball machines in supermarkets. My assortment of white, blue, yellow, green, purple, and pink is the perfect pastel array of Easter. I have these in the package still because my kitten has a habit of getting into everything, but my goal is to set up different glasses and fill them with gumballs. How cute would that be for an Easter centerpiece?

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller for your display, Sixlets are also available in pastel colors. You can pick them up in a large bag or in individually wrapped packages. If you’ve never had these, they remind us of a malted chocolate ball. Personally, I would use suggest using the individually wrapped Sixlets in Easter baskets and use the large bag for a display piece. I’m thinking square jar, filled with Sixlets, with the foil wrapped bunny or chicken for our table.


If you are looking for smaller still, you can check out the Pearls. Those also come in pastel colors and they are great for baking or decorating. Just imagine a marshmallow bunny with a white Pearl stuck to his backside for his cottontail. So cute. I just got super excited thinking about these bunnies in the glass filled with Sixlets … and then I remembered that is almost the exact photo I saw on the SweetWorks Facebook page. So much for my unique idea. I just internalized that photo.

If you’re looking for ideas, though, the SweetWorks page is filled with them. There are so many adorable holiday photos on the brand’s timeline. And one lucky person might need some ideas … but more about that tomorrow.

Drugstore Divas received these items for review. All thoughts and opinions belong to this blog.