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Top 10+ Gifts for Wine Lovers

Buying a bottle of wine as a gift is good … but sort of boring. Instead, get your wine-loving friend something fun off our list of the Top 10+ Gifts For Wine Lovers here.

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Shopping for wine lovers feels really easy. You just pick up their favorite bottle of wine, toss it in a gift bag, and bring it over. But, do you actually know what their favorite wine is? And can you actually afford that bottle?

So, scratch that. Don’t get a bottle of wine. But, good news. We’re here to help. We put together this gift list for wine lovers. It’s filled with lots of great gifts for that wine connoisseur in your life. All you have to do is pick your favorite and wrap it.

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Top 10+ Gifts For Wine Lovers

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These are all wine-related gift ideas. None of them are actually wine. If you are actually gifting someone wine, make sure they’re of legal drinking age.

A great adult-friendly groomsmen gift idea is this personalized wine decanter. Find out all about it on

Wine Decanter

Wine decanters are so important to have, if you drink wine on a regular basis. I don’t know all the wine science behind why you need a decanter, I just know we have one that sits on our dinner table at all times. And your wine drinker needs one too.

The one above is one we gifted a while ago, and this particular model, unfortunately, isn’t available anymore. But that’s fine. There are so many wine decanters out there, you can easily find one you love, that your friend will love, and that fits into your price point.

A box of winer dogs wine markers on a shelf.

Winer Dogs Wine Markers

If you’ve ever had friends over for dinner parties and everyone’s drinking wine, you know that it’s really easy to confuse glasses. So wine markers are so helpful. Each set has a bunch of different colors, so as long as you can remember your color, you can be sure you’re always drinking your wine.

These winer dog (not weiner … winer) markers are so cute. A tiny dog sleeps at the bottom of your glass as you’re drinking it. Your wine loving friend will love them.

May Contain Wine T-Shirt.

May Contain Wine T-Shirt

I laughed way too hard at this May Contain Wine t-shirt that it had to kick off this list. Your favorite wine lover … may contain wine. Or probably does contain wine. So this shirt is perfect.

It comes in a variety of colors and sizes small to extra large. Personally, I love the burgundy version best — mostly because that’s basically the color of wine.

Dachshund Dog Shaped Corkscrew.

Dachshund Dog Shaped Corkscrew

All wine drinkers need a corkscrew. So many of them are incredibly boring though. Your wine loving friend needs a really fun corkscrew.

Enter the Dachshund Dog Shaped Corkscrew — also known as the winer dog corkscrew. Winer. Not weiner. Because wine.

Huski Wine Cool-er.

Huski Wine Cool-er

Pete and my dad both have these really cool beer bottle holders that slide over the top and up the bottom and keep their beers cold. Cool, right? No. Cold.

Now you can get a wine bottle version when you buy the Huski Wine Cool-er. Put a bottle of wine in the bottom, slide the top over it, and the wine chiller will keep your bottle of wine cool for up to six hours. That’s a great way to rosé all day. Also, this comes in rosé. Uh. Rose. It also comes in gold, black, and brushed stainless.

Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses.

Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses

Oh my gosh. I can’t even explain to you how much I love these Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses. Okay. I know they look like some weird alien experiment, but stick with me here. Wine is better when you let it breathe. And you can buy a decanter to let it breathe, as we mentioned above. But you can’t take that decanter on the go.

You can take these Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses with you though. You pour the wine in the middle section of the stemmed wine glass and the wine escapes through small holes, filling the main wine glass. That adds the air and gives the wine a smoother finish. It’s really the perfect glass for wine when you’re out at a friend’s house.

This Is Probably Wine Tumbler.

This Is Probably Wine Travel Mug

Is your wine loving friend drinking on the job? It’ll be a mystery if your friend is using the This Is Probably Wine travel mug.

Okay. I feel like this goes without saying, but it needs to be said. Don’t drink on the job. Or in the car. Or walking around town. Drink at home or in restaurants or bars or, you know, wherever it’s allowed and legal. But, this travel mug is still funny.

You can actually get discounts for filling up travel mugs at coffee shops, and one of the best ways to freak people out would be to fill this with coffee in the morning, then sip on it all workday long.

Funny Wine Coasters.

Funny Wine Coasters

I absolutely love these Funny Wine Coasters, mostly because they’re hysterical and sarcastic, just like me.

There are four in the set that read: “If anyone asks … I’m drinking all this wine to collect corks for a project I saw on Pinterest”, “Did you know drinking 2 or 3 glasses of wine can reduce your risk of giving a (beep)?”, “I still don’t understand what a wine stopper is for” and “Wine does not make you fat, it makes you lean … against walls, chairs, and funny people”.

Don’t love these? Don’t worry. We have a long list of Easy DIY Coasters, so you can make your own and pair them with another gift on this list.

It's Not Drinking Alone if the Cat's Home Wine Glass.

It’s Not Drinking Alone If The Cat Is Home Wine Glass

Drinking alone isn’t great, they say. But who is they and do they understand the power of a good glass of wine, on your couch, in your yoga pants? Because maybe you are just being responsible at home. Or maybe you have pets.

If your gift recipient has pets, specifically a cat, she needs this It’s Not Drinking Alone If The Cat Is Home wine glass. It’s the purr-fect, uh … perfect gift. (And, if you liked that joke, you’ll love our list of Gifts For Cat Lovers.)

Serving Tray with Wine Cork Storage.

Serving Tray with Wine Cork Storage

The best gifts are the ones that are functional, and this Serving Tray with Wine Cork Storage is super functional.

It’s a serving tray, obviously, which everyone needs. But, it has a storage section for you to put your wine corks in. The entire tray will eventually fill up, giving this serving tray a completely new look than when it started.

What’s really nice, too, is if your friend saves special occasion wine corks (like from specific dates, events, etc.) and puts the date on them. This is a nice way to display them instead of just keeping them in a box.

Owl Wine Bottle Toppers.

Owl Wine Bottle Toppers

Imagine an owl sitting on the top of a tree. Got that image in your head? Now these Owl Wine Bottle Toppers make a lot of sense. The owl will sit on top of your wine bottle like it would on a tree.

There are four wine stoppers in this pack, with really bold colors. The owl wine bottle toppers come in two sizes, so they can fit either a 500 ml or 700 ml wine bottle.

Wine Tote Bag.

Wine Tote Bag

I absolutely love the look of this Wine Tote Bag. The black and white striped design will go with any of your outfits. When you open the wine tote bag, there’s room to fit two full-sized bottle of wine. There’s a piece between the bottle sections, so they won’t bump into each other.

What’s even better about this wine tote bag is that it also comes with two stainless steel wine glasses.

Cat Shaped Wine Bottle Holder.

Cat Shaped Wine Bottle Holder

I don’t know why there are so many cat-shaped wine gifts, but here’re another one.

If your wine lover is a cat fan, and you want something to go with the cat wine glass that’s earlier on this list, go with this Cat Shaped Wine Bottle Holder. I love how happy the cat is, hugging his bottle of wine. Kinda remind you of someone? That someone needs this.

Wine Cork Holder.

Wine Cork Holder

If your wine lover collects wine corks, and you didn’t like the serving tray idea above, go with this Wine Cork Holder. It’s only 13-inches wide but holds 70 wine corks.

Even if your wine lover only keeps wine corks for crafting (like our wine cork pumpkin), not nostalgia, it’s a lot neater to keep them in this wine cork holder than tossed in a random drawer in the kitchen.

Outdoor Wine Picnic Table.

Outdoor Wine Picnic Table

This Outdoor Wine Picnic Table is adorable. It has a spot for an entire bottle of wine, plus spots for two stemmed wine glasses. (You can also get one with four wine glass spots.) Those slots will hold those items steady, so you can bring this table outside without worrying about breaking glass. There are also divots on the table so the food stays put too.

And yes, this is specifically made for outdoor use, so you can use it in an outdoor picnic. Speaking of those, if you’re planning one, our At Home Picnic Ideas post can help.

The best thing about this too is that it’s collapsible, so it’s really easy to store.

Automatic Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener.

Automatic Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

My dad has an automatic beer bottle opener, and it blows my mind every time I see him use it. So when my friend showed me this Automatic Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener, I knew it had to get added to the list.

Simply cut the paper (if there’s any) off the top of the wine bottle, then push this bottle opener on top. The wine cork comes out easily and automatically. Amazing! It’s the perfect present for someone who really has everything.

Mini Wine Bottle Advent Calendar.

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These aren’t the only gift ideas for wine lovers out there. There are a ton more, like the Wine Advent Calendar above (don’t worry; it holds mini wine bottles). These are just what we consider to be the best wine gifts. For more ideas, check out the sites below:

Be sure to double check a store’s minimum for free shipping before ordering. Also, consider instore or curbside pickup, where available, to avoid shipping charges.

Which of these unique gifts is your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments.