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Top 10+ Gifts For Nail Polish Lovers

If you’re shopping for someone who loves a home manicure, but don’t know what to get, you’re in luck. Our list of the Top 10+ Gifts For Nail Polish Lovers is sure to help you find the perfect gift.

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Who does at home manicures? Does someone you know do them … and now you need a gift for them? You’re in luck. Here’s a list of the Top 10+ Gifts For Nail Polish Lovers.

There are a variety of items on the list, from nail polishes to toe separators (really super cute ones!), so you’re bound to find something to give as a gift.

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Top Ten Gifts For Nail Polish Lovers

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A hand holding a bottle of nail polish in front of a display of nail polish at a CVS store.

Nail Polish

Let’s start with an obvious one. If you don’t know what to buy for the nail lovers on your shopping list, go with nail polish. You can get a bunch of different colors and (hopefully) some are new colors that your friend doesn’t already have.

Personally, I love using a glittered polish as a top coat on color for an accent nail. The one I love is a clear coat with huge chunks of silver glitter on it. It’s a great way to add a little bit of bling to your nails without being over the top.

A three pack of pink and purple nail files.

Nail Files

I’m knocking all the obvious gifts out right away, but a pack of nail files is a great gift idea. Not a plain pack of boring tan-ish ones, but a really cute pack with different designs.

I have so many cute nail files around this house, in the bathroom, in my travel bag, in my office, anywhere I might need one. That way, when a nail file wears out, I always have an extra to replace it.

Package them in a cute bag with some other necessary nail items (like a nail clipper, a nail buffer, cuticle oil, nail polish, etc.) and you have a fun gift.

Heart Design Toe Separators.

Heart Design Toe Separators

Toe separators are one of the differences between the nail salon and doing your own nails at home. It feels a little more fancy schmancy to use toe separators at home. Plus, it reduces the chances of your ruining your nails right after you painted them (especially since doing them at home means you don’t have nice large fans to dry them).

Your nail polish loving friend probably has some toe separators, but probably not ones that are adorably adorned with hearts.

Five Flip Flop-Shaped Manicure Sets.

Flip Flop-Shaped Manicure Set

Taking nail supplies on the go is so important to nail polish lovers. You never know when a nail might break or chip, so having clippers and files at the ready are so necessary.

So not only is this Flip Flop-Shaped Manicure Set useful, but it’s adorable too.

This set comes with four Flip Flop-Shaped Manicure Sets, so you can actually place one order but have a great stocking stuffer for four people, making your life so much easier.

Graffiti Fun Nail Art Stickers.

Graffiti Fun Nail Art Stickers

People usually do plain at home manicures because drawing on your own nails is pretty difficult. But it doesn’t have to be, especially with these Graffiti Fun Nail Art Stickers.

What’s really great about this set is that they’re actual stickers, not rub ons. So all nail art lovers need to do to is paint their nails, wait for them to dry, then use a tweezer to peel off nail stickers and stick them the nail.

The stickers are self-adhesive, so it’s so easy to apply them. And they’ll make a really big difference on your nail polish lover’s at home manicure.

HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa.

HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa

The best part about getting a pedicure at the salon is just relaxing with your feet in the hot water and getting a calf massage. That’s worth the price and then some.

If your friend is skipping a trip to the local nail salon, that doesn’t mean she should skip the enjoyable self care parts of a pedicure. That’s where the HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa comes in.

Your friend can soak her toes and feet, enjoy the bubbles, and just relax. The calf massage will have to come courtesy of her own hands, but it’s better than no massage. Especially if you also include some great exfoliating body scrubs with this gift.

36 Piece Pedicure Kit.

36 Piece Pedicure Kit

Speaking of at home pedicures, they’re best if you have all the right tools. Most nail polish lovers have a few tools that they’ve picked up in a time of need, but not everything. So this 36 Piece Pedicure Kit is a great option to make sure their collection is complete.

This pedicure gift comes with a cuticle pusher, foot clipper, scraper, callus remover, cuticle remover, files, toe separators, and more. It also comes with a container where many of the pieces fit, making sure this doesn’t take up too much space in your friend’s bathroom cabinet.

Esarora Manicure Set.

Esarora Manicure Set

There’s a really cute Flip Flop-Shaped Manicure Set up higher on this list, which is great for travel because it’s compact.

But, it does only have six tools in it.

So, your nail polish lover might need something with a few more items in it. That’s where the Esarora Manicure Set fits. It has 18 stainless steel professional tools in a black leather travel case.

And, because of that case, this set feel a little masculine to me. So if you’re buying a manicure set for a man, this is more apropos than the colorful flip flop one.

Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder.

Wearable Polish Holder

This Wearable Polish Holder is my favorite item on this entire list, so I have no idea why I buried the lede (as we said in the newspaper world).

When I’m painting my nails at home, I usually balance the bottle of nail polish between my knees. I’ve done this always, and honestly, it’s a wonder that it has never slipped from my knees and coated the entire floor or couch in nail polish.

But it could. And then your things are pretty much ruined.

So this wearable nail polish holder is brilliant. You put the bottle in, wear it on your opposite hand, and you’re good to go.

A bottle of Glow In The Dark Nail Polish.

Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

If you want to give your nail polish lover something she most likely doesn’t have, this Glow In The Dark Nail Polish is a really unique gift.

It’s really good for, say, Halloween nails. But, it’s just fun for every day too. It’s something really different that most people haven’t ever purchased before — or even know exists, honestly.

So it’s a really good gift.

Gel Nail Kit with UV Light.

Gel Nail Kit with UV Light

The only time I had a gel nail set was for my wedding. Gel manicures last forever, but they’re not something that you can easily do at home without an entire kit. Because you need things like specific gel polishes and an UV light.

If you know your friend loves gel nails, this Gel Nail Kit with UV Light is a good gift idea. It comes with six different shades, the gel base coat, the UV light, and more.

There are actually 11 different sets, which all differ based on the six nail polish colors in the set. So be sure to check them all out and pick the one that best fits the friend or family member you’re shopping for.

Disney Princess nail polish Advent Calendar.

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Which of these Top 10+ Gifts For Nail Polish Lovers is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.