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20 Cute Mugs For Disney Lovers

If you have a Disney lover on your shopping list (or if you’re one), you’ll love everything on this list of 20 Cute Mugs For Disney Lovers.

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I’m totally putting her on blast, but my cousin just celebrated her one month anniversary with her new beau. He knows her so well already because he got her two adorable Disney mugs to add to her collection. And of course, that inspired this list of 20 Cute Mugs For Disney Lovers.

Personally, I’m in the camp that believes you can never have too many mugs. We have so many in our house, and I’m still always looking at more every time we’re on vacation. They’re just so cute.

So if you agree with me, and you love Disney like my cousin, you’ll love this list.

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20 Cute Mugs For Disney Lovers

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This list is filled with Disney coffee mugs only. They’re not plastic mugs or tumblers. Maybe that will be another list because I saw some cute ones while putting this list together.

Disney Snacks Mug.

Disney Snacks Mug

Some people go to Disney for Mickey and Minnie. Other people go for the snacks. Where else can you get authentic Dole Whip?

If your Disney fan loves Mickey shaped pretzels, they’ll love this Disney Snacks Mugs. It has so many fun images on it, from popular snacks like Mickey shaped cotton candy to popular Disney images like Loungefly bags.

Chip from Beauty and the Beast Mug.

Chip from Beauty and the Beast Mug

This Chip from Beauty and the Beast Mug is the perfect play on Disney, and I almost can’t stand it.

Quick explanation about why this is amazing, in case you don’t know. Chip is a child, who turns into a mug, in Beauty and the Beast. And, while he’s a mug (not a child), he looks exactly like this. So it’s an actual mug of the cartoon mug, who is an actual child, in the movie.

Disney 90th Mickey Celebration Mug.

Disney 90th Mickey Celebration Mug

Mickey Mouse is iconic, but he has sure changed over the years. He looks great now but some of those incarnations were a little worse than the others.

To celebrate his changes, and his 90th anniversary, pick up this Disney 90th Mickey Celebration Mug for your Disney loving pal. It’s filled with all the different Mickey Mouse designs, which is awesome.

Minnie Mouse Oval Mug.

Minnie Mouse Oval Mug

This Minnie Mouse Oval Mug is a really famous/popular style made by Vandor, and I just absolutely love the look of it. Every character that’s on a Vandor oval mug fits so well.

This Minnie pose is the cutest (in my opinion), but you can check out other Vandor Disney mugs, all in the oval mug style, if your gift recipient likes someone else.

The Aristocats Because I'm A Lady That's Why 3D Sculpted Mug.

The Aristocats Because I’m A Lady That’s Why 3D Sculpted Mug

I’m not exactly sure how you drink out of a handle that’s shaped like a bow, and I’m not exactly sure your Disney fan will care.

Because she’s a lady. And she’ll figure it out. And she’ll love this mug.

Star Wars May the Froth Be With You Mug.

Star Wars May the Froth Be With You Mug

I’ll be honest. I don’t really know the relationship and history between Disney and Star Wars enough to explain it, but I do know it well enough to confidently add this Star Wars May the Froth Be With You Mug to this list.

It’s cute for Starbucks/Star Wars fans, which is probably a lot of them. You need a lot of Starbucks to sit through all the Star Wars movies back to back to back to … you get the idea.

Disney Evil Queen Poison Apple Sculpted Ceramic Mug.

Evil Queen Poison Apple Sculpted Ceramic Mug

If your Disney fan is a little less princess-y and a little more evil queen-like, this Evil Queen Poison Apple Sculpted Ceramic Mug is perfect.

It looks just like the poison apple from Snow White (which yes, I had to Google to make sure. I haven’t seen that movie since I was a kid).

Hakuna Ma'Coffee It Means More Coffee Mug.

Hakuna Ma’Coffee It Means More Coffee Mug

I love this Hakuna Ma’Coffee It Means More Coffee Mug. Obviously, you have Hakuna Matata in your head right now. And your recipient will be singing that every morning as coffee brews.

What better way to start the day than with a song? Coffee. I mean, the answer is coffee. But with this mug, you get both.

Mickey Mouse Sketch Book Mug.

Mickey Mouse Sketch Book Mug

I love the whimsy in this Mickey Mouse Sketch Book Mug. It has a bunch of drawings of Mickey, his hands, his expressions, and words depicting part of the sketch.

What I really love, though, is the attention to detail in the mug. It has the artist’s name and date drawn at the top, and it looks like it’s on graph paper, which is what the artist (surely) originally used.

Cinderella's Castle Watercolor Mug.

Cinderella’s Castle Watercolor Mug

We have an artist who comes to the Azalea Festival every year and puts out work that is so similar to this Cinderella’s Castle Watercolor Mug. In fact, he has a watercolor of the castle, so I swore this was his work.

It’s not, but it’s just as beautiful. And is, honestly, the prettiest Disney mug on this list.

UP "Adventure Is Out There" Mug.

UP “Adventure Is Out There” Mug

Disney owns Pixar now, which means this UP mug can make this list.

It shows the famous house in UP famously being lifted by balloons. It’s probably the most popular scene in the entire movie. The scene when Ellie dies is the saddest. I guess I should have added a spoiler alert before that sentence, but UP came out in 2009. So if you didn’t see it yet, that spoiler on you.

The back of this mug says, “Adventure Is Out There” which is so cute.

Dumbo 3D Sculpted Mug.

Dumbo 3D Sculpted Mug

I’ll be honest. I’m not sure how practical this Dumbo 3D Sculpted Mug would be to drink out of, but it was way too cute to not be included on this Disney mugs list.

It might work better as a display piece than a mug, but let your Disney fan decide.

Mickey and Pluto One Line Drawing Mug

One line drawings are so cool because you draw the entire picture without picking up your pen. It’s all one continuous line.

That’s how the images on these Mickey and Pluto One Line Drawing Mug are created. It’s something unique that your Disney lover will love.

Stitch Mug.

Stitch Mug

This Stitch Mug is actually a replacement for one in our main photo. That one is not available anymore, but this one is. But no worries. And any Lilo and Stitch lover would love this mug too.

Stitch’s face is on the front and his name is on the back.

Coco Sugar Skull Mug.

Coco Sugar Skull Mug

Have you seen Coco yet? If you have, this Coco Sugar Skull Mug is pulling at your heart strings. Abuela is there in the middle, other family members and music notes make up the design, Coco, the wings at the bottom, it’s just beautiful.

If you haven’t see it yet, go stream Coco right now. Just make sure you do with tissues close by.

Beauty and the Beast Kiss Pair Mug Cups.

Beauty and the Beast Kiss Pair Mug Cups

As soon as I think about Beauty & the Beast, I instantly sing that song about her provincial life. So for me, there would be no better way to start my morning than with this Belle Mug.

And Pete can start his day with the Beast mug because this comes as a pair. I would be singing all day long. (This is, what, the third mug that would get me singing?)

Mulan Portrait Mug.

Mulan Portrait Mug

Mulan is one of the very few Disney movies I haven’t seen. But the colors on this Mulan Portrait Mug caught my eye, so I had to add it to the list.

And because so many Disney fans have seen it. So your Disney fan might love this.

Alice in Wonderland Mad as a Hatter Mug.

Alice in Wonderland Mad as a Hatter Mug

I loved the live action Alice in Wonderland so much that I actually saw it in the theater … twice. And I bought the DVD too.

So it should be no surprise that I love this mug. But I actually love it because it’s so unique. You’re drinking out of the top of the hat and the brim is like a built in saucer. It’s so cool.

Buzz Lightyear Animation Sketch Mug.

Buzz Lightyear Animation Sketch Mug

The illustrations on the Bambi Animation Sketch Mug are so simple and so perfect. There’s absolutely nothing I would change about it. So I’m sure your Disney lover will love it.

Eeyore "Mornings" Mug.

Eeyore “Mornings” Mug

You have to love Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, even if he is a little sad and gloomy most of the time.

He still has a can do attitude in these somewhere, as you can see on this Eeyore “Mornings” Mug, which reads: “Mornings,” said Eeyore. “You might as well get used to them ’cause they happen READY or NOT.”

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Monday 14th of October 2019

Omg! I love these all! I love the Flash and Dumbo, soo cute!

Silvia Martinez

Monday 14th of October 2019

I love them all! But my two favorites are Chip and the Star Wars/Starbucks combo. Well, no, I also like the one with Eeyore and the one with Ariel. OMG! I cannot decide!

Cindy Ingalls

Sunday 13th of October 2019

I have a small collection of Disney mugs from the Starbucks You Are Here collection. It's a fun way to celebrate Disney and my time at the parks.

Ceci Rey

Saturday 12th of October 2019

These mugs are adorable. My favorite is Chip from Beauty And The Beast...I might have to get myself a gift!


Friday 11th of October 2019

omg these mugs!!! I want them all, they're soooooo cute!!! I would love to start my mug collection.