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Happy Easter: Nestle Easter Candies Review

nestle-1It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter around here. Part of the reason is because Nestle sent us an Easter basket filled with delicious items.

There was so much stuffed into the basket that arrived at DDHQ. I loved that it wasn’t just filled with items that could fit in the actual basket itself. There were items on top of items, making the basket really full. What was key to keep it together was that it was placed in a large plastic bag and closed with a bow. If you do try to recreate this basket, it won’t work if you try it without the bag. Items from the bottom will just topple over and when your child wakes up in the morning, the Easter basket items will be all over the floor.

That’s my first tip of this post.

So, what was inside the bag, you ask?

nestle-2My favorite part was the Nestlé Crunch Bunny. Crunch bars are my favorite chocolate, so I was so excited to see it in bunny form. Sorry to everyone else at DDHQ, but that bunny is not being shared.

Also in the basket was an egg coloring kit, which we will definitely be using next week. There were Butterfinger NestEggs, Wonka SweeTarts gummies and SweeTarts Bunny gummies (both of which I’ve never seen before). Also, loose in the basket was Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Crunch bars, Butterfingers, and Gobstoppers. There was, also, a stuffed bunny that my kitten immediately adopted. The only thing missing was jelly beans (but actually, Nestle does sell those so if you wanted a full Nestle Easter basket, you could do it).

My last tip of this post is to vary the structure of the items you put in Easter baskets. The variety between bagged items, boxes items, and loose candy really added a lot of texture and height to the basket, which is very cool.

So, I have to ask: If you received this basket, what would you be most excited about?

Drugstore Divas received this basket for this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.