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20+ Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers For Kids

Books, markers, toys, and poppers are a great way to fill a kid’s Easter basket without sweets. Find more non-candy Easter basket filler ideas for kids here.

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Two bunny-shaped Easter baskets with the words "Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers For Kids" digitally written on top.

Easter is right around the corner, which means you may be trying to decide what to put in your kid’s Easter basket. Or, in our case, our company’s kids’ Easter baskets.

We have young company road trip here for Easter every year, so I always make Easter baskets for the kids (and the adults) who visit us (because how could I not?).

I give chocolate and candy to my parents and Pete, but for young kids, I try to stay away from sweet treats. I think their parents appreciate that. I also stay away from junky toys from the dollar store because those get broken so easily during the excitement of Easter morning (I blame all the sugar). I’d rather pay a little more and give fun gifts that they’ll enjoy — and not eat.

If you want to do the same, but for your own kid, this list of non-candy Easter basket ideas is sure to help you find fun things to stick into the Easter baskets you’re making this year.

Four books in an Easter basket with the words "10+

We have a couple books on this list because I love gifting books for every holiday. But, we actually have a long list of 10+ Cute Easter Books For Kids, so we kept the majority of our suggestions for books for Easter over on that list.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas For Kids

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We separated the Easter basket fillers into ideas for girls and ideas for boys.

Of course, you can get anything off either list for your child, but I thought it might be a little easier to separate them that way.

And, of course, some of the items are gender neutral Easter basket fillers and could be on either list, but I didn’t want to repeat any of the items.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

Crayon letters spelling out the name SHEA.

Personalized Crayons

Crayons and coloring books are perfect to add to Easter baskets. It gives kids a chance to be creative.

If you also want to be creative, you can use our DIY Personalized Crayons tutorial to actually make crayons for each of your kids’ Easter baskets. They’d absolutely love being able to color with their own names.

Of course, if you don’t want to make them, you can just order them online.

Two kid hands holding an Easter egg-shaped hide and seek bag.

Hide N Seek Busy Bag

I’m obsessed with this line of Hide N Seek Busy Bags. There are a bunch of different shapes, everything from pizza to a spaceship to this Easter egg themed bag.

The bag itself is really soft. It has a clear plastic sheet on top that acts as a window. Inside are hidden objects, like letters and plastic flowers. There’s a key on the side of the bag to show kids what’s hidden inside. They squish the bag and try to find all of the hidden objects.

It’s really fun and have occupied the kids here for much longer than you would think. It’s a great gift and a good way to keep kids off screens. 

A hand holding a Cookeez Makery Treatz toy.

Cookeez Makery Toast Treatz

Blind bags are still so incredibly popular, so of course, they make great Easter basket fillers.

The newest (to me) are Cookeez Makery Toast Treatz. You take a piece of bread, put it in an oven or toaster (depending on which one you buy) and out pops a new character. You can only toast or bake it once, but you can still play with the oven or toaster after.

But, here’s where they different from blind bags. They actually come out warm and have a delicious scent (like cinnamon or popcorn, depending on the toy). They have fantastic reviews, so definitely add this to your cart.

A Pom Pom Pets kit with all the supplies taken out of the box.

Pom Pom Pets

I love craft kits. They honestly make your life so easy. Your kid gets to make adorable crafts and you only have to buy one item — and it has all the supplies your kid needs. Plus, as I say a lot, crafts keep kids off screens and I’m a huge fan of that.

This Pom Pom Pets kit comes with (almost) everything you need to make really cute pom pom animals. Round rulers, yarn, pins, felt, etc. are all included in the kit — plus a book that shows you how to make the pets.

The only bummer about the kit is it only comes with three colors of yarn, so you are gonna need to pick up some more in order for your kid to make the colorful pets.

Funko Snapsies.

Funko Snapsies

Funko, the brand that makes those adorable POP! characters entered the toy market with Funko Snapsies.

They’re cute figurines, with a ton of accessories, that come in a blind bag. We gave these to a video games loving 7- and 8-year-old at Christmas, and they were obsessed with them. So these are definitely a toy that will get kids off a screen.

What’s fun is that the Snapsies come in a large round ball and the blind bags are inside, kind of like opening an Easter egg to find a prize inside. So that makes them a great Easter basket idea.

A Playmobil princess action figure.

Playmobil Figures

These Playmobil Figures are very similar to the Funko Snapsies above. They come in a blind bag, in pieces, and need to be assembled.

Instead of cute animals, like the Snapsies are, the Figures are all, well, figures. I wouldn’t call them action figures (because I think, by definition, those have to be based on an actual figure, fictional or real and these are just generic figures).

Little girls will love them. I mean, just look at how cute this princess is. But not a very little girl. These are for ages 5 to 10 because there are tiny pieces that aren’t good for small children.

There’s also a boy-centric version of these, but I’m not putting them down below, just so I have space for another suggestion.

A girl wearing a Chalk of the Town Bunny Rabbit Chalkboard T-Shirt Kit.

Chalk of the Town Bunny Rabbit Chalkboard T-Shirt Kit

If you have a budding fashion designer, this Chalk of the Town Bunny Rabbit Chalkboard T-Shirt Kit is the perfect way to stuff their basket.

The kit comes with markers and a shirt with a chalkboard bunny on it. You draw directly on the bunny with the markers. The kit does come with example shirts, which your child can copy, or she can just draw her own design on it.

The kit also comes with a small cloth that you can wet and erase parts of the design, if your child changes her mind. And then, when your child is completely over the design, you just throw the shirt in the wash, which completely removes the markers, and draw on it again.

A Hog Wild Bunny Popper toy.

Hog Wild Chocolate Easter Bunny Popper Toy

This Easter-themed Hog Wild Chocolate Easter Bunny Popper Toy shoots foam balls up to 20 feet.

If you’ve seen any of the popper reviews we’ve done on social media, the kids around here love these, so they’re definitely a great Easter basket filler.

The bunny is missing part of his ear, as a chocolate bunny would be around Easter time. Just make sure that the parents of whoever you’re giving this to know that it’s missing and don’t assume a child bit it off (which, is a true story that happened to us).

Three Squishmallow blind bag toys on a shelf.

Squishmallows Mystery Squad Toys

Squishmallows are still so incredibly popular. And somehow, getting more popular if the Squishmallows Happy Toys at McDonald’s were any indication.

Combine the popularity of Squishmallows with the popularity of blind bags and you have these Original Squishmallows Mystery Squad toys.

The containers are even shaped like bunnies for Easter (fine, they’re shaped like Squishmallows, but still … let’s go with bunnies so they make sense for an Easter basket).

Annie's Creative Girls Club Kit.

Annie’s Creative Girls Club Kit

If your daughter is into crafting and art supplies, she’ll love this Annie’s Creative Girls Club Kit.

It’s a monthly subscription box with two new crafts every month. The kit comes with all the craft supplies and the instructions that are needed to complete the crafts.

What you can do is start a subscription, get the kit for Easter, and then pause it. See how your daughter likes it. Then, you can unpause the subscription and each month, a new kit with a new activity will arrive in the mail.

A Sew Mini Treats craft kit in its package.

Sew Mini Treats Craft Kit

If you’re kid loves crafts, you’ll also want to pick up this Sew Mini Treats Craft Kit. We gave it as a gift at Christmas and it was a big hit.

It uses basic sewing techniques to create the most adorable food treats, from doughnuts to avocado. It has step-by-step instructions and everything else your kid needs to make the foods.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

A hand holding a dot marker with a pack behind it dabbing a Santa coloring page.

Dot Markers

Dot Markers are so much easier for little hands than regular markers. If you’ve never seen Dot Markers, they’re very similar to bingo daubers.

You can purchase coloring pages that have circles in them, giving the kids a great guideline as to where to stamp.

I’ve used these with really young kids (like under 2) and they’ve been able to get the hang of it really easily, so I definitely recommend these.

The Playmobil Color Motorcycle toy box.

Playmobil Color

The Playmbol Color line combines art and drawing with imaginative toys, making it really fun for kids. The toys come with washable markers that can color on everything inside the box. Then, when your kid is done, just rinse them in water and start again.

There are a few different products in the line (you can see a couple in our full Playmobil Color review). The Motorcycle makes the most sense for an Easter basket because it’s the smallest so it will fit the best, but go with whatever style you think your child will play with most.

A young boy's hand holding a net with soft rockets in it.

Stomp Rocket Stomp and Catch Game

Toys that get kids outside and playing together are always great to put in Easter baskets, like this Stomp Rocket Stomp and Catch Game.

It’s a fun rocket launcher — that launches the rockets when you step on a launcher. No batteries or special tools needed.

One kid will jump and launch the rocket and the other has a basket to catch the rocket. Rinse and repeat for hours.

A Paper Planes kit with all the supplies taken out of the box.

Paper Planes Kit

Anything that encourages creativity and outdoor play gets a thumbs up from me. So of course, I’m a big fan of this Paper Planes Kit.

The kit comes with everything your kid needs to make four paper planes, but additional items for them to create scenery.

There’s a bullseye in the kit, which is fun to try to hit and see what plane ends up being the most accurate, furthest flier, etc.

A Little Tikes Fire Truck toy.

Little Tikes Slammin’ Racers Vehicle

Anything from the Little Tikes Slammin’ Racers Vehicle line is perfect for a little boys Easter basket — and for his playtime too.

It’s actually really great for toddlers because all you do is push down on the button on the top and the vehicle goes flying down the floor. Of course you can manually move the vehicle, but pushing the button and watching it fly (then watching your child chase after it) is so much more fun.

Packs of sidewalk chalk on the shelf in a store.

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a really good excuse to play outside in the sunshine without screens. And aren’t we all looking for that?

If you’re shopping for a little kid, make sure that you’re getting the thick chalk that’s made specifically for little hands. They’ll snap those thin pieces of chalk. Trust me on this. I learned this last year. I thought, “Little people, little hands, little chalk, little force.” Nope.

So learn from my experience and buy big chalk for little kids and little chalk for big kids.

KiwiCo Box.

KiwiCo Box

KiwiCo is an age-range based subscription box. Each month, you get toys, activity books, and other items shipped to your house. It’s a great gift.

Boxes begin at age 0 (there’s a 0 to 24 months box) and the oldest is ages 14 to 100, so they’re really good for kids of all ages.

Each month, there’s a concept (counting, numbers, etc.) and the activities in the box all support learning that concept. There are books, small games, and more. The toys and activities vary every month.

All the items in the box really support creative play too, so it’s definitely what you want from an educational toy (without the kids actually realizing that it’s education)

Even though it’s a subscription box, you can stop it at any time. So you can subscribe, get the first month in the mail, unsubscribe, and then hide the box until Easter. If your kid absolutely loves it (and he probably will) you can just continue the subscription.

Two boys using the Dinomazing Egg Decorator.

EggMazing Egg Decorator

If your kids love decorating Easter eggs, but you can’t figure out a reason why they would do it after Easter (except for pure enjoyment), the EggMazing Egg Decorator is a great compromise.

It spins plastic eggs while your kids hold markers over the top, creating really cool designs (that dry instantly) on the eggs. When your kids are done decorating, they’ll open the eggs to find a dinosaur hidden in slime. So lots of toys in one.

If you’re using it for Easter, you can fit large and extra-large eggs in the contraption, so you can use this to color Easter eggs instead of dying them.

A marshmallow launcher.

Young Woodworkers Kit Club

Any gifts that keep kids away from screens are our favorites. So we love this Young Woodworkers Kit Club idea.

It is a subscription box by Annie’s Kit Clubs, which means that you’ll need to order a subscription before Easter, then pause it. It’ll come in the mail in a fun envelope, but you can take it out of there in order to put it in an Easter basket. All the pieces that are needed come in a plastic bag in the envelope, except for a hammer that is sent separately with your first kit.

Let your son play with the kid and try it out, then, when he realizes how much he loves it, you can unpause the subscription and a new box each month.

Genius Box Kit.

Genius Box Kit

A few years ago, the acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) was such a buzzword. Now, it’s just another word in our brains, and the focus of Annie’s Kit Club’s Genius Box Kit.

This kit, designed for older kids ages 7 to 12, is a monthly subscription box. But, you can order it before Easter, pause it between when it arrives and when its opened, and then start it again after your child tries it.

Each kit comes with three different activities (and all the materials needed for the activities). Each activity is based on the same STEM-inspired theme, but is a completely independent activity. It’s a fun way to encourage learning.

A young child's hand pushing a Slinky toy down the stairs.


A Slinky is so nostalgic for me. One of my brother’s always got one in their Easter basket. Did it last past Easter morning? Probably not. But it was great.

So a couple years ago, my brother bought a Slinky for his son. We took it outside and it definitely didn’t last longer than a couple trips down the stairs. But we used it on wide steps outside, so maybe not the best environment for a Slinky.

Anyway. All this to say: Put a Slinky in someone’s basket. It’ll be nostalgic and perfect (and maybe in the trash by the afternoon).

Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs.

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Of course, these aren’t all the non-candy Easter gifts out there. There are more, like the Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs, above. For more ideas, check out the following stores below:

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Which of these Easter basket fillers is your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments.