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Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers For Kids

Don’t fill an Easter basket with just candy. Add some non-candy Easter Basket fillers for kids, like books, markers, and more. This list is filled with really great ideas.

Make this the best holiday yet and find more ideas in our other Easter posts.

Two bunny-shaped Easter baskets with the words "Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers For Kids" digitally written on top.

Easter is right around the corner, which means you may be trying to decide what to put in your kid’s Easter basket. Or, in our case, our company’s kids’ Easter baskets.

We have young company for Easter every year, so I’m always looking for non-candy Easter basket fillers for kids.

I always make Easter baskets for the kids who visit us (because how could I not?), but I don’t fill them completely with chocolate and candy.

I give chocolate and candy to my parents and Pete, but for young kids, I try to stay away from sweets. I think their parents appreciate that.

If you want to do the same, we have a bunch of ideas for you below.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas For Kids

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We separated the Easter basket fillers into ideas for girls and ideas for boys. Of course, you can get anything off either list for your child, but I thought it might be a little easier to separate them instead of trying to be politically correct and gender neutral and all that.

And, even though some of the items (like some of the books) could be on either list, I didn’t want to repeat any of the items.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

Funko Snapsies.

Funko Snapsies

Funko, the brand that makes those adorable POP! characters entered the toy market with Funko Snapsies.

They’re cute figurines, with a ton of accessories, that come in a blind bag. We gave these to a video game loving 7- and 8-year-old at Christmas, and they were obsessed with them. So these are definitely a toy that will get kids off a screen.

What’s fun is that the Snapsies come in a large round ball and the blind bags are inside, kind of like opening an Easter egg to find a prize inside. So that makes them a great Easter basket idea.

Big Easter Coloring Pages Book.

Big Easter Coloring Pages Book

Coloring books are such a good thing to have on hand for kids, especially when they’re looking for something to do when you’re out at a restaurant. So putting a coloring book in the back of your child’s Easter basket is the perfect filler gift.

This Big Easter Coloring Pages Book is filled with 40 pages of illustrations for your kids to color. It’s filled with traditional Easter scenes to color, plus pages of eggs that your child can color, cut out, and hang on the fridge.

Keep in mind that these pages are made for crayons, not markets, so make sure you have a box handy.

Calico Critters Hoppin' Easter Set.

Calico Critters Hoppin’ Easter Set

How cute would it be if the Easter bunny brought your kid an Easter basket? He can with the Calico Critters Hoppin’ Easter Set. It comes with a posable bunny, a basket, three eggs, and four surprises.

The four surprises do fit in the Easter eggs, but those eggs don’t close. So that means there are a lot of little pieces floating around. Keep that in mind if you’re looking for Easter basket ideas for young kids. This one might be better for kids who don’t put everything in their mouths.

This Easter set is considered an accessory set, so you might want to check out the Calico Critters online store to find playsets and other figures to add to this.

A girl wearing a Chalk of the Town Bunny Rabbit Chalkboard T-Shirt Kit.

Chalk of the Town Bunny Rabbit Chalkboard T-Shirt Kit

If you have a budding fashion designer, this Chalk of the Town Bunny Rabbit Chalkboard T-Shirt Kit is perfect.

The kit comes with markers and a shirt with a chalkboard bunny on it. You can draw directly on the bunny with the markers. The kit does come with example shirts, which your child can copy, or she can just draw her own design on it.

The kit also comes with a small cloth that you can wet and erase parts of the design, if your child changes her mind. And then, when your child is completely over the design, you just throw the shirt in the wash, which completely removes the markers, and draw on it again.

It's Not Easy Being A Bunny Book.

It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny Book

This It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny Book is a beginner, I Can Read, book, so it’s perfect for your 3 to 7 year old. If you’re shopping for younger kids, you can get it as a board book here.

The plot of the book is that P.J. Funnybunny doesn’t want to be a bunny anymore, so he tries being other animals. That’s a fun way for your child to learn about animals, and learn about being happy just as they are.

Since it focuses on a bunny, it’s the perfect book to stick in an Easter basket.

Two Hog Wild Flying Chick Easter Popper Toys.

Hog Wild Flying Chick Easter Popper Toy

These Easter-themed Hog Wild Flying Chick Easter Popper Toys shoot foam balls up to 20 feet.

If you’ve seen any of the popper reviews we’ve done on social media, the kids around here love these, so they’re definitely a great Easter basket filler.

These exact ones seem to be a little hard to find right now. But, you can still get an Easter-themed one if you purchase the Hog Wild Chocolate Bunny Easter Popper Toy instead.

A package of markers next to a window that says "Happy Easter."

MoodClue Liquid Chalk Markers

Kids want to draw on everything and with MoodClue Liquid Chalk Markers they can. Well, almost. They can draw on any non-porous surface, like glass, mirrors, windows, appliances, and more. The markers easily wipe away with either a wet or dry cloth so it’s super simple cleanup.

You can purchase a pack of six or a pack of 12. The smaller pack will fit better in an Easter basket because of its size, but the 12 pack has more colors.

Both packs have the same exact markers, which are wide and perfect for little hands. In fact, the markers are great for kids ages 3+, so you can give these to little ones. Just make sure to tell them not to draw on the walls with these.

Annie's Creative Girls Club Kit.

Annie’s Creative Girls Club Kit

If your daughter loves art, she’ll love this Annie’s Creative Girls Club Kit.

It is sold as a subscription box, which comes in a really fun bright colored envelope addressed to your child. But, you take it out of that package and easily stick it in her Easter basket.

Everything she needs to complete the kit, including the instructions, is sealed together in a plastic bag, so you won’t miss anything if you take it from the home mailer. What’s great is the Annie’s Creative Girls Club Kit actually comes with two projects every month, so after she’s done with the first, she’ll still have something artsy to do later.

What you can do is start a subscription, get the kit for Easter, and then pause it. See how your daughter likes it. Then, you can unpause the subscription and each month, a new kit with a new activity will arrive in the mail.

The Berenstain Bears Easter Fun Sticker and Activity Book.

The Berenstain Bears Easter Fun Sticker and Activity Book

I love the Berenstain Bears. They’re such a wholesome bear family, and the books are great for kids to read and learn from. You don’t have to worry about anything scary in the stories or anything you don’t want your kids exposed to.

The Berenstain Bears Easter Fun Sticker and Activity Book is great for Easter because it has stickers and activities for kids.

This book isn’t Easter bunny and Easter egg focused. Rather, it does include activities related to Jesus (who is the reason for the season).

Two Hativity Hats.

Hativity Hats

Toys and books are great Easter basket ideas, but you should also include something useful and functional, like these Hativity Hats.

There are two types of hats: a cotton sunhat (which is water-resistance and offers UVA/UVB protection) and a winter hat. Each hat has six pieces of very strong Velcro attached to it. You can purchase Hativity Kids Patches, which are sold as a set of six. There are food patches, animal patches, the spring collection (pictured above) and more. Attach the patches to the hat via the Velcro to add some personality to your kids hat.

If your child really loves these, you can also purchase an Activity Book with Velcro to store patches when they’re not on the hat.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

A Little Tikes Fire Truck toy.

Little Tikes Slammin’ Racers Vehicle

Anything from the Little Tikes Slammin’ Racers Vehicle line is perfect for a little boys Easter basket — and for his playtime too.

It’s actually really great for toddlers because all you do is push down on the button on the top and the vehicle goes flying down the floor. Of course you can manually move the vehicle, but pushing the button and watching it fly (then watching your child chase after it) is so much more fun.

Giant Dinosaur Puzzle Egg.

Giant Dinosaur Puzzle Egg

This Giant Dinosaur Puzzle Egg is a twofer.

You can hide the giant egg, and your child can hunt for it on Easter morning, and then do the puzzle that’s inside. That way it’s not an Easter basket filler gift, but it’s still an Easter gift.

This puzzle is good for an older kid who already knows his numbers and can count to 100. See, the numbers are on the back of the puzzle and that’s how you assemble it. Not from the front, like a traditional puzzle. So, if your kid can count to 100, it’s a good gift. If not, you’ll have to help.

KiwiCo Box.

KiwiCo Box

KiwiCo is an age-range based subscription box. Each month, you get toys, books, and other items shipped to your house. It’s a great gift.

Boxes begin at age 0 (there’s a 0 to 24 months box) and the oldest is ages 14 to 100, so you can find one for your younger and your older kids alike.

Even though it’s a subscription box, you can stop it at any time. So you can subscribe, get the first month in the mail, unsubscribe, and then hide the box until Easter. If your kid absolutely loves it (and he probably will) you can just continue the subscription.

Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail book.

Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail book

I love books as Easter basket fillers because they are a good way to get kids to sit for a little. And if your kids are into dinosaurs, they’ll sit for this Here Comes T-Rex Cottontail book.

The book is about the dinosaurs getting ready for Easter because the bunny can’t do it.

It’s cute and lighthearted and not a religious story (in case you were hoping it was). But, a few of the reviews have some concern with the eggs because the eggs aren’t with their parents and later, they show the eggs cracked and raw, then hatching birds.

Two boys using the Dinomazing Egg Decorator.

EggMazing Egg Decorator

If your kids love decorating Easter eggs, but you can’t figure out a reason why they would do it after Easter (except for pure enjoyment), the EggMazing Egg Decorator is a great compromise.

It spins plastic eggs while your kids hold markers over the top, creating really cool designs (that dry instantly) on the eggs. When your kids are done decorating, they’ll open the eggs to find a dinosaur hidden in slime.

It’s a really fun Easter basket filler and a way to keep the holiday going after Easter is over.

Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs.

Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs

My boy cousins got Mad Libs from their mom for every holiday. I would go to their house in the afternoon every holiday, or they would come to mine, and we would crack up laughing while we were playing the Mad Libs.

So this Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs is bound to be an Easter basket filler that brings a ton of laughs.

Plus, education. It’ll help kids learn the parts of a sentence, and practice that skill. So this is a fun and educational Easter basket filler.

A marshmallow launcher.

Young Woodworkers Kit Club

Any gifts that keep kids away from screens are our favorites. So we love this Young Woodworkers Kit Club idea.

It is a subscription box by Annie’s Kit Clubs, which means that you’ll need to order a subscription before Easter, then pause it. It’ll come in the mail in a fun envelope, but you can take it out of there in order to put it in an Easter basket. All the pieces that are needed come in a plastic bag in the envelope, except for a hammer that is sent separately with your first kit.

Let your son play with the kid and try it out, then, when he realizes how much he loves it, you can unpause the subscription and a new box each month.

How To Draw Easter Book for Kids.

How To Draw Easter Book for Kids

If your kids are into drawing, they’ll love this How To Draw Easter Book for Kids.

It has step-by-step drawings for tons of Easter-related illustrations, like the classic carrots and bunnies. But, it also has step-by-step drawings for religious illustrations too, like the Great Shepherd with His sheep, the Bible, and the three most famous crosses at Christ’s crucifixion.

The book does says “Easter” on the front, and Jesus is the reason for Easter, so it makes sense. But, it doesn’t actually say that anywhere on the cover or in the description. So if you aren’t comfortable with those images for whatever reason, this might not be the best filler for your kids Easter basket.

Genius Box Kit.

Genius Box Kit

A few years ago, the acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) was such a buzzword. Now, it’s just another word in our brains, and the focus of Annie’s Kit Club’s Genius Box Kit.

This kit, designed for kids ages 7 to 12, is a monthly subscription box. But, you can order it before Easter, pause it between when it arrives and when its opened, and then start it again after your child tries it.

Each kit comes with three different activities (and all the materials needed for the activities). Each activity is based on the same STEM-inspired theme, but is a completely independent activity. It’s a fun way to encourage learning.

Two packaged DoodleJamz toys.

Doodle Jamz

Doodle Jamz are the perfect Easter basket stuffer for little kids. Geared at kids ages 3+, Doodle Jamz are basically self-contained drawing board. Each one comes with a plastic stylus, which looks like a putty knife, that the kids can use to draw.

There are two types of Doodle Jamz: Jellypics and Jellyboards.

With the Jellypics, your recipient will use the stylus to move beads around to draw a beard, mustache, hair, etc. onto an image. What’s fun is you can download additional backgrounds or you can create your own (so your kid can add a beard to his own face!).

The Jellyboards toy is better for younger kids. It’s just a bit of gel that your recipient can draw on. What’s great about the Jellyboards is that the drawing doesn’t fade right away, like a Buddha Board image does. So your kid can draw and run over to show you his creation and it will still be there when he gets to you.

Bunny Bracelet Kit.

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Three DIY Easter Bunnies made from toilet paper rolls.

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