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Father’s Day Gift Ideas (that he actually wants)

This Father’s Day Gift Ideas list is filled with gifts for dads who like to grill, to eat, who have pets, and more. These are all gifts that dad (or the dad in your life) will actually want this year.

Make this the best holiday with help from all of our Father’s Day posts.

A Father's Day card with the words "Father's Day Gift Ideas" digitally written on top of it.

This is the year you get dad a gift he’s always wanted. Not a new pair of New Balance sneakers like you get him every year. And not a photo gift with your kids faces on it. Something he wants.

Our Father’s Day Gift Ideas list is filled with the best father’s day gifts for any dad. It’s broken down by type of dad to make it easier for you to find the perfect gift based on what your dad is into. 

And, if after all these ideas you can’t find something, we linked a bunch of stores where you can shop and find even more great gift ideas.

So please, this year, skip the sneakers.

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This list of the best Father’s Day gift ideas is not inclusive of all of our gift guides. 

So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, try checking out our other gift guides. You’re bound to find something for dad.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas (that he actually wants)

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We tried to include as many of our top gift guides that were male-centric as we could to put together this round up of Father’s Day Gift Ideas to help you find a gift for your own dad and the father figures you’re shopping for.

As we add more Father’s Day gift guides to the blog, we’ll be updating this list. So, be sure to bookmark or pin this post (however you safe links) and come back to it next year because it’ll definitely be updated between now and then.

New Dads

Being a new parent is really exciting. It’s also really tiring. So getting something to help dad stay awake is a really good idea for a first Father’s Day gift.

Or maybe get him a nice pillow so he can get some decent rest during the time he’s actually sleeping.

Sugar Plum's Beer & Bourbon Nuts.

Have snacks delivered

There’s a good chance that a new dad will be waking up with his new baby, rocking her back to sleep while mom gets a little shut eye. He can’t turn on the television because baby won’t sleep through that. But he needs something to keep him awake so he doesn’t fall asleep on her.

Enter snacks.

Whatever the new dad likes to snack on (as long as it isn’t super loud and crunchy and wakes baby up) is a good idea to have delivered. Dad will definitely appreciate the gesture when it’s his turn to get up to make the bottle. Something for baby, something for dad.

What’s great for you is that you can order snacks and have them delivered to all the first-time dads with the following delivery services:

You can also order snacks from Amazon and have them shipped free with Prime.

Two bags of Death Wish Coffee next to a coffee maker and coffee grinder.


After dad is up all night with his new baby, it’s gonna be hard to go be productive at work the next day. Coffee helps.

So grab some for the new dad. If you know his favorite brand, grab that. Or just grab a bag of your favorite brand. Honestly, any coffee will taste delicious to dad at this point in his life.

You can also pair the coffee with a mug from our list of Funny Coffee Mugs To Gift to make it feel like a more complete gift.

Gifts For Dads Who Grill

Most dads love hanging out by the grill and cooking for the whole family. It’s also a great way to just drink beer and avoid chit chat when company is over.

A grill, with a box of grilling tools next to it, and the words "Grilling Gifts For The King Of The Grill" digitally written on top.

If your dad is a grill master, check out our full list of Grilling Gifts For The King Of The Grill for a bunch of really great gift ideas, like personalized grilling tools, meat to grill, and more.

Gifts For Dads Who Like To Eat

Some people eat to live and others live to eat. If your dad is in the latter category, getting him some fun food is a good gift. I’m not suggesting appliances, like a pizza oven, because that’s a bit much. But, frozen Chicago pizza is worth looking into.

A man holding a beef jerky bouquet with the words "Edible Gifts For Father's Day" digitally written on top.

For foodie dads, anything off our our Edible Gifts For Father’s Day list will make him happy.

There are a bunch of unique gift ideas like beef jerky bouquets, crafted hot sauce, and more on that list, so you can definitely find the perfect present for dad to eat. And hey, maybe he’ll share some with you too.

Gifts For Dads Who Like Comics

If dad makes the whole family run out on free comic book day, a comic-themed gift is a good idea.

Four comic book coasters.

Comic Book Coasters

If dad likes comic books, he’ll love these comic book coasters. They’re a really easy gift that you can make at home with our DIY Comic Book Coasters tutorial.

But I get it. You feel like you don’t have a crafty bone in your body and you’re worried about ruining dad’s favorite comic book (please PLEASE don’t cut up his faves).

So, instead, you can just purchase comic book coasters that someone else has already made. That’s the safer way to get dad this gift.

Gifts For Dads Who Travel

If your dad is retired and has the time to go on lots of vacations, you’ll want to buy him something to make those trips easier. We have lots of gifts, based on various modes of travel, so you can find the perfect Father’s Day gift for your traveling dad.

A couple on a cruise with the words "The 10+ Best Gifts For Cruise Lovers" digitally written above them.

If dad loves sailing on the high seas, you’ll find the perfect gifts on this list of the Best Gifts For Cruise Lovers will be perfect for him.

There are ideas like sea bands, travel mugs (which are perfect for the cruise bar), and more

A couple in a silver van.

Does dad love his road trips? Grab him something off this list of the top Gifts For The Road Tripper.

There are travel pillows, a very necessary car charger, and more.

Passengers on a plane with the words "Top Ten Gift Ideas For The Jetsetter" digitally written on top.

If dad loves to travel by air, he’ll love these Gift Ideas For The Jetsetter, like a carry on cocktail kit, carry on sized luggage, and more.

An RV camper on a campsite with a chair and firepit in front of it and the words "10+ Useful Camper Gifts (for couples)" digitally written on top.

Camping has become really popular lately. If dad jumped on the trend and snagged an RV, this list of Camper Gifts is really helpful.

The items on it, like a portable stove and inflatable kayak, would work really well if you’re shopping for an outdoorsy dad as well.

Gifts For Pet Dads

Pet dads are dads too. So we wanted to include presents for Fido and Fluffy’s dads too.

A flag that says "Welcome we hope you like dogs" on a porch with the words "10+ Best Gifts For Dog Lovers" digitally written on top.

If you’re shopping for a dog dad, these Best Gifts For Dog Lovers are perfect.

A cat-shaped planter.

If you’re shopping for a cat dad, pick him anything off this Gifts For Cat Lovers.

Handmade Gifts For Dad

Gifts that you make yourself are the most thoughtful gifts (and, if you’re on a budget, a homemade cheap gift might be right for you).

Man holding a gift wrapped in foil with the words "20 Handmade Gifts For Men" digitally written on top.

Put your crafting hat on and make dad a gift instead of buying him something at the store. To inspire you, check out our list of 20 Handmade Gifts For Men.

Wearable Gifts For Dad

We said skip the sneakers this year. But, honestly, your dad might be looking forward to a new pair of kicks.

A man wearing a homemade Father's Day shirt with the words "Wearable Father's Day Gift Ideas" digitally written on top.

Dad might really need some new socks or a new pair of sunglasses. So definitely check out our list of Wearable Father’s Day Gifts for some inspiration.

New Balance Members Only Coffee Mug Funny Dad Coffee Mug.

Purchase Father’s Day Gifts Online:

These are just what we consider the best gift ideas that you can purchase (really, dad wants you to spend some quality time with the old man, but that idea didn’t really fit on any list), but they’re not all the ideas out there, of course. 

We had to leave some out, like the New Balance Sneaker Members Only mug above (listen, IYKYK).

For more great father’s day gift ideas, check out the following stores:

Don’t forget to check a store’s minimum cart total for free shipping. And think about curbside or in store pickup to avoid shipping charges.

And, while you’re shopping, don’t forget to purchase Father’s Day cards for all the dads in your life. I usually add a gift card to our Father’s Day cards for my brothers so we can take them out for coffee even though we live far apart.

Which of these Father’s Day Gifts Ideas is best for your dad? Let us know in the comments.