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Edible Gifts For Father’s Day

Edible Father’s Day Gifts are ones dad will love. Get the best edible gift ideas in this post. There’s jerky, barbecue, meat, coffee, and more.

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Edible gifts are always a good idea. There’s no clutter because the entire gift is disposable, so that’s great for minimalists. And who doesn’t like snacks? No one I know. So if you’re still looking for a gift for dad, this list of Edible Gifts For Father’s Day is going to help.

Well, it will help if dad has no dietary restrictions. We didn’t consider that when putting this list together, but you should keep that in mind when you’re ordering a gift for the dads in your life.

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Edible Gifts For Father’s Day

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Lou Malnati's Pizza.

Lou Malnati’s Pizza

If you’ve ever talked about pizza, you know there’s a great debate between Chicago pizza and New York pizza. There are styles inbetween, like Detroit-style and St. Louis-style. And where I lived in Pennsylvania, it’s the (probably self-proclaimed) pizza capital of the world.

If Chicago pizza is the hill that dad will die on, you need to order him some classic Lou Malnati’s Pizza. There are nearly 100 Lou Malnati’s in the greater Chicago area, but no worries if dad lives outside of their delivery area. You can order the deep dish pies, plus Lou’s famous heart-shaped cookie cake, from Tastes Of Chicago.

What does it taste like? It takes like nostalgia.

We tried the veggie and spinach pies (the spinach was so good!), but we highly recommend the classic cheese pie.

Chocolate Covered Oreo Baseballs

If you’re looking for a delicious treat for your sports loving dad, Chocolate Covered Oreo Baseballs are it. Or basketballs. Or footballs. Or … you get the idea.

Everyone loves chocolate covered treats, and these chocolate covered Oreos are super decadent and super delicious. Plus, they’re decorated with dad’s favorite sport.

If you want, you could combine them with tickets to a sporting event, so these are both a treat and an experience. Dad will absolutely love the idea of spending more time with you because, at the end of the day, all dad wants is your time.

You can either make these chocolate covered Oreo baseballs (just purchase the mold for them here) or you can purchase these already made if you don’t have the time or skills to make your own.

A box of meat from Truboy barbecue.

Truboy Halal BBQ Sampler

When we went to Texas, one of our top things to eat was Texas barbecue. It’s so good and so different than North Carolina barbecue. As the cool kids say, it slaps. Or maybe they don’t say that anymore. I’m old. I don’t know.

But what I do know is that smoked Texas barbecue is so good, so unique, and so not something I can make from scratch at home.

But dad can.

Well, not from scratch. But on his grill thanks to the Truboy Halal BBQ Sampler. It comes with brisket, lamb shoulder (although when we received it, it was pork shoulder), ribs, sausage, and barbecue sauce.

Everything is pre-seasoned and pre-smoked, so all dad needs to do is add the meat to a pan with a little butter and water and heat it up on the grill or the oven (and then invite you and 10 others over for dinner).

The brisket, by the way, is the star of the box. It was so good plain, so good in grilled cheese (yes, I had to make a Smokey Bones dube with it), so good over rice, just so good.

A meat bouquet.

The Manly Man Company’s Meat Bouquet

If you’re looking for a really unique gift for dad, The Manly Man Company’s Meat Bouquet is it. This comes with nine beef sticks and eight pieces of fully cooked thick cut bacon. Each piece is individually wrapped so dad doesn’t have to eat all 17 pieces of meat at once.

If dad prefers one type of meat over the other, you’re in luck. The Manly Man Company also has a Beef Bouquet, with 18 beef sticks, and a Bacon Bouquet with 20 pieces of bacon.

All three of the Dad bouquets come in a paper cone, so you don’t even need to wrap this when it comes in. Just present it to dad like that.

Three bottles of Bushwick Kitchen products.

Bushwick Kitchen’s Three Knees Spicy Gift Set

Bushwick Kitchen’s Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha is my favorite hot sauce ever. I know you’re shopping for gifts for dad right now, but keep this fact in mind next time you’re shopping for your favorite blogger. It’s so good.

You can buy it alone or as part of the Three Knees Spicy Gift Set, which also includes the Bees Knees Spicy Honey, Trees Knees Spicy Maple Syrup, and a dish towel.

If dad likes spice, he will love this. The spicy honey is so good drizzled on pizza and the spicy maple will knock your waffles out of the park. And that sriracha, that’s good on everything. But tell dad to keep that a secret. He already shares a bed with mom. He doesn’t have to share his hot sauce too.

Lobster and steak on a tray.

Order Edible Father’s Day Gifts Online:

If it’s easier for you to just order dad his favorite meal and have it sent to him, that works too. Dad will be happy with the thought.

You can order edible Father’s Day gifts online with the following delivery services:

Order the gift to be delivered to you, and then bring it over to dad if you’re seeing him for Father’s Day. Or, order it to be delivered to dad’s house if you won’t get the chance to see him to celebrate.

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Which of these Edible Gifts For Father’s Day are you picking up this year?