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15+ Recipes For Halloween Treats

While you’re planning your Halloween party menu, find inspiration on this Recipes For Halloween Treats list. There are mummy cookies, chocolate bark, bagels, and more.

Get into the Halloween spirit with help from all of our Halloween posts.

A red drink called blood on a window counter with the words "15+ Recipes For Halloween Treats" digitally written on top.

When you’re a kid, Halloween is so much fun because you get free candy. When you’re older, spooky season means putting on very little clothes and going to the bar. Not fun, if you ask me.

But now, Halloween means I can decorate our house and make spooky treats to pass out to our friends and neighbors. And, if you know me, you know I love any excuse for a cute festive treat. So I’m all about these adorable Halloween treat ideas.

Some of them are no bake Halloween treats, some of them are made from scratch, and some are just decorating. So you can find something to make, no matter what your skill level is.

Also, quick note: The drink in the photo isn’t on this list. That’s a drink a friend ordered last Halloween  from Panaderia El Solecito when I was in Yakima. My drink came with sour gummy worms in a lightbulb-shaped mug. It was amazing. But not easy to recreate. This list is filled with easy recipes that are easy for you to make at home. If you want that drink, well, you’ve gotta go to Washington.

15+ Recipes For Halloween Treats

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These are all the easy Halloween treats that we currently have on the blog. As we add more savory and sweet treats, which we will definitely do this year, we will add them to this post.

So be sure to pin it or bookmark it (however you save posts) to come back to it later this Halloween season.

Pretzels decorated to look like pumpkins with the words "Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pretzels" digitally written on top.

Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pretzels

Candy melts go a long way in making these Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pretzels your new favorite Halloween treat. They’re easy to make and look like they came from a chocolate shop.

What’s nice is you can make a bunch of them at once, then package them up for neighbors gifts. Since you can make them up to two weeks in advance, they’re a good treat for class parties too. Just make them when you have time, then bring them to the party.

Two homemade mummy chocolate bombs with a wooden hammer and the words "Halloween Chocolate Breakable Mummy" digitally written on top.

Halloween Breakable Chocolate Mummy

If you’re looking for a really fun recipe for Halloween, our Halloween Breakable Chocolate Mummy is perfect. It’s basically a chocolate piñata because it’s filled with treats that spill out when you smash it open.

You can make a bunch of them at once, which is great if you have a lot of kiddos to give these out to.

We have a tutorial for a homemade wooden hammer, too, so you can make that and pack it with your chocolate mummy.

Pieces of brown and orange chocolate bark, with candy eyes and Reese's pieces in it, and the words "Halloween Chocolate Bark" digitally written on top.

Halloween Chocolate Bark

This Halloween Chocolate Bark is a super easy no bake dessert. A dark chocolate base is topped with candy eyes, candy coated chocolates, and some orange candy melts to make a visually stunning treat.

The best part is the whole thing only takes a couple minutes to make since you melt the chocolate in a microwave, not in a double boiler. The only bummer is you can’t eat it right away. Your sweet tooth has to wait. The Halloween candy bark does need to chill in the fridge for a couple hours before you can eat it.

Nutter Butter mummy cookies on orange paper shred with the words "Nutter Butter Mummies" digitally written on top.

Nutter Butter Mummies

These Nutter Butter Mummies are some of the most adorable treats you can make this holiday season. They’re such a simple dessert too with only three basic ingredients (store-bought cookies, vanilla almond bark, and candy eyeballs).

The mummy cookies will last for a really long time in the freezer, and quite a bit of time in the fridge too, so you could make these when you have some spare time and they’ll still taste good on Halloween.

Ghost-shaped meringue cookies on an orange napkin with bats on it.

Ghost Meringue Cookies

These ghost meringue cookies are really cute all laid out on a plate at your Halloween party. They’re really easy to make. And thank goodness for that because they melt in your mouth — which means your guests will end up eating lots of them at once. So you’ll want to make a lot of them.

They’re also gluten-free as is, which is great if that’s something you need to be concerned about.

A cup of green milk with homemade marshmallow eyeballs and a cup of green milk with homemade marshmallow eyeballs on a napkin.

Monster Milk

Halloween treats aren’t reserved just for food. You can dress up your drinks too. Like this Monster Milk. It’s just milk with food coloring and marshmallows. So you probably have everything you need to make this at home.

You have two options to make this. You can make a large batch of it in a punch bowl for a Halloween party and use regular-sized marshmallows in it. Or, you can make individual servings like in the post itself, and use mini marshmallows.

Two pieces of brown and orange layered fudge with Reese's pieces on top, sitting on a black napkin, with Reese's pieces around.

Halloween Fudge

You only need a couple ingredients to make this super easy Halloween Fudge. The fudge itself is a two ingredient dessert recipe (white chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk). The other ingredients are for presentation (coloring and candy on top).

This Halloween Fudge looks festive and taste delicious. You really can’t ask for much more in a Halloween treat.

Brown and orange popcorn in a green bowl with a "Beware" sign next to it.

Halloween Popcorn

Halloween Popcorn is the perfect tasty treat for when you’re watching Halloween movies this season. This recipe calls for popping kernels, but you can make it with microwaved popcorn or bagged popcorn if you wanted to make it even easier.

Speaking of movies, if you’re looking for some inspiration, be sure to check out our list of 50+ Halloween Movies For Kids. And, don’t forget about Freeform’s 31 Nights Of Halloween Schedule too.

Three donuts decorated to look like vampires with fake teeth and eyes on a white napkin with bats on it.

Vampire Donuts

If you’re looking for some easy treats this season, these Vampire Donuts are it. They’re made from store-bought doughnuts, so all you’re really doing is decorating.

Of course, if you had some extra free time, you could make homemade doughnuts, but it’s not worth it (in my opinion anyway). The glow-in-the-dark teeth are what really makes these pop, not the doughnut.

White napkin shaped like a ghost with a tag that reads "Boo!!! From Nicky to You!" in front of two painted pumpkins.

Applesauce Pouch Ghost Halloween Treats

These Applesauce Pouch Ghost Halloween Treats are the perfect treat for a classroom. They’re made from applesauce pouches, which are a good idea for school treats because they’re tree nut free.

Plus, they’re sealed, which is often what you need for school treats. And, if you have any extra, you can give them out to trick-or-treaters too.

Oreo cookies decorated with white almond bark and candy eyes to look like a mummy, on black paper shred, with the words "Halloween Mummy Oreo Cookies" digitally written on top.

Halloween Mummy Oreo Cookies

These Halloween Mummy Oreo Cookies are easily made with three ingredients, one of which is Oreo cookies. That means there’s no baking involved. Mostly, it’s just decorating.

These really are worth the effort and will look incredible on your Halloween dessert tray.

Chocolate and pretzel spider web treat with the words "Halloween Pretzel Spider Webs" digitally written on top.

Halloween Pretzel Spider Webs

A little effort goes a long way to make these Halloween Pretzel Spider Webs. They’re really delicate and dainty, which gives them a really great crunch and texture when you’re eating them.

They can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge for up to two weeks too, which is a great way to prepare for Halloween parties ahead of time.

Two candy bars dressed up to look like mummies.

Mummy Candy Bars

These Mummy Candy Bars are adorable — and an easy way to make your Halloween candy stand out from the crowd.

If you’re making Halloween treats for a classroom and need to give packaged candy, this is a great way to do it without feeling boring.

Apple decorated to look like a ghost with a trick or treat bag behind it and the words "Halloween Ghost Chocolate Apples" digitally written on top.

Halloween Ghost Chocolate Apples

Everyone always thinks about candied apples this time of year, but chocolate covered apples are where it’s at. So save your teeth and make our Halloween Ghost Chocolate Apples.

They’re really cute and are actually a lot easier to make than they seem. Plus, you’re eating some fresh fruit along with your mound of melted white chocolate, so it’s a nice balance.

Homemade black and orange swirl pinwheel cookies, with two Halloween zombie toys, on a tray and the words "Halloween Pinwheel Cookies" digitally written on top.

Halloween Pinwheel Cookies

These Halloween Pinwheel Cookies absolutely looked like you purchased them at the local bakery. They don’t look like homemade treats at all. But they are.

These are a two day project, since you have to chill the sugar cookies dough overnight, but these Halloween cookies are absolutely worth it.

Bagels shaped to look like pumpkins with the words" Pumpkin-Shaped Bagels made from 2 Ingredient Dough" digitally written on top.

Pumpkin-Shaped Bagels

This list isn’t all dessert recipes. We have these savory Pumpkin-Shaped Bagels, which would be perfect to serve first thing on Halloween morning. If your bagel shop isn’t serving anything like this, rest assured that you can make them at home with ease.

This recipe uses 2 Ingredient Dough, which is super simple. It uses self-rising flour, so you don’t have to wait for the dough to rise or proof before using it.

A bowl of hard boiled eggs with spiderwebs designs on them in front of a skeleton Halloween decoration with the words "Halloween Spiderweb Hard Boiled Eggs" digitally written on top.

Halloween Spiderweb Hard Boiled Eggs

Another really fun savory recipe is our Spiderweb Hard Boiled Eggs. They’re perfect for Halloween breakfast.

You do need to make them the night before so they can sit in food dye overnight in order to actually make the spiderwebs. But that’s easy as long as you plan ahead.

Ghost-shaped marshmallow Peeps, chocolate, and graham crackers wrapped in a bag.

Spooky S’mores Favors

How cute are these s’mores favors? They’re perfect if you’re hosting a Halloween party this year. What’s great is you can put them together ahead of time, then hand them out to your party guests.

If you have a fire pit, get a fire going in the backyard during your party, and use these Halloween party favors to make some Halloween themed s’mores.

Creepy finger lollipops.

Purchase Halloween Treats Online:

If you like these cute Halloween treats, and think they would be perfect for your Halloween gathering, but you don’t have time to make them, it’s okay. You can simply purchase Halloween treats, like the creepy fingers lollipops above, at the following stores online:

Check out the links below for our favorite places to buy Halloween treats online.

Keep in mind that if you do order online, you’ll want to be mindful of a minimum cart total to qualify for free shipping. You can often choose curbside or in store pickup to avoid shipping costs.

Which of these Halloween Treats Recipes will you try first? Let us know in the comments.

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These spooky Halloween treats are a delight for all ages. Their creative designs and eerie charm make them perfect for the holiday. A fun way to add a touch of spookiness to your celebrations.

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Lisa, Wow what a variety! Some of these are just the cutest. There's something for everyone here.


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