5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions To Make

Still deciding on this year's New Year's Resolutions? This list of 5 Healthy New Year's Resolutions To Make can help. Check it out on www.drugstoredivas.net.With the new year just beginning, it’s time to sit down and make your resolutions. The easiest way to make resolutions is to make ones that are realistic or to make ones that will improve your health. If you’re a couch potato, you probably shouldn’t make a resolution to run an Iron Man this year. There’s a reason why the Couch To 5k program is such a success. It’s realistic. You can go from couch potato to someone who can finish a 3.1-mile race. You might have less success at a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride, and a 26.22-mile run.

Let’s focus on your health right now. I put together a list of 5 New Year’s Resolutions to make to improve your health. They’re all fairly realistic, so I think you’ll be able to accomplish them.

5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions To Make

1. Walk more.
This one is absolutely one you can accomplish. I know this from experience because this was actually my resolution in 2017. Sitting at home for work definitely wasn’t getting me many steps. I would average between 2,000 and 3,000 steps a day. It was so bad. So I started January with a goal of 5,000 steps a day. I decided every month I would increase it by 500 until November, when I got to 10,000 a month. A small increment every month was a lot easier to tackle than deciding I needed to get 10,000 a day starting at January 1.

I’m actually really excited to tell you that I’ve accomplished this resolution. I even was able to accomplish my daily step goal on the days we went to and from Hilton Head Island — which meant over 5 hours in the car. Having a fitness tracker definitely helped me keep track of my steps, so it will be sure to help you.

2. Drink more water.
Something you can definitely do for your health is to increase your water intake. Most people don’t get their 8 glasses of water a day. I try really hard to get mine, but it definitely is something I have to think about. In fact, I’m typing this downstairs and just realized I left my water bottle upstairs, so I had to go upstairs to get it (yay for steps towards my 10,000 step goal, though).

I’ve heard people say they don’t like the taste of water, or it’s too boring for them. What you can do, then, is purchase an organic lemon, cut it into slices, then squeeze the juice of one slice into your water. Then, drop the rest of the lemon slice in as well. That’s why I say buy organic. Of course, you’re going to want to wash any fruit you buy at the store, but when you’re consuming the rind/peel (or this case, putting it in your water), you don’t to ingest any potential pesticides. If you aren’t consuming the peel, then I wouldn’t worry about organic.

3. Quit smoking.
If you’re a smoker, this is the year you should quit. Or, if you can’t quit completely January 1 (and, let’s be honestly, cold turkey is hard), create a realistic resolution. Cut down on the number of cigarettes you let yourself have. If you smoke two a day, cut back to one, then one every other day, then one a week, and then zero. Scaling back is a lot easier than cutting out the habit completely.

And don’t beat yourself up if you’re at a party and you slip and have a drag off someone’s cigarette. Don’t stop your resolution just because of that. Chalk it up to an “oops” and move forward. 

4. Eat healthier.
We cook every meal at home. I work at home, so one of the perks is being able to prep dinner when I have a little downtime. By cooking our meals, I’m able to choose what exactly is in them. I don’t use an excessive amount of butter and salt, I use fresh vegetables from our garden, and I stay away from most packaged items. By knowing just what we’re eating, I can assure we’re not wasting calories.

If you’re trying to eat healthier, maybe start with bringing one bagged lunch to work every week instead of eating out five days a week. Not only will it save you money, but you’ll be able to pack something that you know is healthy instead of relying on a restaurant to make choices for you.

5. Phone a friend.
I made a mid-year resolution to keep in touch with my friends better. Maybe that means you may always have to be the one to text first. Or maybe it means that you will always answer, even when it’s late at night. Or maybe it’s just making sure to like every one of your friend’s Instagram photos, even if she never like yours.

Friends are so important to our mental health — even if they’re terrible at keeping in touch. If they are, be the one who always keeps in touch. Don’t give up on that person just because they’re bad at texting back. Just try again next week. Of course, cutting out toxic people is also good for your mental health, but friends who are just bad at returning calls aren’t toxic. They’re just ones who need to be called a second (or third) time.

What healthy new year’s resolutions are you making this year?

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