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4 Apps To Earn Rewards For Using Your Fitbit (2021 Update)

This 4 Apps To Earn Rewards For Using Your Fitbit is updated for 2021.

Get rewarded for working out! Find 4 Apps To Earn Rewards For Using Your Fitbit at

It was so cold when we were up north this weekend. It’s spring, so it should warmer, but nope. It was long sleeve and jacket weather.

Nothing like North Carolina where it’s already t-shirt, shorts, and take long walks outside weather.

When it’s cold out, it’s easy to stay inside and binge Netflix.

But your brain shouldn’t let you. And your Fitbit shouldn’t let you. See, there are a lot of apps to earn rewards for using your Fitbit or for just being active.

And if you don’t move, you don’t get points. And if you don’t get points, you’ll be kicking myself later.

So move around. Dance at home, run in place while you’re waiting for water to boil, and make an excuse to go to the store so you can walk around.

The incentive, on cold days, isn’t fitness. It’s the free points you earn from certain apps that can eventually turn into free money or free Christmas gifts.

Or maybe that’s just me. So just follow my lead.

Of course, first you have to pick up a Fitbit activity tracker. Then, start using the apps below!

4 Apps To Earn Rewards For Using Your Fitbit

Just a quick note. This 4 Apps To Earn Rewards For Using Your Fitbit post is updated for 2021. Apps come and go very quickly and programs change often. I’m looking at you, Sears Shop Your Way (which used to give $7 a week for being healthy and now doesn’t exist).

We’ll probably update this list annually, just to see what changes these programs have made. So bookmark it, keep your step goals going, and come back soon to see if there’s anything new on this list.

1. Dick’s Sporting Goods

This one is my favorite. You need to download the Dick’s Sporting Goods app and sign up for an account. Even if you already have a Dick’s Sporting Goods account online, you need to create an app-based account.

Once you sign up, you can link your ScoreCard account (which is Dick’s Sporting Goods’ free loyalty rewards program). Then, link your Fitbit or Apple Health account.

For every 3 miles, 10,000 steps, or 30 minutes of activity you have per day, you’ll get three points. When you get to 300 points, you get a $10 certificate to use on anything in store or online at Dick’s Sporting Goods’ website. That’s a great way to stock up on stocking stuffers for the fitness lovers on your list.

Find out more here.

2. Walgreens

Walgreens is a great store because the drugstore carries so many things: paper goods, snacks, HBA products, even toys! There’s hardly a time when I walk out of Walgreens empty handed.

Walgreens just changed its health rewards program on April 17. Each new “challenge,” starts on Mondays, so today is the first day of the new program. And that’s why we’re updating a reposting this post, to be honest.

In the past, you got 20 Balance Rewards points per mile walked or run, up to 1,000 points a month ($1). You also got points for logging your weight daily and for your sleep.

Now, with the new myWalgreens Health Goals, you can sign up for a 4-week health challenge. The challenges are really geared towards everyone. There are physical activity challenges for every person, from stretching for 10 minutes up to walking 15,000 steps a day.

Then there are lifestyle challenges, like aiming for the proper amount of sleep, eating more fruits and vegetables, and even tracking your spending habits.

So it really is about an overall healthy life.

For every week that you complete your challenge, you earn $.25 worth of Walgreens Cash. So each month, you can earn $1.

You can redeem after you’ve hit $1 worth of Walgreens Cash. I usually use my points to get free toilet paper because I hate paying for that more than any other household necessity.

Find out more here.

3. Achievement

This app takes the longest time to accumulate points, but it’s probably the easiest.

Download the Achievement app and connect your Fitbit. That’s it. It will track your sleep and miles and give you points for both. When you’ve hit 10,000 points, you can cash out for $10 via PayPal.

There are surveys you can take, and articles you can read, that give you more points. You can also refer friends for points. So the points do add up.

I actually completely ran out of room on my phone, so I deleted the app. I added it back when I got a new phone, so I’m back to tracking. For me, it takes about a year to cash out, but my dad is way more active than me (and never has space issues on his phone), and he cashes out every other month or so.

Find out more here.


I’m not old enough for this one, but if you are, you’re in luck.

AARP has a rewards program called Rewards For Good. You can earn points for activities like taking surveys, and then, of course, for your fitness activities.

Just sync your Fitbit to your AARP Rewards For Good account to  earn up to 150 points per day (if you hit 10,000 steps). The website says AARP members earn points 50% faster, so it seems like you can join without actually being an official AARP member. And actually, you can join AARP rewards without being a senior citizen, so that’s good to know.

You can redeem those points for discounts on hotels, gift cards, and more.

Find out more here.

Want tips to get 10,000 steps?

If you’ve ever tried to figure out how many steps you should get in a day, you’ve probably seen the magic number: 10,000. Honestly, that’s a lot of steps. Depending on the size of your stride, that’s between 4 and 5 miles.

Most people I know don’t have the time to go out and jog five miles every day. But, you can add a little exercise here and there throughout the day to achieve that goal.

We have a few posts on Drugstore Divas that can help you get your steps.