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How To Get 10,000 Steps On A Road Trip

You can still get in exercise while you're on a road trip. Find out how to get 10,000 steps when you're on a road trip from’ve been spending a lot of time in the car lately. In the last six weeks, I’ve taken four out of state road trips. My Fitbit kept buzzing every hour, and I kept trying to figure out how to get 10,000 steps on a road trip.

It’s not that easy, but it’s not impossible either. I have a few tips that might help you out in case you’re stuck in the car but still want to get your exercise.

How To Get 10,000 Steps On A Road Trip

1. Walk before you leave.
When I have to leave early in the morning for a road trip, I just want to roll out of bed and get in the car. I don’t want to shower and I don’t want to really wake up (if I’m not driving). That doesn’t help with steps though.

Instead, if you’re taking a long road trip, wake up a little earlier than you need to, and use those extra minutes to get steps. Anything you can get before you leave will definitely help you later in the day.

2. Pack the car slowly.
I always want to take all my bags to the car in one trip, but that doesn’t add up to too many steps. So, instead, I make sure to bring each bag out one at a time. And if it’s an exceptionally long road trip, I make sure to leave all my bags in the bedroom instead of by the front door, then take them down one at a time.

It’s annoying, sure, but you’ll be sitting in the car for a long time so you can relax then. Until you’re sitting, though, make as many excuses to walk around while you’re packing the car.

3. Stop.
Don’t try and power through your road trip. If you’re like me, you’ll need to stop and stretch your legs every so often. So when you need to get gas or go to the bathroom, don’t push it. Stop, get gas, and go to the bathroom. Then, stop for a few extra minutes and take a lap around whatever building you stopped at. If that’s not safe, pace back and forth in front of the building. Or just run in place next to your car while the gas is pumping if you’re alone.

Try and get 300 steps every time you stop. For me, that’s less than two minutes of moving. So even though it’ll add a few minutes on to your trip, it’ll help you get your steps in and it’ll give your mind a break from the drive.

4. Eat.
To be frugal, I like to pack snacks and something to eat. If you don’t pack your food, or even if you just want to stop for a cup of coffee, you can turn that into an opportunity to get steps. Order your drink or food, then, while you’re waiting for it, walk around the fast food restaurant until they call your order.

This is even better if you’re traveling with someone. You can ask him or her to wait at the counter for the food and you can walk around the building outside. I always feel like I walk a little faster when I’m outside a restaurant then inside.

You can still get in exercise while you're on a road trip. Find out how to get 10,000 steps when you're on a road trip from

5. Don’t wait in the car.
If you’re on a road trip with someone, and he or she needs to stop for the bathroom and you don’t, don’t wait in the car when you pull into the truck stop. Get out, walk around, or just run in place next to the car. Sure, it’s tempting to just sit there and play on your phone, but you want to use any excuse you can to get some steps.

6. Walk when you get there.
When you finally reach your destination, take a walk. Maybe you’ll take it around the city you stopped in, or maybe you’ll take it on your hotel’s treadmill. Wherever it is, be sure to take a long walk to even out the short bursts of steps you’ve been getting all day.

What are your tips to get 10,000 steps on a road trip? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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