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List Of Email Addresses For Free MLB Fan Packs (all 30 teams included!)

Get in touch with your favorite baseball team and send a request for a free MLB Fan Pack. This list has a way to contact all 30 MLB teams.

A photo of a baseball diamond, taken from behind home plate, with the words "List Of Email Addresses For Free MLB Fan Packs (all 30 teams included!)" digitally written on top.

Note: Drugstore Divas has no affiliation with Major League Baseball. Using this List Of Email Addresses For Free MLB Fan Packs does not guarantee that you will receive a fan pack. Drugstore Divas is not responsible if you don’t receive a pack.

Today is Major League Baseball’s opening day. Who are you rooting for? I’m rooting for the New York Mets. They’ve been my favorite team since I was born. I was born into a Mets family, and lived in Queens — home of the Mets. I didn’t have a choice but to root for them. If you have kids who root for a team, you’ll want to request free MLB Fan Packs.

This is something that I remember people requesting in the past. I don’t have kids, so I never requested one. I did, however, put together a list for you to help you request an MLB fan pack from your favorite baseball team.

Just a small heads up that Drugstore Divas has no association with any of these baseball teams or with Major League Baseball. Drugstore Divas is not responsible for fulfillment of these MLB fan packs.

Free MLB Fan Packs

All 30 Major League Baseball teams are on the list, and it’s separated into American League and National League teams. The only team that noted it is not participating is the Kansas City Royals. So hopefully that’s not your favorite team.

Each of the teams require you to actually email them to request a fan pack, and those MLB email addresses are listed below.

American League MLB Teams

Baltimore Orioles: [email protected]

Boston Red Sox: [email protected]

Chicago White Sox: [email protected]

Cleveland Guardians: [email protected]

Houston Astros: [email protected]

Detroit Tigers: [email protected]

Kansas City Royals: *No Longer Participate

Los Angeles Angels [email protected]

Minnesota Twins: Send a letter to: Minnesota Twins; ATTN: FAN MAIL; 34 Kirby Puckett Place; Minneapolis, MN 55415-1523

New York Yankees: [email protected]

Oakland Athletics: [email protected]

Seattle Mariners[email protected]

Tampa Bay Rays: [email protected]

Texas Rangers: [email protected]

Toronto Blue Jays [email protected]

National League MLB Teams

Arizona Diamondbacks: [email protected]

Atlanta Braves: [email protected]

Chicago Cubs: [email protected]

Cincinnati Reds: [email protected]

Colorado Rockies: [email protected]

Los Angeles Dodgers: [email protected]

Miami Marlins: [email protected]

Milwaukee Brewers[email protected]

New York Mets: [email protected]

Philadelphia Phillies: [email protected]

Pittsburgh Pirates: [email protected]

San Diego Padres: [email protected]

San Francisco Giants: [email protected]

St. Louis Cardinals[email protected]

Washington Nationals: [email protected]

New York Mets Wood American Flag with Epoxy Logo image 9

Purchase MLB Gear Online:

If you’d rather just purchase some MLB gear (like the New York Mets Wood American Flag with Epoxy Logo pictured above) instead of hoping your favorite Major League Baseball team will send you a fan pack during the offseason, the following stores sell MLB Gear year round.

Be mindful of purchase minimums to qualify for free shipping. Also, consider using curbside or instore pickup, where available, to save on shipping charges.

Baseball Crafts & Treats:

If you love baseball and you want to make some baseball crafts while you’re waiting for your MLB fan pack request form to be seen, we have a few crafts that you’ll love.

Six Homemade Chocolate Covered Oreo Baseballs in a box.

Homemade Chocolate Covered Oreo Baseballs

If you’re looking for a tasty treat to serve while you’re watching baseball, these Homemade Chocolate Covered Oreo Baseballs are the perfect treat. All you need is vanilla almond bark, candy melts, and Oreo cookies.

DIY Baseball Pencil Holder.

DIY Baseball Pencil Holder Craft

Upcycle an empty soup or vegetable can into this DIY Baseball Pencil Holder Craft. It’ll look perfect on your desk holding your writing utensils.

Two toilet paper rolls made to look like Baseball-Shaped Utensil Holders.

DIY Baseball-Shaped Utensil Holders

If you’re throwing a baseball-themed party or just want to dress up your table setting during a big baseball game, these DIY Baseball-Shaped Utensil Holders are perfect.

If you're throwing a baseball themed party, you need to make these DIY Baseball Vendor Favor Stands. Get the instructions at

DIY Baseball Vendor Favor Stands

If you’ve been to a baseball game, you know the vendors walk around selling popcorn, soda, beer, and more. If you’re having a baseball-themed party, make these DIY Baseball Vendor Favor Stands to hand out the favors.

These would also work really well as a Halloween costume too.

Foam finger with the words "DIY Foam Finger" digitally written on top.

DIY Foam Finger

Root on your favorite team by making this DIY Foam Finger. The colors are red and white because our tutorial was made when the Fayetteville Woodpeckers made it to the playoffs. You can easily change the colors to match your favorite baseball team’s colors.

If you do request one of these MLB Fan Packs, be sure to send us an email with what you received and I’ll add it to our post.


Wednesday 31st of August 2022

I haven't mailed to all teams yet, but but my son received packs from the Rangers, Yankees, and Red Sox. Red Sox sent Fenway dirt and the Yankees sent a stadium giveaway--a Hall of Fame plaque of Mariano Rivera.


Thursday 21st of April 2022

I just CC'd them all. I hope that didn't mess it up lol

Marshall Dobbins

Saturday 10th of July 2021

Thanks for the list, just started doing fan fa packs


Sunday 17th of November 2019

What should I say to them?

drugstore diva lisa

Monday 18th of November 2019

Tell them how much you love the team, why you want a fan pack, who it is for, and where to send it.


Friday 8th of March 2019

The Red Sox STILL honor email requests.