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Halloween: Easy Halloween Decorations

pump1Last year, we took a full evening to cut construction paper and make ghosts, pumpkins, and candy corn to hang all over the apartment.

We spent a lot of time cutting eyes, noses, mouths, stems. It was fun, but this year, I wanted to go a little simpler.

I got a chance to review the Scary Pumpkin Ornament Craft Kit from Oriental Trading, and it was so much easier. The kit retails for $5.50 and contains enough supplies to make 12 pumpkins.

Each kit is individually wrapped, so you can hand them out at a party or in a classroom and each person can have his or her own — and no one will fight. Or, if you think your kids won’t fight, you could open them all and they could mix and match noses and mouths.


Pumpkin assembly was so easy. You open the package and take out the foam. Each kit has a pumpkin, a backing, a step, and a black piece of foam with the face parts.

What’s great is that each piece has a paper backing. Pull that back and you will reveal the adhesive. Stick the piece down, and that’s that.

There’s no cutting, no gluing, no mess. It’s all very easy.

Each kit contains a piece of string and each purple backing has a hole up top, so you can string these and hang them on your walls or tie them up on doorknobs.

Personally, I like using them to decorate the apartment without the use of the string (so my plan is to tape them to the windows, since that’s how we decorated last year).

If you’re looking for a simple craft for kids — or heck, for adults — this is it.

Drugstore Divas was provided with these kits from Oriental Trading. All thoughts and opinions belong to Drugstore Divas