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5 Easy Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Halloween Toilet Paper Rolls Crafts are such a frugal way to make Halloween décor. Learn how to make bats, pumpkins, and more.

Get tips to make this the best holiday yet with all of our Halloween posts.

Toilet paper roll bat and mummy with the words "Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts" digitally written on top.

I very often save our empty toilet paper rolls to use as crafts. They’re such an easy craft medium for when we have kids come over … and then get bored. I’m like, “Let me grab some craft rolls and paint and we can do a project.” This time of year, we make Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts.

Toilet paper rolls are actually made out of pretty great cardboard, so they can hold up to heavy handed painting. Which is important when you want to upcycle toilet paper rolls with kids. They’re very generous with paint.

Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls.

If you’ve stumbled over this post because you’re looking for ways to use your toilet paper rolls, but you’re not looking for Halloween crafts, check out our list of 10+ Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls for non-spooky season ideas.

5 Easy Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

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This list contains all the Halloween-themed empty toilet paper roll crafts that we currently have on Drugstore Divas. Which, actually, is quite a few if you can believe it.

As we add posts with different Halloween characters made from toilet paper rolls to the blog, we’ll update this list. 

So be sure to save this post, pin it, bookmark it … whatever method you use to save links. Then, come back to it every so often (or at the very least, every fall) to see what we’ve added to the list.

Also, quick note: If you don’t have toilet paper rolls, or you are just a little more concerned with how sanitary toilet paper rolls are, you can purchase craft rolls online or use empty paper towel rolls instead.

Three toilet paper roll tubes made to look like Frankenstein with the words "Toilet Paper Roll Frankenstein" digitally written above.

Toilet Paper Roll Frankenstein

Green paint and black construction paper go a long way to transform a toilet paper roll into an adorable Frankenstein craft.

The Toilet Paper Roll Frankenstein tutorial post has a couple variations in it so you can make it easier to make with kids. Or you can just make this craft on your own. Whatever you want to do works. Just make it and put it on display all Halloween season long.

DIY Toilet Paper Ghosts.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Ghosts

The best part about these DIY Toilet Paper Roll Ghosts are that your kids can make them pretty much all by themselves.

They’ll need to paint the entire toilet paper roll white (this is where you consider the aforementioned heavy handedness of kids painting) and let it dry. So have a way to kill a little time because watching paint dry isn’t exciting for anyone, especially kids.

If you’re making this with young kids, have the kids use markers to draw the faces on the ghosts. If you’re making it with older kids, they can paint the faces with black paint or they can glue on googly eyes.

Speaking of ghosts, be sure to check out all of our easy Halloween ghost crafts.

DIY Halloween Mummy Candy Tubes.

DIY Halloween Mummy Candy Tubes

These toilet paper roll mummies are sort of like a mini Halloween piñata. But, instead of bashing them open with a stick, all your recipient needs to do is unravel them and out falls some candy.

These Mummy Candy Tubes are really simple to make by wrapping white streamer paper around an empty toilet paper roll. You will need to make sure to cover the top and bottom, so that the candy you fill these with stay inside.

You can draw the eyes on the mummy candy tubes, but it’s a lot cuter if you take a few minutes to cut the eyes out of card stock and glue those behind some of the mummy wrappings.

Small aside: We also have a different Halloween piñata-like craft on the blog: our DIY Pull String Halloween Ghost Piñata. For that one, you pull a string and the candy falls out.

DIY Halloween Bat Candy Tubes.

DIY Halloween Bat Candy Tubes

These DIY Halloween Bat Candy Tubes are the most popular Halloween craft on Drugstore Divas. I think because they’re so cute but also functional. And they’re a pretty easy Halloween craft.

These candy tubes are filled with Halloween candy, so they’re an option to hand out candy to trick or treaters that isn’t putting candy in treat bags. 

They can also double as Halloween decorations before you hand them out. They stand up pretty easily on their own, so you can stand them on a table or in a Halloween treat bowl with a “take one bat” sign for Halloween night.

And, if you want more bat craft ideas, we have a full list of Halloween Bat Craft Ideas.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin

This DIY Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin is actually the only one of these toilet paper roll crafts for Halloween that is made from multiple toilet paper rolls. All the other crafts need one roll per craft. For this, you need four empty toilet paper rolls to make one complete pumpkin.

This pumpkin is a frugal version of the very popular canning jar bands pumpkin craft that goes around social media around this time every year. That version is really cute, but toilet paper rolls cost a lot less (well, nothing) than a package of canning jar bands.

For more pumpkin crafts, check out our list of Fun & Easy Halloween Pumpkin Crafts.

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Templates.

Purchase Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Templates:

If you like these Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts, but you don’t want to pick up all the supplies to make them, there are some Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts templates you can buy online.

We found this Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Templates set. It’s a digital download, so you need to have access to a printer and card stock in order to use the printables. You don’t get a physical product.

The set comes with two PDF files so you can make a vampire, Frankenstein, a pumpkin, a zombie, a mummy, a witch, a bat, and a cat.

Which of these Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts are you going to make first? Be sure to let us know in the comments.