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5+ Budget-Friendly Savory Dip Recipes

Dips are such a good party food. If you want some ideas of great ones to make, this list of Budget-Friendly Savory Dip Recipes is for you.

For more ideas of what to make, check out all of our appetizer ideas.

A white dip in a bowl with sprouts on top of it next to pita chips wit the words "Budget-Friendly Savory Dip Recipes" digitally written on top.

​If you’ve watched Only Murders In The Building, you know why dip is getting its moment. Martin Short’s character, Oliver Putman, only eats dips. It’s a big part of his character.

And while eating dips isn’t a huge part of my identity, I really do enjoy them. And dips are such an easy appetizer for parties. You can make a bunch of them and easily feed a crowd.

To help you come up with ideas, we put together this list of budget friendly, easy dip recipes. We kept this list strictly to our savory dip recipes. While we do enjoy a sweet dip, that’s a different list.

And, we made sure that all the dips on this list are made with inexpensive ingredients that are easy to find at your local grocery store. So if you’re looking for something frugal to serve at your game day parties or to bring to a community pot luck that will be a big hit (but not a big hit to your wallet), this is the list for you.

Just don’t forget that because these are dips, you will need to pick up some additional items to dip into them. If you need ideas for those, you can find some after all of the dip ideas.

Man and a child in a kitchen with the ingredients to make homemade pizza. The words "The Ultimate Guide To Saving Money By Cooking At Home" are digitally written above them.

If you’re looking for more ways to stretch your grocery budget besides making your own dips as opposed to buying them in store, The Ultimate Guide To Saving Money By Cooking At Home is for you.

It’s filled with recipes, cooking tips and tools, and more.

5+ Budget-Friendly Dip Recipes

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A bread bowl filled with white dip and white bread pieces around it with the words "Jalapeno Artichoke Dip" digitally written on top.

Jalapeño Artichoke Dip

This Jalapeño Artichoke Dip is one of our most popular party dips. It’s a dupe for a dip I love, but can’t find often, at ALDI.

The creamy dip has a cream cheese base, mixed with sour cream and mayonnaise, plus artichokes. And, of course, fresh jalapeños. But, because there’s so many cool ingredients mixed in, the jalapeño peppers add a little bit of flavor and not too much of a spicy kick.

A chip with dip on it over a red ramekin of dip surrounded by crackers and the words "Spanakopita Dip" digitally written on top.

Spanakopita Dip

If you love spanakopita, but you don’t feel like fussing with phyllo dough, this Spanakopita Dip is for you. It’s all the flavors of the spanakopita, but in dip form.

This creamy spinach dip is made from really simple ingredients — frozen spinach, mayonnaise, cheese, and seasoning — which you probably already have in your fridge right now, meaning you can make this dip tonight.

A tortilla chip coming out of bean dip with the words "Easy Cheesy Refried Bean Dip" digitally written on top.

Easy Cheesy Refried Bean Dip

A full can of refried beans goes into this Easy Cheesy Refried Bean Dip. And, there’s lots of cheese to make this a really cheesy dip.

This dip actually has two kinds of cheese (cream cheese and cheddar cheese), plus a couple pantry ingredients: taco seasoning and tomatoes, then sour cream. You dump everything into a casserole pan and bake it. We garnish it with fresh jalapeño slices, just so it looks prettier as as party appetizer, but this bean dip doesn’t actually have any jalapeños in it.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Spinach and Artichoke Dip is such a classic dip. And it’s so easy to make.

You mix some basic ingredients (frozen spinach, a jar of artichoke, two types of cheese, sour cream, and mayonnaise) together and that’s that. I prefer to serve it cold, but you could easily turn this into baked spinach artichoke dip by putting the ingredients in a casserole pan and heating it up in the oven.

Tzatziki sauce in a blue bowl surrounded by cucumber slices, carrot sticks, and pita chips and the words "Homemade Tzatziki Sauce" digitally written on top.

Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

You might not originally think of Homemade Tzatziki Sauce as a dip. But, if once you serve it with pita chips and fresh veggies that you dip into it, you realize that it is, in fact, a dip. It’s super easy to make with a garden cucumber, plain Greek yogurt, fresh garlic, and some seasoning.

If you have some leftover tzatziki sauce, a great way to use it is as a spread on homemade burgers instead of mayonnaise.

Tortilla chips and salsa on a tray.

Homemade Salsa

Salsa is always a crowd favorite, even if people don’t think of it as a dip. But, you’re dipping tortilla chips into the salsa, so of course it’s a dip.

And yes, salsa is readily available at all grocery stores, but it’s so simple to make at home. Boil tomatoes, onions, and a jalapeño pepper, then blend them with fresh cilantro, garlic, and salt. That’s it. Once you make it at home, you’ll wonder why you’ve been buying it all this time.

Pesto in a bowl with the words "Kale And Walnut Pesto" digitally written on top.

Kale Pesto

Kale Pesto is one of the best dip recipes there is. It’s one of my favorite dip recipes of all time. The fresh basil that’s usually found in pesto is swapped for kale in this recipe, giving it a completely different flavor profile.

Pete makes it and I can sit there and eat it by the spoonful. Of course, it’s better if you dip bagel chips or your favorite crackers into it. You could also spread it on toast points or use it as a topping for bruschetta. No matter how you eat it, you’ll love it.

It's so easy to make homemade potato chips in the air fryer. Get this Air Fryer Potato Chip recipe on

​Best Dippers For Homemade Dips:

Of course, you can serve your favorite dips with anything you want. We usually serve dips with homemade pita chips, potato chips, or tortilla chips.

You could also add carrot sticks, sliced cucumber, or celery sticks as an option, if you’re serving this at your next party, for your guests who don’t want chips.

Which of these budget-friendly savory dip recipes are you going to make first? Let us know in the comments.