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4 Easy Easter Dessert Recipes

Everyone has the same classic Easter dinner annually, but desserts always change. If you’re looking for something new, this list of Easy Easter Dessert Recipes will give you some ideas.

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Easter candy in a chocolate egg with the words "Easy Easter Dessert Recipes" digitally written on top.

I say this a lot, but I love making cute treats anytime there’s a holiday. It’s just fun and gets you in the holiday spirit.

If you’re the same way, and you’re deciding what to make for Easter, this list of Easy Easter Dessert Recipes will give you some fun ideas. We made sure to keep this list focused on creative desserts that make sense on Easter only. Pete’s favorite cake is a classic carrot cake, and that could make sense for Easter because it’s carrots (and carrots and rabbits are Easter-themed), but I felt like including those would be a little bit of a stretch.

And, if all else fails, just put whatever Easter candy the Easter bunny couldn’t fit in the baskets on a tray and call it an Easter charcuterie board.

An egg carton piece painted to look like a bunny with the words "Easy Easter Crafts" digitally written above it.

These Easter treats are just one way to celebrate the holiday. If you’re looking for more ways to be creative, check out our list of Easy Easter Crafts. There are tutorials for egg carton bunnies, scrap wood chickens, and more.

Easy Easter Dessert Recipes

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Four cookies that look like the backs of bunnies on pink paper shred with the words "Puff Pastry Easter Bunnies" digitally written on top.

Puff Pastry Easter Bunnies

If you’re looking for a really easy Easter dessert recipe, these Puff Pastry Easter Bunnies are it. They’re made from two main ingredients: store-bought puff pastry and Nutella.

You roll out the puff pastry, add a layer of Nutella between them, and cut them into strips. Twist those into bunny shapes and bake. Then, add a dollop of frosting for the tail. That’s it.

These really do come together quickly, which means you can spend the majority of your time on your delicious Easter meal instead.

Four homemade smash eggs, surround by candy, and the words "DIY Chocolate Easter Smash Eggs" digitally written on top.

DIY Chocolate Easter Smash Eggs

Smash eggs got really popular a couple years ago and they’ve stayed an Easter staple ever since. They can be pretty pricy though, so a better way to gift them is to make your own. And, they’re not that hard to make yourself.

Melted chocolate is poured into a silicone Easter eggs-shaped mold, then hardened. We prefer chocolate almond bark for this, but you can use chocolate chips if that’s all you have on hand. Once the shells are hardened, fill one side with Easter candies. Melt one side to glue them together and that’s it.

We paint the design on with melted candy melts, but you could skip that if you wanted. We also make homemade wooden hammers to pair with ours, but you could buy those on Amazon if that’s easier for you.

Three cakes decorated to look like Easter baskets with the words "Mini Easter Basket Cakes" digitally written on top.

Mini Easter Basket Cakes

The best part about these Mini Easter Basket Cakes is that they’re semi-homemade. The base for these Easter baskets is actually a store-bought cake. So that means all you’re really doing is decorating, which makes them the perfect dessert for when you want something cute but you’re short on time.

Of course, if you want to make the base from cake mix or your favorite from scratch recipe, that’s fine too. I’m just trying to make your life a little easier.

You tint cream cheese frosting green, then mix it with a hand mixer to give it a really creamy texture. Then, pipe a layer of frosting around the little cakes, Tint coconut and dip the cakes in the coconut. Then, decorate with a candy rope and jelly beans.

Five peanut butter eggs on pink paper shred, with one cut in half, and the words "Homemade Easter Peanut Butter Eggs" digitally written on top.

Homemade Easter Peanut Butter Eggs

Peanut butter eggs are such a classic dessert for Easter. And sure, you can easily go to the store and pick some up and be done with it. And that’s fine. But, if you wanted to make your own delicious treats, then go with our Homemade Easter Peanut Butter Eggs.

Melted chocolate is poured into a silicone egg mold to form the outer shells. Once they’re hard, they’re filled with a peanut butter mixture (similar to what’s in peanut butter cups). Then, they’re topped with another layer of chocolate. Once that layer hardens to at least room temperature, they’re ready to be served.

We use chocolate almond bark (which tastes like milk chocolate) for the outer shell, but you could use vanilla almond bark (which tastes like white chocolate) for the shell if you prefer that. Or you could do a mix of both.

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If you want a fun Easter dessert, but you don’t want to make it yourself, you can just purchase some sweet treats online, like the festive Easter cookies and cake pop set above, at the following stores:

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And, don’t forget about Instacart to have Easters desserts delivered to you from your local grocery stores.

Which of these easy Easter desserts will you make first? Be sure to let us know in the comments.