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How To Easily Save On Birthday Wrapping Paper

wrapping paperIt seems like Christmas was forever ago, but it was less than two weeks ago. Doesn’t matter to stores, though. Every store wants its Christmas items out the door, which means Christmas items are heavily discounted.

It works in our favor, in more ways than one.

Of course, right now is the time to stock up on holiday cards and holiday candy, but it’s also a time to stock up on birthday wrapping paper. Yes, birthday. If you head into stores, you’ll see a ton of wrapping paper on clearance. The majority of it has images of reindeer, Santa, and words like Merry Christmas. But a ton of the paper is actually pretty generic. Yes, red paper with white polka dots looks really Christmas-centric when pared with a tube with the words, “Seasons Greetings” all over it, but if you take that paper and stand it on its own, it looks like generic wrapping paper. This is absolutely perfect for birthday gifts. It’s non-gender specific too, which means I can use it for either Pete’s nephews, our friends’ girls, or just either of my parents (or both).

Yes, you can head to the dollar store when you need a roll of paper. But if you see a $1.99 roll marked 90% off, that’s under twenty cents a roll. That means you can get five of them for the price of a roll at the dollar store. So when you’re picking up your Christmas cards for next year, definitely check the paper aisle for more than just Christmas paper.

What other ways do you reuse holiday items to save yourself money?