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10+ Unique Candy Bark Recipes

Candy Bark is an easy dessert that you can dress up with dried fruit, candy, nuts, and more. Get creative with the recipes on our list of Unique Candy Bark Recipes.

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White chocolate bark with nuts and dried fruit and chocolate drizzles on top with the words "10+ Unique Chocolate Bark Recipes" digitally written on top.

I love making candy bark. Candy bark is so easy and can be changed for every holiday. Plus, candy bark doesn’t have to be made from chocolate. Yes, of course, there is chocolate bark — and we have a few chocolate barks on this list of unique candy bark recipes. But there are so many different ways to make candy bark: with candy melts, yogurt, crackers, and more.

The only real “rule” behind candy bark is that it has to be made as a single sheet, then cut into pieces after the candy bark cools. If you make each piece individually, instead of as a whole, it’s not considered bark. In that manner, it’s just homemade candy.

If you’re worried about how to keep chocolate bark from melting, which is a legitimate concern, just keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to eat it. As long as your chocolate bark isn’t paper thin, it’ll have enough integrity to sit out a while.

Orange candy melts in a bowl with the words "Tips For Using Candy Melts" digitally written on top.

A lot of these recipes call for candy melts. If you’re unfamiliar with them, check out our post of tips for using candy melts.

10+ Unique Candy Bark Recipes

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As we add more candy and chocolate bark recipes to the blog, we’ll be sure to update this list. So save it (bookmark it, pin it, however you save posts) so you can come back in the future to see what new recipes we’ve added.

Pieces of chocolate bark with peanuts on it on a plate with the words "Peanut Butter Chocolate Bark" digitally written on top.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bark

Chocolate and peanut butter are such a classic combination, and it’s delicious in bark form.

Melted peanut butter is swirled into a thin layer of chocolate, then crushed peanuts are sprinkled on top. It’ll be one of your new favorite things to serve for dessert.

Pieces of white and green chocolate with colorful marshmallows on top and the words "Lucky Charms Chocolate Bark" digitally written on top.

Lucky Charms Chocolate Bark

There are only four ingredients (two main ingredients) to make this Lucky Charms Chocolate Bark: vanilla almond bark and Lucky Charms marshmallows.

It’s the cutest St. Patrick’s Day dessert and comes together in just a matter of minutes.

Football bark pieces layered on a counter with the words "Fantasy Football Candy Bark" digitally written on top.

Fantasy Football Candy Bark

Fantasy Football Candy Bark is the perfect sweet treat for game day.

What’s great about it is you can make it in your team’s colors, no matter what they are. Just pick up candy melts in your team’s colors, then follow this easy recipe.

Green, purple, and yellow candy bark with white pearls in it and the words "DIY Mardi Gras Candy Bark" digitally written below it.

Mardi Gras Candy Bark

Mardi Gras is known for purple, yellow, and green, plus beads. You have all of that incorporated into this candy bark.

The pearls are a little hard to chew through, so I would recommend you use them sparingly. But they do add to the charm of this.

Pieces of brown and orange chocolate bark, with candy eyes and Reese's pieces in it, and the words "Halloween Chocolate Bark" digitally written on top.

Halloween Chocolate Bark

I’ll be honest. This Halloween Chocolate Bark is my favorite candy bark on this entire list. I just love the way it looks. The colors, the candies, the creepy eyes looking at you … it all works. Unfortunately it’s only a great recipe for Halloween. Don’t try recreating this for someone’s Christmas gift.

This Halloween bark is such an easy bark recipe. It looks like you spent so much time on it, but it’s really one of the most simple recipes on this list. 

Pieces of Potato Chip Chocolate Bark with the words "Potato Chip Chocolate Bark" digitally written above it.

Potato Chip Chocolate Bark

Why choose between salty and sweet when you can have both in this Potato Chip Chocolate Bark?

This is such an incredibly easy chocolate bark recipe. And it’s literally only two ingredients: chocolate and potato chips. It’s a lot easier to make than chocolate-dipped potato chips, which end up tasting the same, but take a lot more work.

Don’t want to make it? Purchase the inspiration here.

Chocolate Cracker Bark with the words "Chocolate Cracker Bark" digitally written above it.

Chocolate Cracker Bark

This Chocolate Cracker Bark is one of my mom’s most famous recipes. She used to make it every year as part of her Christmas cookie platter because it makes such a great gift.

It sounds like a strange dessert when you think about it. It’s saltine crackers, topped with chocolate chips and walnuts (there’s also some butter in there). But trust me when I tell you, this cracker bark is delicious. It’s impossible to eat just a little of it. At least, it is for me.

Homemade peppermint bark on a piece of wax paper with a reindeer bag next to it.

Homemade Peppermint Bark

If you have some leftover candy canes, this classic Peppermint Bark recipe is a fun way to use them. Just smash up the candy canes and use them to top melted chocolate. 

If it’s not candy cane season, but you still want to make this, you’re not out of luck. You can actually order crushed peppermint candies online. You might want to do that even it if is candy cane season. It’s a lot easier and cleaner than smashing up your own.

Oreo Chocolate Bark in a container with the words "Oreo Chocolate Bark" digitally written on top.

Oreo Chocolate Bark

This Oreo Chocolate Bark is such a big hit every time I bring it somewhere. I make a single batch, but always regret it and should make a double batch because it goes so quickly. So keep that in mind when you’re making this.

It’s only four ingredients, which you may actually already have at home right now. At least, I always have these ingredients at home. So, if you bake on a regular basis, I bet you do too.

White and red candy bark on top of a graham cracker with heart candies in it and the words "Valentine's Day Graham Cracker Chocolate Bark" digitally written on top.

Valentine’s Day Graham Cracker Chocolate Bark

I absolutely love how pretty this Valentine’s Day Graham Cracker Chocolate Bark is. It’s really eye catching, with all its colors and hearts. And it’s really delicious, just like a super sweet graham cracker.

Side note: Chocolate-covered graham crackers were one of the first treats Pete and I shared, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Layered Chocolate Mint Bark pieces on top of each other with the words "Layered Chocolate Mint Bars" digitally written on top.

Layered Chocolate Mint Bars

These Layered Chocolate Mint Bars (also known as Layered Chocolate Mint Bark) is based on a famous candy that you can pick up at the grocery or drugstore.

There are three layers of chocolate, sandwiched together, to make this copycat Andes Mints recipe.

Don’t want to make it? Purchase the inspiration here.

Blue and white candy bark with shsark gummy candies in it and the words "Shark Candy Bark" digitally written on top.

Shark Candy Bark

If you love Discovery’s Shark Week, you’ll love this Shark Candy Bark (aka Shark Bark).

It’s only three ingredients (two of which you probably have at home if you make candy bark often) and shark gummy candies. It’s perfect for your shark-themed birthday party, Shark Week viewing party, or whenever you need an easy dessert.

Homemade Rudolph chocolate bark with the words "Reindeer Chocolate Bark" digitally written on top.

Reindeer Chocolate Bark

This Reindeer Chocolate Bark is the perfect recipe for the holiday season.

It’s super simple to make the candy bark, then add pretzels and candy to make reindeer faces in parts of the bark. Cut the Rudolph chocolate bark, as I like to call it, and add it to homemade gifts for your friends and neighbors.

Pieces of green and white chocolate bark with mint chocolate pieces on top and the words "Mint Chocolate Bark (perfect for St. Patrick's Day)" digitally written on top.

Mint Chocolate Bark

This Mint Chocolate Bark is the perfect holiday treat for St. Patrick’s Day because it’s green and white, the colors associated with the holiday. 

It has little pieces of mint chocolates covering the top, giving a bit of taste and texture to the candy bark.

Oreo chocolate bark.

Candy Bark: Frequently Asked Questions

What is candy bark made of?

Chocolate bark has chocolate as a base and toppings.

After that, you can vary it. You can use any type of chocolate (milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate) and your favorite toppings. Mix and match different combinations to make the candy bark.

But bark can have a variety of bottoms, like graham crackers, yogurt, frozen fruit, and more.

Does candy bark need to be refrigerated?

Candy bark doesn’t need to be refrigerated. You can store it in an airtight container at room temperature.

How long does candy bark last?

Candy bark will last about three weeks in an airtight container … as long as you don’t eat it before then.

Is almond bark and candy melts the same thing?

Almond bark is sold in a block as chocolate almond bark or vanilla almond bark. It’s honestly the easiest way to make chocolate bark because it melts so easily and can be reheated if need be. Plus, it tastes like regular chocolate.

Candy melts, which comes in a nearly infinite number of colors, are round discs that can be melted to make candy and dip items, like pretzels. Those are easy to work with as well, but they don’t taste great.

Can you use chocolate chips to make bark?

We don’t recommend using chocolate chips to when you make your own homemade chocolate bark. If you melt it for too long, you’ll burn the chocolate. And you can’t fix it. Plus, if it hardens while you’re making your candy bark recipe, you can’t remelt it.

Almond bark and candy melts don’t have those same problems. They don’t burn and can be remelted, which is why we recommend them.

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Which of these 10+ Unique Candy Bark recipes will you try first?

Princess Quinn

Wednesday 11th of December 2019

I really like this idea. Not sure how much ideas I got for Christmas gifting. You are a life saver.

Ruth I

Wednesday 11th of December 2019

I love sweet treats. So much of a sweet tooth myself. These are lovely ideas.


Tuesday 10th of December 2019

I would eat them all, the Mardi Gras and Halloween ones look almost too nice to eat

Myrah Duque

Monday 9th of December 2019

Candy bark is my obsession but I don't get to have it until Christmas. The first with the dried fruit looks amazing. I would also add to mine some dried cherries!


Sunday 8th of December 2019

I have actually never tried candy bark before. I like sweet and savory, so I think the perfect one for me would be the cracker chocolate one.