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Back To School Tips

School starts soon, and you’ll definitely be ready with all the help found in these Back To School Tips. You’ll get tips, tutorials, ways to save on school clothes, and more.

For more, check out all of our back to school posts.

A school bus-shaped balloon with the words "Back To School Tips" digitally written on top.

Believe it or not, it’s back to school time. The kids here went back today, but teachers have already been back for two weeks. So summer is unofficially over here.

If you’re kids aren’t back yet, you’re probably getting ready for back to school. Let’s be honest. You might still be getting ready even if your kids have been in school for a couple weeks already. It takes a while to get back into the swing of things.

To make things easier, we put together this list of Tips For Back To School. It’s basically all our back to school posts in one spot, so you don’t have to go hunting on the blog for some help. It’s all right here.

Back To School Tips

We broke this list into a couple sections to make it easier: back to school tips, back to school shopping, and back to school crafts.

Tips For Back To School

These are simple back to school tips to help you make a routine and to make that routine easier.

A hand putting a sticker with the name "Lisa" on it onto a water bottle with the words "10 Reasons To Use Name Stickers At School" digitally written on top.

10 Reasons To Use Name Stickers At School

Name labels are such a big help. Purchase them, then stick them on all of your child’s school supplies so that you can easily keep track of them (and not keep repurchasing items throughout the school year).

Find out what to label and with which labels in the post.

A little boy wearing a backpack with the words "Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Back To School" digitally written above him.

Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Back To School

Your home is in summer mode. Toys are out and there aren’t any workstations set up for homework. Once the school year starts, you need to figure out things like where the backpacks are going to go and if you’re going to set up a snack station in the closet.

If you get your home ready before starts, you’ll have a smooth transition.

A command center hanging on a wall with the words "DIY Back-To-School Command Center" digitally written on top.

DIY Back-To-School Command Center

Setting a schedule and sticking to that schedule when school starts is so important, especially when sports get added to the mix.

Make your life so much easier, and more organized, with a command center. You can write the day’s activities on a calendar, stick permission slips to a pin board, always have writing utensils, and more.

If you can get your family into the habit or checking the command center daily, they’ll know what’s going on for the day (and maybe not ask you 100 times. Okay, who are we kidding? They’ll still ask.).

A printable back to school routine and a toothpaste box with the words "Back-To-School Morning Routine (plus a free printable!)" digitally written on top.

Back-To-School Morning Routine (plus a free printable!)

The mornings are the hardest during the beginning of the school year. Everyone is rushing around and you start yelling out tasks (brush your teeth, make your bed), making sure everyone got everything done.

You know what would be easier? Not having to say any words. And if you grab the free printable in our Back-To-School Morning routine, you don’t have to.

Print one out for each of your kids, then laminate it. As they complete a task, they can cross it off the list. A finished list means they’re ready to head out the door.

Two boys sitting at a plastic table and eating with the words "15 After School Snacks For Kids" digitally written on top.

After School Snacks For Kids

When your kids get home from school, they’re going to be hungry. And they’re need a snack.

You can either let them rummage through the pantry to find something or you can make snacks ahead of time. If you choose the latter and need some inspiration, we have a great list of after school snacks.

Two bookshelves on the wall, filled with books, with a poster above it and the words "Back-To-School Books (Preschool to Sixth Grade)" digitally written on top.

Back-To-School Books (Preschool To Sixth Grade)

Once school starts, your kids might act like they don’t want to do any learning at home. They just want to relax and play video games. But you don’t want that. You want their brains to keep working at home, not turn into potatoes.

Picking up the books on our back-to-school books list is a great way to pick up age and grade appropriate books for your kids to read in their spare time at home.

The list is broken up into grade level, with a ton of suggestions for each grade, so you’re sure to find something your kids will enjoy.

Photo of a dry erase easel in a classroom with the words "10+ Back To School Gifts For Teachers" digitally written on top.

10+ Back To School Gifts For Teachers

If you want to pick up something for your child’s teacher to celebrate the beginning of the year, or if you have a friend who is a teacher and you want to get him or her something to make going back to school easier, this back to school gifts for teachers will help you choose something great.

It’s filled with items your can buy, like shirts and keychains, and items you can make, like stationery and pencil holders.

Back To School Shopping

If you still need to do your back to school shopping, these posts will help.

A sweater with lemons on it and the words "Where to find Back-To-School Clothing Deals" digitally written on top.

Where To Find Back-To-School Clothing Deals

If your kids need new back to school clothes and shoes, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money on clothes that might get ruined or outgrown, shopping sales is super helpful.

We collected the best online shopping deals, found our favorite items, and put them together in a list along with tips for back to school clothes shopping that’s sure to help.

Star Wars lunch bag with the words "20+ Adorable Disney Lunch Bags, Star Wars, Frozen, Doc McStuffins & More" digitally written on top.

20+ Adorable Disney Lunch Bags

When you’re buying new back to school items, don’t forget a new lunch bag. Picking one that’s unique, so it doesn’t get confused with another kid’s lunch bag is a great idea.

This list is all Disney-themed, so you’ll find Star Wars, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, and more.

Back To School Crafts

If you want to make some back to school-themed crafts to get into the school year spirit, these are really fun ones.

A pasta sauce jar that looks like an apple with the words "DIY Pasta Sauce Apple" digitally written on top.

DIY Pasta Sauce Apple

If you want a back to school craft that doubles as a teacher’s gift, this DIY pasta sauce apple is it. You can easily turn a jar of pasta sauce into an apple (which the teacher will probably appreciate more than an actual apple).

A mason jar that looks like a pencil with pencils in it and one next to it and the words "DIY No. 2 Pencil Mason Jar Pencil Holder" digitally written on top.

DIY No. 2 Pencil Mason Jar Pencil Holder

This pencil holder craft is really cute for back to school. You paint a mason jar to look like a No. 2 pencil. The mason jar is glass, so we wouldn’t suggest setting this on a young child’s desk (because you definitely don’t want it falling off and breaking), but it’s great for older kids or for a gift for a teacher.

A notebook with three paperclips on it, the paperclips have emoji faces on them, and the words "DIY Emoji Paper Clips" are digitally written on top.

DIY Emoji Paper Clips

A few pieces of card stock, a little time, and a lot of consulting with the Internet results in the cutest DIY emoji paper clips. You can send them to school with your child, if paper clips are on the school supply list, or just use them to keep track of papers at home.

A piece of paper that says "From the desk of Mrs Dancy" and a banner that says "Welcome Back" on it with the words "Teacher Stationery Back-To-School gift idea" digitally written on top.

Teacher Stationery Back-To-School Gift Idea

I call this a craft, but really, the only “crafting” you’re doing is picking and choosing colors and fonts online before adding the teacher’s name and ordering these notecards. They’re minimum effort for maximum reward.

Which of these Back-To-School Tips do you think is the most helpful? Let us know in the comments.