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15 After School Snacks For Kids

Get ready for back to school time with these 15 After School Snacks For Kids. They’re a lot better than cookies!

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Two boys sitting at a plastic table and eating with the words "15 After School Snacks For Kids" digitally written on top.

School is back in session. And regardless of if it’s in person or at home, or a combination of both, you still have to think about school lunches and after school snacks.

Because even if (or really, especially if) your kid is learning from your kitchen table this year, your kid will be thinking about snacks.

If your kids are quick to reach for cookies after school, you can combat that with any of the cute and healthy after school snacks for kids in our list below.

15 After School Snacks For Kids

Snack packs turned into ladybugs with the words "Ladybug Snack Packs" digitally written under it.

Ladybug Snack Packs

These Ladybug Snack Packs are simply decorated snack packs.

You can use this tutorial to make these ladybugs from your favorite snack packs.

If your child sees a cute treat as an option for an after school snack, there’s a good chance that one will be grabbed over a more sugary, less adorable, snack.

A tasty homemade wedding favor idea is always a good choice. And these Chocolate Dipped Banana Bites Wedding Favors are perfect. Get the recipe at

Chocolate Dipped Banana Bites

You can feel good about serving your kids these chocolate dipped banana bites after school. You can choose how far you dip the banana bites into chocolate, which gives you control over the amount of sugar in the treat. Top them with nuts, seeds, sprinkles, or whatever else you can think of.

fruit monster

Fruit Monsters

How cute are these fruit monsters? Your little monsters will love them. And you’ll love that they’re made completely from fruit. Nothing bad here. Just be careful to supervise your little ones if they choose this as an after school snack. Toothpicks are used to make them, and the googly eyes aren’t edible, so you’ll want to teach your child to pull them apart before eating.

Wonton Pizza Cups.

Wonton Pizza Cups

Everyone loves pizza, and you’ll love whipping up these wonton pizza cups for your kids for an after school snack. You can fill them with anything your child likes. If you don’t want to use pepperoni, swap it out and use pepper pieces instead.

Avocado Toast Bruschetta on a tray with the words "Avocado Toast Bruschetta" digitally written above it.

Avocado Toast Bruschetta

You might not think of bruschetta as an after school snack, but it’s honestly perfect. Each piece is the perfect size for little hands, and you can customize bruschetta any way you’d like. This Avocado Toast Bruschetta is a riff on the Internet-made-famous avocado toast, but you can vary bruschetta so much to fit your kid’s taste buds.

taquito pencils

Taquito Pencils

Taquitos are Pete’s favorite party food. For his last birthday party, it’s all he requested (of course, I had to make more than just taquitos, but we did have taquitos). If your kids love taquitos as much as my husband, they’ll love finishing school and finding these taquito pencils waiting for them.

cucumber bites snack featured

Easy Cucumber Bites

These cucumber bites look so fancy. Your kids will be amazed as soon as they see them. You’ll be amazed at how simple they are to put together. Combine both those reactions and these cucumber bites will definitely be on your after school menu rotation quite often.

How to make school book sandwiches.

School Book Sandwiches

Ham and cheese sandwiches are adorably presented as School Book Sandwiches in this snack. If your kids don’t love ham, no worries. You can use whatever cold cuts your child prefers. And those are written on with food coloring markers, so you don’t have to worry about that.

snail snack2

Healthy Snail Snack

Move over, ants on a log. There’s a new sheriff in town. This Healthy Snail Snack is the base of ants on a log but instead of raisins, there’s an apple slice. And you know, apples go over better than raisins with most kids. If your kids do love raisins, though, you can use them for the top of the snail. If not, licorice works perfectly.

apple cookies tasty and easy to make

Apple “Cookies”

You can’t convince me that apples are cookies. You probably can’t convince a kid of that either. But the word apples is in quotes, so you’ve gotta let that slide. These apple “cookies” are topped with peanut butter, coconut, and raisins, but you can top them however your kids would prefer.

Cinnamon Bear Cookies

Cinnamon Bear Cookies

I absolutely love these cinnamon bear cookies. They look like the after school snack of a Friday, when your kids deserve a special treat for getting through the week. And, if your kids are handy in the kitchen, this might be the perfect after school snack to make together.

Pizza Cones.

Pizza Cones

A full batch of pizza cones might be a little bit much for an afterschool snack. But you can follow the recipe and only make a handful of them for your kids to enjoy after they get off the bus.

#ad Need an extra kick of energy? Make these No Bake Chocolate Chip Walnut Energy Bites from to keep in your freezer and grab when you're hungry!

No Bake Chocolate Chip Walnut Energy Balls

These energy balls are the perfect after school snack. The flax seeds in them give your kids an extra jolt of energy to make it through homework. What’s great about them is they’re really easy to make ahead of time. You can make a whole batch to keep in the freezer. Then, pull two out when your child gets home. Perfect.

Which of these after school snacks for kids is your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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Which of these 15 After School Snacks For Kids will you feed your kids first?

Hannah Marie

Friday 16th of August 2019

These are all so good! I bet my niece would love any of these snack ideas.


Thursday 15th of August 2019

I love those cinnamon bear cookies. They look so good!

alexandra cook

Wednesday 14th of August 2019

Such cute and fun snacks ideas for kids. They will be a huge hit and will disappear in our house at no time.

Ceci Rey

Tuesday 13th of August 2019

Great snacks for after school. I personally would devour the cinnamon bear cookies! By the way, I am obsessed with your demand center! Thanks for sharing!


Tuesday 13th of August 2019

These are all great snack ideas! They look fun and delicious! I am also loving that back to school command center!