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20+ Best Holiday Gifts For Teachers

Photo of a dry erase easel in a classroom with the words "20+ Holiday Gifts For Teachers" digitally written on top.

It’s the holiday season, which means you’re probably picking up gifts for everyone: your kids, your pets, your parents, your mail carrier, your UPS delivery driver. Don’t forget about your child’s teacher. This list of 20+ Best Holiday Gifts For Teachers will help with that last one.

Now, I know, some people aren’t crafty or have time for making crafts right now. I mean, it’s the end of the year. There’s just not any free time to craft.

No worries. I have you covered too.

This list is split into three sections. There are holiday gifts for teachers that you can buy (because, we know, that’s easier) followed by holiday gifts for teachers that you can make.

20+ Best Holiday Gifts For Teachers

All but one of these gifts can actually be bought for end of the year gifts too. The Christmas tree ornament is the only one that might not work as an end of the year gift idea.

Christmas tree with the words "Drugstore Divas' Holiday Gift Guide, tips, treats, gifts and more" digitally written on top.

This Best Holiday Gifts For Teachers list is just one of the gift guides we have on Drugstore Divas in hopes of making your shopping life so much easier.

Be sure to check out Drugstore Divas’ Holiday Gift Guide for all of our shopping guides.

Holiday Gifts For Teachers You Can Buy

I'm A Teacher What's Your Superpower Wine Glass.

I’m A Teacher What’s Your Superpower Wine Glass

I’m not saying your child is the reason your child’s teacher may need wine. But. Your child’s teacher may need wine.

So this I’m A Teacher What’s Your Superpower Wine Glass is the perfect gift idea.

Willow Tree You're The Best Teacher Figurine.

Willow Tree You’re The Best Teacher Figurine

Willow Tree figurines are so popular for their delicate and beautiful way of capturing a moment or person. And this Willow Tree You’re The Best Teacher Figurine fits right into that.

It’s definitely a gift that your child’s teacher will display with pride.

Teacher Survival Kit Cosmetics Bag.

Teacher Survival Kit Cosmetics Bag

Some mornings are just crazy and hectic, no matter what job you have. You’re running out the door without enough time to even run a brush through your hair, let alone put on makeup.

So pick up this Teacher Survival Kit Cosmetics Bag for your child’s teacher. She can leave some makeup in it in her desk and on those crazy days, she’ll know she can still “put her face on.”

Because Teachers Can't Survive on Apples Alone Tumbler.

Because Teachers Can’t Survive on Apples Alone Tumbler

Apples are nice, coffee is better. Keep that in mind when you’re thinking about sending your kid to school with an apple for his teacher.

Instead, we suggest this Because Teachers Can’t Survive on Apples Alone Tumbler. You can get it in blush gold, mint, or rose gold (personally, I love the rose gold).

Words To Grow By Bag.

Words To Grow By Bag

Teachers inspire every day, and they can inspire without speaking with this Words To Grow By Bag. It’s decked out with words like, “listen,” “ask questions,” and “collaborate.”

There’s a Pencil Words To Grow By version, which I actually love even more.

It's 3:30 Somewhere Wine Glass.

It’s 3:30 Somewhere Wine Glass

For most people, quitting time is 5pm. So everyone’s waiting for 5pm to drink. This It’s 3:30 Somewhere Wine Glass makes light of the fact that teachers leave school at 3:30 and can start drinking then.

Notice we said leave school? That’s definitely not quitting time. Teachers work a lot at home.

Pencil Shape Planter/Vase.

Pencil Shape Planter/Vase

I love this Pencil Shape Planter/Vase for a teacher’s desk. The teacher could fill it with pencils to give out to students who lost or forgot theirs (which you know, happens a lot), or with flowers since it is a vase.

I’ve seen people DIY these with actual pencils, but this is resin and will last a lot longer.

Teacher Christmas Ornament.

Teacher Christmas Ornament

We have friends, who are teachers, who have a whole separate tree filled with ornaments they’ve gotten from school. So I know teachers really treasure that.

This Teacher Christmas Ornament is a perfect one for their tree.

I Periodically Need Caffeine Tumbler.

I Periodically Need Caffeine Tumbler

If you have a Chemistry teacher on your list (or even just a Science teacher), this I Periodically Need Caffeine travel mug is perfect.

The word “caffeine” is written using actual elements from the periodic table, but not the actual elements needed to make coffee.

My Favorite People Call Me Mrs. Shirt.

My Favorite People Call Me Mrs. Shirt

What I love about this My Favorite People Call Me Mrs. Shirt is that it can be personalized to say your child’s teacher’s last name.

What’s even better is that when you’re submitting the personalization, you have to type in “Mrs.” so you can change that to “Miss,” “Ms.,” or even “Mr.”

Holiday Gifts For Teachers You Can Make

These homemade gifts for teachers may not all be in-your-face teacher gifts (like the ones in the list above are), but they’re all ideas of things that you can make that teachers would love.

Five pieces of personalized teacher stationery.

Teacher Stationery

When Pete was still working in the school system, we actually made these stationery cards as a gift for the other teacher in his classroom. She loved that they were personalized and made specifically for her. Your child’s teacher will love that too.

DIY manicure gift bag.

Manicure Gift Bag

Everyone needs a little self-care, and manicures are a great way to do that. But most people don’t feel okay sitting in a salon for that long. Worry not. Just put together this fun manicure gift bag for a teacher and she can have self-care at home.



Bouquets aren’t just for your child’s female teachers. You can surprise the male teachers with this broquet — a bouquet for bros. It’s a coffee mug filled with candy and snacks. Once the snacks are done, the teacher can still use the mug.

Two homemade painted snowmen.

Snowman Candy Holder

A peanuts container is the perfect upcycle for this Snowman Candy Holder project. What’s great is that you paint the outside of the container, so the inside is still food safe. I filled these with wrapped candy because that feels better, but you can put any unwrapped treats in here as well.

DIY No. 2 Pencil Mason Jar Pencil Holder.

DIY No. 2 Pencil Mason Jar Pencil Holder

If you have a mason jar and a little paint, you can make this pencil holder that looks like a No. 2 pencil. It’s perfect for teachers to keep pencils, pens, and other writing utensils on their desk.

DIY Starbucks Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder.

DIY Starbucks Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder

We have established that teachers love coffee, so a coffee gift card would be a perfect gift idea. But just putting a gift card in an envelope is a little boring. So dress up that coffee card with our fun and simple DIY using a Starbucks cup.

DIY Felt Santa Gift Card Holder.

DIY Felt Santa Gift Card Holder

A gift card isn’t a cop out gift. It’s honestly exactly what a teacher wants. But, you want to make a little effort, so take a few minutes to make this Santa gift card holder from felt. It looks adorable and only takes minutes to make.

DIY But First, Coffee Mug in an oven.

But First, Coffee Mug

With a little effort, you can make this But First, Coffee mug. The post comes with a free printable template for the popular But First, Coffee saying. But, if you have steady hands, you can write anything you want on the mug.

DIY Candy Puns Birthday Gift.

Candy Puns Gift

Teachers will love these candy puns. And you’ll love how easy this gift really is. You just buy the candy, have your kids write out the tags, and then tie them to the boxes. This was originally a birthday gift idea, but you can easily modify it. For the SweeTarts, just change the tag from “Hope you have a SWEET birthday” to “Hope you have a SWEET Christmas.” Easy.

DIY Tea Light Candle Holders.

DIY Tea Light Candle Holders

These tea light candle holders are made from upcycled yogurt containers, a sticker, and a little bit of spray paint. The tutorial used bunny stickers to make these Easter themed, but if you just pick up apple-shaped stickers, you could make them more teacher oriented.

Homemade photo coaster.

Homemade Photo Coasters

If you have any class photos from the year, print an extra copy and use them to make these photo coasters. They super cheap (only $1 for four) and incredibly personalized. Your child’s teacher will love them.

Personalized Desktop Teacher Apple Sign.

Purchase Teacher’s Gifts Online:

These aren’t all the holiday gifts for teachers. There are some great holiday gifts for teachers that didn’t make our list, like the Personalized Desktop Teacher Apple Sign above.

For nice holiday gifts for teachers, check out the stores below.

Be sure to check each store’s minimum cart total to qualify for free shipping. Also, consider in store or curbside pickup to avoid shipping costs.

Which of these 20+ best holiday gifts for teachers are your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments.