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10+ Best Valentine’s Day Books For Kids

If you’re looking for something non-candy related to give your kids for Valentine’s, books are great. For some ideas, check out our list of Valentine’s Day Books For Kids.

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Candy is delicious. And sweet treats are such a Valentine’s Day staple. But, you might not want to give your special valentine a bag filled with chocolate. A great way to get your little valentine a special gift, but omit some of the sweets, is to add a book or two. These will make for a really great bedtime story to end your Valentine’s Day celebration. Plus, they’ll be around when all the candy is gone.

To help you decide on a book, because there are so many good books out there, we put together this list of the Best Valentine’s Day Books For Kids. Your young readers will be sure to love every sweet book (see what we did there?) on this list.

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​10+ Best Valentine’s Day Books For Kids

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Love From The Very Hungry Caterpillar book.

Love From The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is such a popular book. But, did you know there’s a Valentine’s version: Love From The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

The sweet story about what makes a special someone so special is filled with colorful illustrations that young children will absolutely love.

Be My Porcupine book.

Be Mine, Porcupine by Hannah Eliot and Kathryn Selbert

We all think about cute cuddly animals. But what about our animal friends who aren’t so soft, like alligators and porcupines? They need love too and they’re great in their own way.

Be Mine, Porcupine is a wonderful opportunity to teach kids to love everyone. This lovely book is filled with pull our cards that look like a little love letter with puns on each page. That might be a little over the heads of your young valentine, but they will the best thing about the book for the adults reading it.

Happy Valentine's Day Curious George book.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George by N. Di Angelo and Mary O’Keefe Young

Everyone loves Curious George and the mischief the little monkey gets into. And Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George is not without some capers.

Each page has a folded flap that your little one can unfold to reveal more of the scene and the story. Interactive picture books definitely keep kids entertained and engaged in the story.

The ABCs of Love book.

The ABCs of Love by Rose Rossner and AndoTwin 

​The ABCs of Love is a really cute rhyming, alphabet book that is filled with really stunning illustrations.

It is all about love, but not specifically Valentine’s Day, so you can read this as a bedtime story all year round.

Night Night My Little Cuddle Bug book.

Night Night, My Little Cuddle Bug by Nicola Edwards and Natalie Marshall

Night Night, My Little Cuddle Bug is part of the You’re My Little Cuddle Bug series. The cute little cuddle bug isn’t tired, but the rest of the loveable characters in the book, like the little snail and dragonfly, are all off to bed.

This sweet board book is filled with beautiful illustrations plus cute raised elements and cut outs that give the book a really engaging texture. And may hopefully get your little one to go to sleep too.

I Love You As Big As The World book.

I Love You As Big As The World by David Van Buren and Tim Warnes

Big bear and Little Bear spend the entire day playing together in I Love You As Big As The World, something your little bear would love to do with you and your Mr. Bear, I bet.

The duo explores the ocean and the beach, all the while Little Bear knowing just how much of his parent’s love he has.

I Love You As Big As Home book.

I Love You As Big As Home by Rose Rossner and Joanne Partis

Home is where the heart is, and home is where the Little Bear in I Love You As Big As Home is loved so much.

The sentiment is that togetherness is the best place to be, and every little one needs to hear that from time to time (especially with an invisible string between us and our cell phones distracting us from being in the moment with whoever we’re there with).

You're My Little Sweet Pea book.

You’re My Little Sweet Pea by Sandra Magsamen

Your child may not want to eat her vegetables, but she’ll love reading about them in You’re My Little Sweet Pea.

It’s part of the heart-felt books series, which has flaps made of felt on every page. Lift the felt to reveal a food-related pun.

Will You Be My Valentine book.

Will You Be My Valentine? by Cottage Door Press and Cheri Love-Byrd

If you love nostalgia, you’ll love this book. Each page is designed to look like a vintage Valentine’s Day card. A year is actually written on each page to let you know what year the retro graphic is fun.

That’s definitely a big perk for the adults reading this book. The biggest perk for the kids is the adorable messaging. It’s the perfect Valentine’s book to please everyone.

Llama Llama I Love You book.

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These aren’t all of the books out there, just our favorite Valentine’s Day books for kids. There are more, like the Llama Llama I Love You book above.

For more, check out the following sites online:

Be sure to check a store’s minimum cart total to qualify for free shipping. Also, double check the delivery date. You want to make sure anything you’re ordering will arrive before Valentine’s Day.

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Which of these Valentine’s Day Books For Kids is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.