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10+ Gifts For Young Book Lovers

Looking for gift ideas for your young reader? Get 10+ Gift Ideas For Young Book Lovers on

Kids usually love to read. And you can foster that love for reading by buying fun and age-appropriate gifts.

So we’re helping you out.

We put together a list of 10+ gifts for young book lovers. We’re including monthly subscription boxes and items that you can purchase just once.

As far as this list is concerned, we’re calling “young” ages 0 to 10. Of course, you could purchase these items for older kids, or even adults, but we picked items that were age-appropriate for kids 10 and under.

10+ Gifts For Young Book Lovers

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Bookroo is a great subscription box for kids ages 0 to 7. Get 2 to 3 new books a month. Details on


Bookroo is the perfect subscription box for young book lovers. Each month, your child will get two age-appropriate hardcover books in the mail. The books come with a card that tells the plot of the book, plus gives parents talking points for the books on the back.

Bookroo comes in three different reading levels: Board Books (ages 0 to 3), Picture Books (ages 3 to 6), and Chapter Books (ages 7 to 10). The Board Books subscription comes with three books and the other two come with two. We recently got Chapter Books subscription box. It came with Cody Harmon King Of Pets by Claudia Mills and The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi. Even though they’re for the same age group, one is about pets and friends and one is an adventure book, so the plots are really different. That’s great if your child has a variety of interests.

A one month subscription starts at $19.95, plus shipping, if you pay month to month. If you pay annually, it’s $16.95 a month, plus shipping. You can cancel anytime.

Subscribe here.

Unicorn Bookends

I could have filled this list with a dozen bookends, and honestly, I’ll probably make a list of just those in the future. Because bookends are adorable. I love how decorative yet functional they are.

After narrowing it down to four sets of bookends that I’m going to end up buying, I settled on including these Unicorn Bookends in this list. The colors are so soft that they can fit in with any room’s décor, but since they’re unicorns, they add a bit of whimsy to the mundane of everyday life. And honestly, if that’s not a metaphor and definition of exactly what books do, I don’t know what is.

Purchase here.

3-D Bookmarks

Sign me up for a life of whimsy.

If I’m reading a book, I’ll just shove a store receipt or a piece of junk mail in it to hold my page. Because I’m an adult. And adults are boring. Isn’t that what Willy Wonka told Charlie?

When I was a kid, I had bookmarks with tassels and beads and personality.

So if you’re shopping for your young book lover, he or she needs one of these 3-D Bookmarks. Yes, needs. They’re basically “flattened” by the book and make really funny faces. You can choose from a shiba inu, donkey, gecko, mouse, panda, rabbit, tortoise, or wolf. Or just buy all of them, if your little reader reads more than one book at a time.

Purchase here.

Bluelight Blocking Glasses

An e-reader is such a smart invention. You can carry multiple books in one device. It’s a lot lighter for when you’re traveling. But, reading full books on an e-reader can really take a toll on your eyes.

That’s why bluelight blocking glasses have really gotten popular. Just put on a pair before you start reading and you’ll block the bluelight, which cause eyestrain and headaches.

We recently got a few pairs from JINS, and I’m actually wearing the JINS Switch as I type this on my tablet. I can definitely tell a difference when I’m wearing these. What I love about them is they have a magnetic sunglass attachment, so I can read on an e-reader outside and still get the benefits of bluelight glasses. Plus, the ones we got are all non-prescription bluelight blocking glasses, so I can use them while wearing my contacts.

Pete has been wearing the MMF pair while reading on his computer and tablet, plus while on Skype too. I gave my mom the LUF pair because she blogs a lot, and she has been using them a lot. They really are great for anyone of any age.

Purchase here.

Personalized Chalkboard Canvas Tote Bag

So we actually have a personalized chalkboard canvas tote bag from Chalk Of The Town, but not the one in this photo. Ours is just a plain heart in the middle of the black bag, which is super cute, but I like the one above better for this young book lovers list.


Because this one has the words “I’m Reading” permanently on top. The customizable chalkboard below can be drawn on with chalkboard markers (which come with the bag). Then, when your young reader is done with that book, simply use a wet rag (also included) to wipe the words away. When it’s dry, your young book lover can write a new title of the next book. Plus, that book can be carried around in the tote. It’s perfect.

Purchase here.

Personal Library Kit

I’m dying over how much I love this Personal Library Kit. When we were young, we would play library and make checkout cards and basically force our friends to check out our books.

And then said friends would take them home and they’d be lost forever.

Honestly, I’m still waiting for one of my friends to return one of my favorite books from college.

I should probably rebuy it because I’m probably never getting it back. Maybe if someone had bought me this Personal Library Kit when I was a kid, maybe I would still be using it and wouldn’t have lent the book to someone who eventually forgot who it belonged to.

Purchase here.

Personalized books from Wonderbly make the perfect gift idea. Get details at

Personalized Books From Wonderbly

I am in love with these personalized books from Wonderbly. You can personalize them with the recipient’s name, gender, and hair color. You can choose from three age groups: 0 to 3, 3 to 6, and 6+. There are a variety of books for each age group.

I ordered ABC For You, an alphabet book, and 10 Little Yous, a counting book, for my nephews for Christmas a few years ago. I got them hardcover books, although you can order softcover. Red is the default color of the covers, but you can change the cover color to blue, green, and white. I changed both cover’s colors because my nephews have red hair. So it sort of blended in too much for my liking on the red cover.

Each page has a picture of the recipient, plus the recipient’s name. What I love about the counting book is that as the number goes up, the number of my nephew on the page goes up. The “boy” from “1” travels to “2” and “1” and “2” go to three. So by the time the book gets to ten, there is ten of him on the page. In the alphabet book, the left and right pages go together and have matching images. So there’s a lot of continuation in the books, which is really fun to point out and a great way for the recipient to interact with the books.

I’m obsessed with these books. They’re so much nicer in person than a photo can capture, and they’re worth every penny.

Michelle got to check out Our Mama The Superhero. You can see her full review of the book, which she loved FYI here.

Purchase here.

Books Storage Basket

If your young book lover really loves books, and is really young, there’s a chance that you’ll be reading books before bedtime. And if you’re like any other parents, you want to give your child a limited number of books to choose from before bed.

This Books Storage Basket is perfect for that.

Just fill it with the books your child can choose from and leave it in the bedroom. If your child reads on his or her own, you can also use this basket for easy cleanup.

Purchase here.

When In Doubt Go To The Library Poster

There’s a quote from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that says: “Because that’s what Hermione does,” said Ron, shrugging. “When in doubt, go to the library.”

I’ve never read Harry Potter, except for the first 20 or so pages of the first book, but I love that quote. Your young book lover probably loves the quote (if he or she read the Harry Potter more than I did). And your young reader probably loves the library as well.

I looked all over for something with that quote that I loved. I didn’t like it on t-shirts or mugs or phone cases. But when I saw it on this When It Doubt Go To The Library poster, I knew it had to make the list. You can order the poster in four sizes, but keep in mind it’s just the poster. You’ll still have to order a frame for it.

Purchase here.

Book-Themed Zipper Pouches

I’ll be honest. The book-themed zipper pouch that caught my eye was Where The Wild Things Are. But I think that was for nostalgia. And kids are too young for nostalgia. So young book lovers are too young to love that pouch. They’re more likely to choose Matilda, which is why that’s the photo for this one.

But there are so many different book-themed zipper pouches to choose from, like The Great Gatsby, all the Harry Potter covers, Babar (which I think I’m going to buy myself), and more.

These are the perfect change purse — basically the only wallet I needed when I was young.

Purchase here.

LEGO Batman Book Light

When I was young, all I wanted to do was read. I didn’t care if we were at home, in the car, or if I was supposed to be sleeping. If I was in the car, I would hold my book up high, trying to catch the light from the moon.

I could have used a book light.

If your young book lover could use a book light too, this LEGO Batman Book Light is perfect.

Purchase here.

Which of these gifts for young book lovers are you picking up this holiday season?


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