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Tournament Of Kings (Las Vegas) Review

When you’re planning a Las Vegas trip, add Tournament Of Kings at Excalibur Hotel & Casino to your itinerary. Find out why in this review.

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Man dressed as a knight on a horse holding a flag with the words "Tournament Of Kings (Las Vegas) re

Here’s the thing about Las Vegas. It can either be a really fun place to visit … or a really boring place to visit. It all depends on your itinerary.

If you don’t plan something for every day, and you just sort of want to “wing it,” since you know there are a lot of things to do in Las Vegas, you won’t enjoy your trip. You’ll get overwhelmed, you’ll spend way too much on ride shares bringing you from one hotel to another, and you’ll be ready to go home by day two.

If you fill your trip with activities and things to do that aren’t gambling, you won’t have enough days to do it all. And as soon as you start packing to go home, you’ll be planning your next Las Vegas trip.

And, while you’re planning that trip, plan to check out the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino.

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Tournament Of Kings (Las Vegas) Review

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Tournament of Kings is a dinner show in Las Vegas is set in the medieval times, which makes sense since the entirety of the Excalibur Hotel & Casino (which houses this dinner show) is in the same motif.

When you order your tickets, you’re designated a country. Ours was Hungary. So, all night, you’ll be rooting for the knight from your country.

And cheer you must.

Man on horseback riding through the Tournament of Kings arena.

If you’re caught not cheering during the early parts of the show, Merlin and the court jester, who are teaching you the cheers, will call you out. They’ll ask you to stand up and do the cheers. on. your. own. So, if you don’t want an entire theater of people watching you, cheer with the group when you’re asked.

Much of the show is scripted — including the knights singing and dancing around the round table.

“It is good? Yes, yes, yes. Is it bad? No no no!”

Oh trust me, that makes a lot more sense if you’ve seen the show. And after you have, you’ll be singing that and huzzah-ing your glass in your sleep.

That part is scripted.

Man on a horse with a sword raised, plus a king and a knight, in the Tournament of Kings arena.

But what is only slightly scripted is the tournament portion. The knights, sometimes on horseback, sometimes not, compete against each other in the joust, swordfights, and more.

The winner of these battles change often. I don’t know how often, but I do know that the winners change. So if you’ve been to the Tournament of Kings before, you may not know the winner when you go again.

Seven women, dressed liked maidens, dancing in the Tournament of Kings arena.

Because this is Las Vegas, there are maidens who dance around during the dinner show as well. At one point, the winning knight is asked to pick his fair maiden for the evening. At Medieval Times, the winning knight picked a young girl from the audience. Here, the knight picks a part of the cast.

One of the biggest differences between Tournament of Kings and Medieval Times is the addition of the dragon knight. Yes, in this rendition of King Arthur’s story, there are evil dragons.

And I actually appreciated that a lot.

Magical and mythical dragons were a huge part of the King Arthur movie, and it was amazing to see those creatures on screen. It was a great homage to that to see them represented in this dinner show.

Five men, dressed as knights and a king, stand with swords as a round table is lowered behind them.

But, arguably the best part of that was the dragon knights come with large bursts of fire, which heat up the arena. It gets cold in there, even with long pants on during the summer, so that burst of flame was a nice way to warm up.

This part, however, might be a little scary for young kids. So keep that in mind when you’re deciding if this show is good for them or not.

As for my mom and I, we loved it. We were entertained the entire time and the show, although it’s 90 minutes, went by really quickly. We would absolutely go again.

Cornish hen, potatoes, a roll, and corn on the cob on a plate.

But maybe with a few extra hand wipes in my purse. You do eat your entire meal without utensils, which is fine, just a little messy.

Before you go to the Tournament of Kings:

The Tournament of Kings is a completely indoor activity. You walk inside the Excalibur Hotel & Casino, down to the lower level where the arcade is, and enter the Tournament of Kings Arena.

It’s easier if tickets are purchased ahead of time. Get your tickets here.

Tournament of Kings arena in Las Vegas.

Tournament of Kings: Frequently Asked Questions

Tournament of Kings Address:

3850 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas (inside Excalibur Hotel & Casino)

Tournament of Kings Phone:

(702) 597-7600

Tournament of Kings Hours:

Sunday, Monday & Friday: 6 pm
Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday: 6 pm & 8:30 pm

How much are the tickets for Tournament of Kings?

Tickets start at $41.87, plus tax and service fee.

Children 3 and under are free. They must sit on an adult’s lap and share the adult’s meal. Children 4 and over require their own ticket and meal.

Get your tickets here.

What food is served at Tournament of Kings?

The Tournament of Kings meal is a roasted seasoned Cornish game hen, lemon pepper roasted red bliss potatoes, corn on the cob, and a dinner roll, plus an apple square for dessert.

Save room for that apple square. It was the best bite of the meal.

Soda is included with your meal.

Does Tournament of Kings serve alcohol?

Alcohol can be purchased from your seat during the Tournament of King, as long as you are 21 or older.

How long is the Tournament of Kings?

The show lasts for about 90 minutes.

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Planning a trip to Las Vegas?

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S Clark

Sunday 29th of January 2023

Im not one of those likes to be centered of attention , hate going to comedian shows ,they always seem to find me in the middle of the pack. Right now??? Not sure if I'm ordering tickets ,but wife wants to go. I suppose I can be a sport and join in.???

drugstore diva lisa

Monday 30th of January 2023

Yes, you can be a sport. But you do have to join in. If you're not, they'll single you out ;] Seriously. They found someone who was not participating and stayed by him until he was participating.