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Saving In Las Vegas With The MyVegas Slots App

Vegas can be a budget-friendly vacation. Find out about saving in Las Vegas (on shows, dining, and more) with the MyVegas Slots app.

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Vegas can be a budget-friendly vacation. Find out about saving in Las Vegas with the MyVegas Slots app on

My parents took a trip to Las Vegas last summer, and their goal was to see how frugal of a trip they could make it. I was so jealous because one, I love Vegas and two, cheap trips are my jam. So, I had to know the details. My parents told me they were saving in Las Vegas with the MyVegas Slots app.

At that point, I had never played the MyVegas Slots app. I had another slot machine game on my iPad and I would play that when I was bored. But that was only for pure entertainment. You couldn’t actually win anything.

With MyVegas Slots, my parents were able to actually claim real life rewards. As soon as I heard that, I was in.

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Saving In Las Vegas With The MyVegas Slots App

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There are actually four apps in total: MyVegas Slots, MyVegas Blackjack, Pop! Slots, and MyKonami Slots. For simplicity’s sake, I’m mostly going to be saying MyVegas, but know I’m referring to all four of the games.

Honestly, though, I only play MyVegas Slots and MyKonami Slots daily. I have friends who play MyVegas Blackjack, but I don’t because I actually like to just set the game to autospin and you can’t do that with Blackjack. I also don’t play Pop! Slots because you don’t get “gems” in that game, but you do in MyVegas and MyKonami. Those gems help you get to higher levels and earn more free coins.

How do you get the MyVegas games?

In order to play the games, you need to have either a smart phone, tablet with Internet access (iPad or Kindle both work), or a Facebook account. You can download the game from the Google Play Store (for Android), App Store (for iPhones/iPads, etc.), or the Amazon app store. You can also log into your Facebook account and go to the MyVegas Slots Facebook page.

Do you need Facebook to play MyVegas Slots?

Technically, no, you don’t need a Facebook account to play via the apps. You do need it if you only want to play via the Facebook page.

Having a Facebook account is beneficial, though. You’re able to connect your apps via your Facebook account. Your MyVegas chips, which you use to spin the slot machines, won’t transfer between the games but your loyalty points will. So you’re able to play MyVegas Slots, MyVegas Blackjack, or MyKonami Slots and all three games earn towards the same total loyalty points. Those points are what you’ll need to redeem prizes/comps.

Even better, if your Facebook friends are playing, you can send them free MyVegas chips, in the form of “gifts”, every 24 hours. They’re also able to send you chips every day. So get your friends in the game, especially if you’re planning a trip to Vegas with them.

Do you need any sort of rewards account to play?

You need an M life Rewards account. That’s MGM Resorts’ loyalty program. The program is free to join and you can earn points by gambling at MGM properties, shopping with the M life Rewards Mastercard, and more. The points earned from gambling and shopping do not translate over to the MyVegas Slots games.

Does MyVegas Slots cost money?

It’s free to download MyVegas Slots and it’s free to play too. Every two hours you can claim free MyVegas chips. And that’s in all three apps (the Facebook game looks like you can only claim once daily; I never play on the computer via Facebook so don’t quote me on that).

There are options to buy more MyVegas coins, but I’ve never bought more coins and neither have my parents. We just wait until we can get free coins.

Vegas can be a budget-friendly vacation. Find out about saving in Las Vegas with the MyVegas Slots app on

How do you get free MyVegas coins?

There are five ways:

Daily spin: Every day, you can spin a wheel and get free coins. You usually get a couple million coins every day.

Spin every two hours: Then, every two hours, you can spin again and claim coins. The amount is based on what app you’re using (MyVegas is currently 325,000 coins and MyKonami is 500,000), plus you get a bonus percentage based on what level you’re at. The more you play, the higher the level, the more coins on top of coins.

Get them from friends: As mentioned previously, if your apps are synced with your Facebook page, you can send and receive free coins daily from your friends (currently it’s 100,000 a day on MyKonani and 13,000 from MyVegas). If you don’t have any Facebook friends, the app will give you a friend (Mitsy in MyKonami and Nami in MyVegas) who send you gifts.

Win them: The games are slot machine games (well, MyVegas Blackjack is blackjack, not slots). So, you can play and win chips. Be careful though because you can also play and lose chips.

Level up: In MyVegas, when you reach a new level, you receive free chips as a reward. In MyKonami, you win tickets which you can use to spin for more free coins.

What games are there?

MyVegas Slots and MyKonami Slots have typical slot machine games. Some are ones you may recognize from casinos, like China Shores and Chili Chili Fire. And then some are ones you’ve probably never heard of, like the MyVegas exclusive Caddy Shaq, featurng Shaquille O’Neal.

The games are like traditional slot machine games where you can raise or lower your bet and hit bonus spins.

Is it just spinning slots?

Not really. Yes, you’re spinning slots every time you play, but there are also quests within the game. Every day, MyKonami gives you three quests to complete. They can be win 10 free games, win 9,000,000 chips, spin 100 times. For every quest you complete, you win chips. And if you complete all three tasks within 24 hours, you win more chips the next day.

On MyVegas, there is a “journey” where you have to complete certain tasks (like find 400 “K” symbols) in order to move on to the next task.

To make it really easy, I play on my iPad while I’m working (Don’t forget: I work at home. I wouldn’t suggest doing this if you work at an office). Then, I click on “auto spin” so the game just basically plays itself. Every once in a while I might have to choose a box in a bonus game, but for the most part, it just spins itself and I rack up points.

Vegas can be a budget-friendly vacation. Find out about saving in Las Vegas with the MyVegas Slots app on

What rewards does MyVegas offer?

There are actually a lot of rewards in the app, based on how many points you have. You can get discounts on hotel rooms, 2-for-1 buffets, free show tickets, free hotel rooms, entry into high-stakes bingo games, free play in the casino, and even free cruises.

Well, basically free cruises.

My dad just redeemed 500,000 points for a free 7-day cruise for him and my mom, but they are responsible for things like port fees and gratuities, so it’s not entirely free.

Is there a limit on the number of rewards you can get?

For many of the rewards, there’s a redemption limit of three rewards per 30 days. But, there is a little wiggle room with that.

For example. Let’s say you redeem an offer for three free nights at a hotel. You know you’re going to Vegas in May, but you redeem the offer in January. You have 30 days to use that reward, so you book your hotel right away. By the time you go to Vegas in May, that’s over 30 days from when you redeemed your hotel reward. So you can redeem three rewards on your trip in May.

This also works with rewards like show tickets, so keep that in mind while you plan your trip.

Vegas can be a budget-friendly vacation. Find out about saving in Las Vegas with the MyVegas Slots app on

Does every show at an MGM property have a reward?

Unfortunately, not every show at an MGM property is included in the rewards. I really want to see David Copperfield when we’re there. He’s at the MGM Grand, which obviously is an MGM property. Discounted or free tickets to see David Copperfield isn’t a reward, so that’s a shame.

But, we did already get tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil: The Beatles LOVE Las Vegas Tour, so I’m super stoked about that. It’s a $104 ticket that we got for 70,000 points. That in itself is a reason to play MyVegas.

How do you book your room or show tickets?

When you have enough points to redeem a reward for show tickets, for example, you open the reward in the MyVegas Slots app and claim it. You’ll immediately be given a code. That code will be emailed to you with a link to redeem the offer via your M life Rewards account.

Sign in, then follow the prompts to book your room or choose your seats for your show. You can print your tickets or confirmation after or you can simply access them from your M life Rewards account.

How about buffets?

Redeeming a buffet, or another food-related reward, is a little different. You’ll redeem the reward via the app. Then, take the code to the M life Rewards desk at the casino. So if you redeemed a reward for a free dinner buffet at Aria (one of the rewards I’m saving up for), you would take your code to the M life Rewards desk at Aria.

The concierge there will then add the offer onto your M life Rewards loyalty card. When you go to the buffet, you’ll slide your M life Rewards loyalty card at checkout and your reward will be visible. The cashier will then take it off of your bill.

It’s really easy. Trust me. Typing it all out like that just makes it sound complicated.

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The Beatles Love Cirque Du Soleil box office in the Mirage in Las Vegas.

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Hannah Marie

Saturday 11th of January 2020

I think I can easily be addicted to this. Hoping it won't be a distraction to me because it would be too good. Love this a lot!


Thursday 9th of January 2020

I`ve never been to Vegas , would love to go in near future. This app seems like a good idea for those who play this kind of games :)

Ceci Rey

Thursday 9th of January 2020

What a great app. I would love to travel to Las Vegas in the near future. If an app can give me rewards from playing the games on it...I am in!

Stephanie Parrell

Thursday 9th of January 2020

I have never played slots before so I don't think this would ever be for me. BUT I know lots of people who would love it!

Cristina Petrini

Thursday 9th of January 2020

So is there a way to indulge yourself, once in a while, without losing too much? Undoubtedly your advice is gold!