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5+ Last Minute Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Still deciding on a Halloween costume for you and your significant other? Check out these 5 Last Minute Couples Halloween Costume Ideas.

Make this the best holiday yet with help from our other Halloween posts.

Still deciding on a Halloween costume for you and your significant other? Check out these 5 Last Minute Couples Halloween Costume Ideas.

When I first met Pete, he wanted a monkey costume. I’m not sure why, and I’m not sure if he was sure why, but he wanted it. So a few years back, I got him one and decided he can be King Kong for Halloween and I’d be Fay Wray (the blonde actress in the original King Kong movie). It’s a super fun and easy last minute couples Halloween costume idea.

Because sometimes, last minute is all you have. You get invited to a last minute Halloween party. Or, in our case a few years back, the trivia you attend every week decides to add a costume element for an extra point.

Or maybe you just put it off because life.

Whatever the reason is, one of these last minute couples costumes will save your night.

5+ Last Minute Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

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If you have a little time, we actually have a couples costume idea that isn’t last minute at the end of this post. But, if you don’t have time, stick with the ones up top.

Bank robbers

Pair a black and white stripped shirt with black pants or leggings (yay for leggings, amiright?). Put a ski mask on your face and wear a pair of black gloves.

Carry around drawstring money bags all night. If you don’t have one, just grab a garbage bag or a reusable burlap bag and draw a dollar symbol on it.

For fun, fill the money bags with chocolate coins and hand them out. A little reverse trick or treating. You’ll be the hit of the party.

Don’t want to DIY it? Purchase this Bank Robbers costume instead.

Red and green grapes

This is a really fun and a simple last minute idea. Put on black leggings and a long sleeved black shirt, then have your guy wear black jeans and a black long sleeved shirt. So far, so easy.

Blow up purple and green balloons, then safety pin them to you (be sure to not puncture the balloons). Bobby pin some leaves to your hair and you’re done.

Don’t want to DIY it? Purchase this grapes Halloween costume instead.


Just like the grapes idea, start with black outfits. Put on black leggings and a long sleeved black shirt, then have your guy wear black jeans and a black long sleeved shirt. So far, so easy.

Draw a circle on a piece of poster board, then draw your favorite emoji on the circle. Color the face appropriately and cut it out. Tape it to a Popsicle stick and wear that in front of your face.

If you’re really good with face paint, you can make this even better. Stick with the all black outfit, but skip the cutout emoji. Instead, use the face paint to actually paint your face into the actual emoji. Just be sure to spend a lot of time making the face of the emoji (so winking if you choose a winking emoji, smiling if you choose a smiling one, you get the idea).

Don’t want to DIY it? Purchase one of these emoji Halloween costumes instead.

Pigs in a blanket

This is the coziest of the last minute ideas for couples. Pick up some pig noses and pig ears. If this is really last minute, you can cut a pig nose out of pink construction paper and you can easily make pig ears like our DIY cat ears).

Then, dress in a pink top and pink leggings and wrap yourselves in a blanket.

Pigs … in a blanket. Done.

Don’t worry about tails since the blanket will be covering your booty, so no one will even miss it.

Don’t want to DIY it? Purchase these pig Halloween costume pieces and just wrap yourself in a blanket.

Price Is Right Contestants

This one is so easy to make last minute.

Dress like your regular selves. Then, cut yellow card stock into the shape of a tag. Draw a black border around it and write your names on it. That’s your name tag from the show.

Cut a large rectangle from poster board. Cut a large piece of colored card stock (making sure you each have a different color) to nearly fill the rectangle. Use some white card stock to cut out numbers. One of you should have “1” since there’s always a Price Is Right contestant who bids $1.

Tape some elastic or string to the back of the poster board, then hang it around your neck so you can look like you’re bidding.

Don’t want to DIY it? Purchase this Price Is Right Costume set instead.


This Halloween costume idea is so funny to me.

You can be the filtered version of yourself and your man can be the unfiltered version.

Dress up in an outfit and make sure your hair and makeup are done perfectly. Honestly, this is just a great excuse to dress up.

Then, have your man wear the same outfit. Something like jeans and a red and black lumberjack shirt would work, which actually is an outfit both Pete and I own. Or jeans and a t-shirt in the same color. Purchase a wig of your hair style for him to wear.

Write #filter on a piece of paper, poke two holes in it, and tie a string to it. Wear that around your neck. Make a similar one that says #nofilter and have your man wear that one around his neck.

Check out an example of this #filter/#nofilter costume for inspiration.

Other Couples Halloween Costumes

If you have a little more time and aren’t putting together last minute ideas for couples, the costumes below are fun.

King Kong and Fay Wray

This works best if you’re like us and happen to have a monkey costume lying around.

For King Kong, you need to have that gorilla costume.

For a Fay Wray costume, it’s a lot easier to pull this together at the last minute. Grab a gold dress or any dress, really (sounds like a good way to rewear something you purchased for a wedding), pick up a blonde wig (or wear your natural hair if you’re already blonde), and wear a bunch of gold party beads (since she wore a ton of necklaces in the movie). We have a ton of those around for Mardi Gras, so just wear those.

Purchase Couples Halloween Costumes Online:

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Be sure to double check a store’s minimum cart total to qualify for free shipping. Also, consider instore or curbside pickup to avoid shipping charges.

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Which of these 5 Last Minute Couples Halloween Costume Ideas are you going with this year?