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7 Reasons Why Leggings Are Better Than Pants

This post, 7 Reasons Why Leggings Are Better Than Pants, is in conjunction with Drugstore Divas’ LuLaRoe online pop up on December 8. Join the party here.

7 Reasons Why Leggings Are Better Than PantsI’ll be honest. I was never one of those “leggings are pants” people. I was all in on the notion that leggings are not pants unless you’re under three years old. In that case, your mom is worn out, needs more coffee than she has and more sleep than your little three-year-old self will allow, and if you’re wearing leg warmers, those will, indeed, count as pants.

But for a grown adult, nope. Pants are pants. And leggings are a trend.

I said this as a I had three pairs of solid colored leggings in my closet that would make the rotation under a long tunic or a dress on days when I was too lazy to put on actual pants.

And then a few months ago, someone sent me a very brightly patterned pair of LuLaRoe leggings and I thought, “Well these aren’t exactly pants, but they are so incredibly comfortable, I’m going to wear them on the regular.”

And I have. All the time. I still don’t believe that they’re pants … but I assure you, there are a ton of reasons why leggings are better than pants.

7 Reasons Why Leggings Are Better Than Pants

1. They’re more sympathetic to your need for sweets.
This time of year, you’re eating a few more sweets than the summer. You’re less concerned with a bikini body now than if someone is going to eat that last turkey-shaped cookie. I totally understand. Your waistline is a bit less understanding — and even less sympathetic are your pants. They don’t want to wrap your curves. They want to be buttoned. And sometimes, that pushes in on your stomach and it hurts.

Leggings don’t do that. They get you and your extra helping of mashed potatoes. And if you weigh just a little bit more this week than last week, leggings will stretch. No worries.

2. They help you suck it in.
We all have days when a control top sounds like a good idea. But jeans don’t have that. So you put on pants and then spend all day sucking in your stomach (which I did hear once is a good way to build up ab muscles, but it’s also exhausting).

Leggings are form fitting, so they will just suck you into them and keep you in place. Plus, they’re usually a wide range of sizes in one, so if you’re on the lower end, they go up pretty high and you look like you’ve been to the gym more often than you actually have.

3. They make you look bold.
Jeans come in various shades of blue, black, and gray. That’s about it. Dress pants are pretty much black or gray. And for some odd reason, I have a pair of gold ones. I must have been feeling pretty fancy that day, but not a single time in the ten years since because they’re still in my closet with the tags on.

Leggings come in solid colors. They also come in a ridiculous amount of patterns. So you look like the kind of fashion-forward person who knows all about matching prints and patterns.

Mommy and me leggings. Swoon!

4. They make your butt look good.
How many people’s butts look great in jeans? Not too many. And pants? Those hang in a way that can make your booty look invisible.

But leggings? They make your booty pop! And your hubby will love that.

5. They’re flexible.
Oh, wearing a pair of jeans is just so constricting. You’re not gonna be able to run and play and do flips in them — which is why parents avoid them with little kids.

And sure, you’re probably not going to be doing any gymnastics by yourself in your leggings. But you will probably be running around chasing your kid or trying to pull him out of the cabinet she climbed into the back of because, well, that’s what kids do. You can both be comfortable during these situations because there are actually Mommy & Me leggings too. They’re great for adventures, adorable for everyday life, and fun for family photos.

6. They’re basically pajamas.
It’s not really okay to wear your pajamas out in public. Pants are expected, not your cozy fleece pajama pants with dogs in Santa hats. If your kid forgot lunch at home, you don’t want to run into the school’s office to drop it off in those.

But leggings? They’re pretty much yoga pants (which is what I wear for pajamas) that are acceptable at the bank, the grocery store, anywhere you need to be (expect maybe the office; I think you still need pants there … unless you’re me and work at home. Then hello leggings).

7. You could win a pair from Drugstore Divas.
We don’t give away pants at Drugstore Divas. We never have. It’s just not something we’ve ever done here.

But leggings? Yup. You can win those. We are hosting a LuLaRoe online pop up right now with our friend Mallory. You can come join the event portion here and play games where you can win fun stuff (maybe LuLaCash or leggings!). Then, head over to Mallory’s LuLaRoe group here on December 8 at 8pm EST and Mallory will be posting all her inventory. She’ll have leggings, tops (my favorite is the baseball tee called a Randy), dresses, and more. Purchase what you love for yourself or for a friend for Christmas — or for your favorite blogger because the two pairs of LuLaRoe I own are not enough.

Be sure to tell us if you’re a Drugstore Divas reader! Can’t wait to see you at the party.

Already own LuLaRoe? Let us know your favorite reasons why leggings are better than pants in the comments!