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A Comprehensive Guide To Haunted Places In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a popular destination for gambling. But also for paranormal activity. If you’re going for the latter, you’ll want to visit all these Haunted Places In Las Vegas.

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The entrance to the Luxor Las Vegas with the words "A Comprehensive Guide To Haunted Places In Las Vegas" digitally written on top.

Haunted places just find me. I don’t generally seek them out. I sort of just live my best live and then find out later that wherever I was has a resident ghost.

That’s very much how my haunted Las Vegas experience has been.

I’ve been to a lot of haunted places in Las Vegas, although never intentionally because they were haunted. They were just places I was going and then found out they were haunted. So, needless to say, I’ve never been had a paranormal experience while in Sin City.

If you’re heading to Vegas specifically for the ghosts, you’re in luck. We put together this Comprehensive Guide To Haunted Places In Las Vegas.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Haunted Places In Las Vegas

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Keep in mind, these are ghost stories. Emphasis on the stories portion. It’s folk lore, passed down from one generator to another. Are these stories true? They are to the people who tell the tales. Personally, I’ve never interacted with a ghost in Las Vegas, but that’s just my experience. 

Circus Circus hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada (taken from the street so you can see the highway and a white limo).

Circus Circus

Address: 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd

Open to the public: Yes

There’s a story about a murder-suicide that happened with a mother and son in Room 123 and it has been said that they haunt the hotel. However, that story has been completely debunked — because hotel rooms at Circus Circus has always been four digits.

However, the hotel is still haunted.

It has been reported that ghosts pull blankets off of guests and, after knowing this, it actually happened to a Reddit user who documented his story here. Someone commented with their story of an eerie feeling near the shipping/receiving department area of the hotel.

And, just another fun fact about Circus Circus: It’s one of the few hotels in the United States with a 13th Floor.

Dell H. Robison Middle School

Open to the public: No

Dell H. Robison Middle School is a junior high for grades 6 to 8. If you’re matriculated into the school, you don’t have to worry about being haunted. But, new students have recalled seeing the ghost of a janitor in the hallways.

Sometimes the janitor has bloody hands and sometimes he doesn’t. And sometimes he follows them home, vanishing as they get to their front lawn. And sometimes he doesn’t.

The only common thread is that if the students start going to church, their ghost sightings disappear. Which really feels like a funny way for the church to grow its congregation. 

An old neon sign that was on the El Cortez hotel in Las Vegas, now at the Neon Museum.

El Cortez Hotel & Casino

Address: 600 E Fremont St

Open to the public: Yes

Four years after it had been built, El Cortez Hotel & Casino was purchased by a group that included mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. With mobsters come rivals.

The rumor is that some of Siegel’s rivals were cremated and left in the basement of the hotel. It’s also said that some of his former workers, who passed without families, are buried there as well. Employees have recalled paranormal experiences near the basement.

There’s also the story that the hotel is haunted by Fat Irish Green. He was watching a bunch of (illegal) personal cash for Siegel with the instructions to hang onto it and pass it along to the mob if something should happen to Bugsy. Well, something did. Siegel was gunned down in his girlfriend Virginia Hill’s apartment in California, so Fat Irish Green, the honest man he is, turned it over to mob “accountant” Meyer Lansky. As a thank you for his loyalty, Fat Irish Green was allowed to stay in El Cortez for free for life.

And now El Cortez has turned into Fat Irish Green’s Hotel California as it’s said that his ghost is still checked in to the hotel.

The Flamingo hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

Flamingo Las Vegas

Address: 3555 Las Vegas Blvd S

Open to the public: Yes

Mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel sold the El Cortez and, eventually, took over the construction project that would become the Flamingo. It was named after Bugsy’s girlfriend, the aforementioned Virginia Hill, whose nickname was flamingo because of her long legs and red hair.

Bugsy never saw the completion of the hotel, so it’s said that’s why he haunts the hotel. He has been seen near his memorial in the hotel’s garden courtyard (which yes, features flamingos and is actually a beautiful view from the hotel’s buffet), in the presidential suite (which uses some hardware from Bugsy’s apartment), and near the wedding chapel (which is where his old apartment was located).

Corner of Flamingo Boulevard and Koval Lane

Open to the public: Yes

The corner of Flamingo Boulevard and Koval Lane is said to be where rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered in 1996. It has been said that Tupac, in his famous bandana, haunts that corner because of his unsolved murder.

However, police arrested Duane Keith Davis for Tupac’s murder this month. So, we’ll have to see if his spirit can rest now or if he’ll stay haunting the corner.

Bally's and Paris hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

Horseshoe Las Vegas (formerly Bally’s Las Vegas and MGM Grand Hotel)

Address: 3645 S Las Vegas Blvd

Open to the public: Yes

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks and you can’t get rid of old ghosts. Horseshoe Las Vegas knows that all too well. Although it’s the second rebrand, so third name, for this property, it still is dealing with ghosts from the original brand: MGM Grand Hotel.

In 1980, when it was the MGM Grand Hotel, there was a catastrophic fire that killed 85 people. Many of their spirits remain.

Screams have been heard from a stairwell, and, on the 18th floor, a boy has been heard screaming for his mother (than coughing).

And then, there’s a woman who haunts a row of slot machines. She plays two at once (as many Vegas visitors do). It seems as if she’s smoking a cigarette, but upon closer inspection, you can see it’s actually her dress that’s smoking. When anyone tries to approach her, she vanishes.

Hotel Apache at Binions Gambling Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hotel Apache at Binion’s Gambling Hall

Address: 128 Fremont St.

Open to the public: Yes

Hotel Apache was originally opened to serve as a hotel for construction workers who were building the Hoover Dam. It was unique at the time, with a lot of Las Vegas firsts. It was the first carpeted casino (previously casino floors had been dirt to accommodate horses), had the first air-conditioned lobby, and had the first electric elevator.

Las Vegas royalty Benny Binion ended up leasing the property from the family that opened it nearly two decades after it opened. Binion’s knows about the paranormal rumors and really leans into it, unlike other hotels which like to stay mum on ghosts. You can read about employees experiences with spirits here

Employees at the downtown Las Vegas establishment have reported being touched and nudged, guests have reported hearing furniture being moved, and many (including ghost hunters and mediums) have reported seeing shadows including past owners’ family members.

La Palazza Mansion

Address: 1700 Bannie Drive

Open to the public: No

La Palazza Mansion was the former home of an (unnamed) mob member. Lots of executions (and mob deals) happened in this home. There are rumors of at least one secret murder room with a drain in the floor (for blood) in the mansion.

According to paranormal experts, the blood left behind is why the spirits linger.

Some people who bought the house after the mob had stories of wine glasses being knocked to the floor, voices saying things like “Get out of here!” and “Kill her!” Another owner, who didn’t believe in ghosts, mentioned hearing a weird buzzing noise in the attic. The attic is where a female associated with the mob (perhaps a mobster’s mother) kept money away from the cops.

A female in sunglasses has been seen on the porch and many have thought it’s the same female from the attic.

The Las Vegas Academy of the Arts 

Open to the public: No

The Las Vegas Academy of the Arts originally opened as Las Vegas High School, the first high school in the area, built because of the families residing in the area due to the construction of the Hoover Dam. 

A few years after the school was built, a performing arts center was built. And, if you’ve been reading any of our other haunted posts lately, you know theaters are always haunted (see: The Opera House in Abbeville, the Capitol Theatre in Yakima, and the Pantages Theatre in Tacoma). So, it’s no wonder that the PAC at the school is haunted.

The spirit there is known as Mr. Petrie (or Petre). He has been known to flicker lights, interrupt performances, misplace items, and more. He may have been a former teacher, as the man has been known to approach loud people and shush them by putting a finger to his mouth. There’s another tale that he was actually one of the school’s first janitors and continues to keep the school clean. He may also be the ghost of Frank Partie, a Las Vegas city electrician who actually owned the land that the PAC was built on. Frank died in 1964 and there’s, allegedly, a photo of the phantom in the 1968 yearbook, so that checks out. 

He’s not the only ghost at the school.

There’s one of a 16-year-old boy who is known to play pranks, like pulling the fire alarm. And the last ghost is said to be William Lowden, son of former Nevada state senator Sue Lowden and Paul Lowden, who formerly owned the Sahara and Hacienda casinos. Will, a student of the school majoring in orchestra who passed away at 17, who had been heard playing piano.

YouTube video about the haunted school has a comment on it about a women who attended the school in the 90’s and saw a child run up and down the school’s auditorium.

Little Choo Choo Daycare 

Address: It’s a mystery.

Open to the public: No

All ghost stories are rooted in suspended reality, but none more so on this list than Little Choo Choo Daycare — mostly because no one can actually find it. There’s an address attributed to it that is in an industrial area so people don’t think a daycare would be there. There’s some people who recall the daycare center being located in a residential area near Hyde Park Middle School, which people have said gives off an eerie feeling.

You can see a YouTube video about someone hunting for the location here.

Though the location varies, the ghosts are always the same. One is of an African-American woman who worked at the daycare and committed suicide. The other is of a little boy who was a student at the daycare who was run over by a mechanical train (one of those ones you see in the mall). He has been seen digging with a shovel on the ground.

A woman in a teal dress in front of the entrance to Luxor in Las Vegas.

The Luxor Hotel & Casino

Address: 3900 S Las Vegas Blvd

Open to the public: Yes

The Luxor is maybe haunted, maybe cursed, or maybe both.

It’s an Egyptian-themed casino on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s actually the fourth largest pyramid in the world and has a huge Sphynx at the entrance. The important word there is “a”. Sphynx are supposed to be represented in pairs, and since The Luxor wasn’t constructed taking these requirements into account, it’s said to be cursed.

There are a bunch of deaths associated with the construction, plus lots of suicides. Many of those are said to have been swept under the rug as they’re bad for business. But still, some ghost stories slipped out.

There’s the ghost in Room 30018 who makes a metallic noise sound at 8:30 every morning. Also, guests who stay in the pyramid rather than the tower have been more apt to ghost encounters. So if you’re checking in to the hotel, keep that in mind. (Although, to be fair, my parents stayed in the pyramid this year and didn’t experience any paranormal activity, however, my mom was haunted at The Belmont Inn when we were there last year.)

Then, there’s the ghost who has choked guests, almost to the point of strangulation. The odd thread that ties these frights together is that prior to the attempted strangulation, the victims have been dreaming about a mysterious blonde woman.

A boat in a glass case advertising the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor in Las Vegas.

And, ever since the Luxor opened a Titanic Exhibit with actual artifacts from those who perished with the Titanic’s sinking, there have been stories of people seeing a shadowy figure in the exhibit. Some also claim to have seen Frederick Fleet, the sailor aboard the Titanic who first noticed the iceberg (and survived the horrific ordeal).

And then there were the ghosts (perhaps of construction workers) who had been seen during the Nile River ride. There was a moat around the interior of the pyramid with boats that brought guests to different sections of the hotel. It has since closed, rumored to be because of all the ghost sightings.

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas.

The Mob Museum

Address: 300 Stewart Ave

Open to the public: Yes

The building that the Mob Museum is in is actually the old Vegas courthouse, where countless criminals, murderers, and mobsters were sentenced. It’s said that their spirits come back to haunt the halls of this building.

The Mob Museum is home to tons mob-related artifacts and paraphernalia, many of which were used in torture and murder, so there could be some bad juju associated with those items.

Two women drinking mocktails at The Underground at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas.

The Mob Museum is pretty tight lipped on these spirits (loose lips sink ships and there’s an exhibit in the basement dedicated to a mob-related ship that was sunk), but it does talk frequently about another set of spirits in the basement. See, in the basement of the Mob Museum is the Underground, a hidden speakeasy and distillery that’s accessible to the public (if you can find the hidden door and know the password.

We actually went last time we were in Las Vegas. You can find out more in our The Underground at the Mob Museum review.

Oasis Motel

Address: 1731 S. Las Vegas Boulevard #1301

Open to the public: Yes

The ghost stories from the Oasis Motel are more sad than scary, in my option.

The first story is of famous poker champion Stu Ungar who was the youngest person to ever win the World Series Of Poker who was found dead at the hotel. The other is of actor David Strickland who hanged himself in one of the hotel’s rooms. There are rumors online that say both deaths happened in Room 20, however Stu Ungar’s Wikipedia bio says he was in Room 6 and Strickland’s bio doesn’t even mention the hotel’s name.

It is said that both of their ghosts haunt the cheap motel, but with such little chatter about actually seeing the ghosts, I think hotel makes lists of most haunted places because of the macabre and salacious details of it (in addition to these two high profile deaths, the Oasis Motel was shut down temporarily in 2012 for “unabated prostitution” and drugs).

Redd Foxx House

Address: 5460 S. Eastern Ave.

Open to the public: No

Redd Foxx is known for his portrayal of the title character on the 70’s comedy “Sanford and Son.” He lived in Vegas, purchasing what’s now known as the Redd Fixx house. He owed back taxes (rumor is, $4 million worth), causing his home and seven cars to be ceased two years before his untimely death.

The home was purchased by Elvis impersonator Jesse Garron who lived there with his uncle. Their time at the home was short lived, though, because they kept getting haunted by Redd Foxx. Foxx would open and close doors plus turn lights on and off. 

A seance was held on an episode of A Current Affair and the medium determined that yes, the ghost was indeed Foxx, and he was there because he was angry about changes that were made to the home. 

The home was sold to a business named Aqua Air. The owner, Paul Merlino, also felt Redd Foxx’s presence, watching blinds move by themselves. Aqua Air has also vacated the property, which is now operated as Shannon Day Realty. The real estate office has a picture of a red fox outside and since putting it up, it seems the hauntings have stopped. It seems there’s only room for one red(d) fox(x) there.

Liberace Museum Collection at Thriller Villa 

Address: 2710 Palomino Ln

Open to the public: Yes, by appointment

Liberace, a flamboyant performer, is quintessential Las Vegas. He spent much of his career performing at the Las Vegas Hilton and resorts in Lake Tahoe. So, of course, it makes sense that his spirit resides there.

Originally, a stand-alone museum, aptly named the Liberace Museum housed items, like costumes — and Liberace. His shadowy figure had been seen there.

The collection has moved, now residing at Michael Jackson’s former home dubbed Thriller Villa, and Liberace has moved with the collection.

His spirit was also known to frequent Tivoli Gardens, a restaurant he had owned previously. One worker noticed seeing a reflection of Liberace’s ghost at the piano in a mirror. Other employees have heard silverware clanking. And the there’s the patron who criticized Liberace’s lifestyle, then went outside the restaurant, and a tremendous tree fell near him in the parking lot.

Side note: Liberace’s Tivoli Gardens reopened this year after being closed for a dozen years. It’s a vegan restaurant, so let’s see Liberace’s take on all things meatless.

The Tunnels of Sandhill Road

Address: Between Olive Ave. and Charleston Blvd.

Open to the public: Yes

If you’re claustrophobic, don’t try to find the ghosts at The Tunnels of Sandhill Road. They’re dark tunnels that’s only about three feet high, just enough to fit your car through. They’re creepy in general. Now add ghosts.

There’s a pair of ghosts in the tunnel that’s a husband and wife who are rumored to have crashed and died in the tunnel and who are heard moaning. There are roads on top of the tunnel and wind that passes through it, so the moaning can be debunked by that.

Then, there’s an older woman who is seen yelling at drivers to leave “her” road. She can’t be debunked by wind.

And, when a blogger from Only In Your State went to check it out, she reported feeling nauseous at the site. When she left, the nausea left. And when she came back, it came back. She’s attributing it to something paranormal.

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Address: 3000 Paradise Rd

Open to the public: Yes

Lots of places can say, “Elvis has left the building.” Except Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Because, as the legend goes, he’ll still there in the International Theater and the elevators.

The Westgate Hotel was previously the International Hotel and then the Las Vegas Hilton. And, under those names, Elvis performed over 800 shows in a seven year period. That’s a lot. And maybe why he doesn’t want to leave. The “Elvis Suite” was located on the 30th floor or the hotel and the ghost of Elvis has been seen on the upper floor of the hotel’s hallways.

You can find out more in this YouTube video (where someone comments about playing on the slots at the hotel and being tapped on the shoulder twice … only to find no one behind them).

Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

Address: 600 E Charleston Blvd

Open to the public: Yes

Zak Bagans, host of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures show, runs the appropriately named Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum. Appropriately named because it’s named after him, not because it’s actually haunted.

The consensus is that Zak wants it to be haunted. I mean, that would make sense and bring customers. And it does bring customers who report having eerie feelings in some rooms and even getting a nosebleed when leaving (which I’m sure has nothing to do with the fact that the museum has been reported to need air conditioning and you’re not allowed to bring water on the two hour tour). The customers who feel the paranormal are those who are fans of the show. So, maybe it’s observation bias or maybe Zak Bagans has conjured the paranormal with his artifacts from haunted places and dirt from haunted houses.

Either way, the museum is perfectly set in Las Vegas.

Have you experienced ghosts at any of these Haunted Places In Las Vegas? Let us know your experiences in the comments.