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10 Best Edible Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’re trying to decide what to get mom, tasty treats are always a good idea. Check out out list of the Best Edible Mother’s Day Gifts.

For more help making this the best holiday for your mom (or mom figure), check out all of our Mother’s Day posts.

Popcorn, wine, cookies, and a Mother's Day card on a table with the words "10 Best Edible Mother's Day Gifts" digitally written on top.

My mom loves dessert. Honestly, I think every mom loves that sweet indulgence, that moment of deliciousness.

Sometimes, it’s only a moment.

Then, the kids sniff out the sugar, find mom hiding in the closet, and start asking for a treat, a hug, a missing toy … you know how it goes.

So when you’re thinking of what to give mom for her special day this year, think of gifting her some really tasty treats that makes her moment of indulgence that much more enjoyable.

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10 Best Edible Mother’s Day Gifts

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Two slices of apple pie on parchment paper on a metal tray.

Apple Pie Baked In A Paper Bag from The Elegant Farmer

We tried the Apple Pie Baked In A Paper Bag from The Elegant Farmer for Thanksgiving last year and I have been thinking about it ever since. And I don’t even like apple pie, so that should tell you something.

So absolutely, without a doubt, order this pie as a gift for mom for Mother’s Day.

It has a crisp and cookie-light crust, a crumbly crust with the tastiest sweet drizzle coating, and sweet but tart apple pieces inside. Even reheated, the apple pie was moist and incredible. And I know, people hate the word moist. But you will not hate this pie. Not one bit. What you’ll hate is that you will eat it every night until it’s gone and when it’s gone … it’s gone. You. Mom. Whoever. Order two.

A smash heart on a cutting board with a woman holding a mallet next to it.

Sugar Plum’s Smash Heart

Oh my gosh. Sugar Plum’s Smart Heart is delicious. My mom modeled it, smashed it, and then (just like a good mom) shared it with her loving daughter. It’s so good.

The 1-pound chocolate heart is filled with pretzels, cookies, and potato chips, then topped with a chocolate drizzle and chocolate-coated candies. It sounds like a lot, but it’s the perfect balance.

Smash treats are really popular right now. And although it does come with a mallet, this Smash Heart doesn’t really shatter like the smash treats on TikTok. It took my dad a lot of perseverance, and a lot of flying chocolate-coated candies, to actually get part of it to crack in the way you’d think according to the name.

But luckily, Sugar Plum’s Smash Heart is really soft and pieces of this delicious chocolate treat break off easily.

We all loved it. Even Pete, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. So we will definitely be ordering these for future holidays and celebrations.

Three bags of Old Salt Coffee.

Old Salt Coffee

We drink a lot of coffee. I think most people drink a lot of coffee. Especially moms. Do moms try to drink a hot cup of coffee every morning? Yes. Do they get to? No. Usually it’s cold because someone needs breakfast, someone needs to find their shoe, someone is late and missing the bus.

So a coffee that tastes good hot and cold is a must.

My favorite cup of coffee I’ve ever had at home: Old Salt Coffee’s Silent Service.

It makes such a satisfying cup of coffee. A pinch of sugar added to it puts it on par with really expensive specialty coffees I’ve had.

And sure, maybe a bag of ground coffee doesn’t feel like an adequate Mother’s Day gift. And maybe a drinkable gift doesn’t count as an edible gift. But it is and it does. And if you need to make this feel more “gifty,” for mom, pick up one of these Funny Coffee Mugs to go with it.

A Funky Chunky popcorn gift set.

Funky Chunky’s Supreme Box

If mom has a hard time choosing between salty and sweet, Funky Chunky’s Supreme Box is the perfect gift. The box is filled a variety of chocolate covered salty snacks, all of which are guaranteed to please your mom.

The box comes with five different treats: Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn, Nutty Choco Pop, Peanut Butter Cup, Chip Zel Pop, and Chocolate Pretzel. Three of the five items come in really nice hard plastic containers, which make them really portable. The containers are also really quiet, so mom can sneak into the kitchen and eat some without drawing a crowd.

Of the five, our favorite was the Chip Zel Pop. It’s a sweet popcorn, pretzel sticks, and potato chip pieces topped with a chocolate drizzle. Each bite is really sweet and you only need a little to satisfy your sugar craving. Which is good if mom needs to share.

A woman holding a French macaroon.

Marche de Macaroons

It has been over three years since we went on a trip to Hilton Head Island where we ate Marche de Macaroons. And every time I’ve had a macaroon since, I’ve compared it to those macaroons.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to travel all the way to South Carolina to get some for mom. You can order them online.

My absolute favorite is the Banana Foster, which is nuts because I generally don’t love anything that’s not chocolate or chocolate flavored. But these are banana flavored meringue shells, rimmed in salted caramel buttercream, filled with liquid caramel and a caramel in the center, then topped with banana chips.

These are my gold standard of macaroons, and you can order them for mom in a gold gift box. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Brix chocolate for wine.

Brix Chocolate For Wine

If my grandma was still alive, I would definitely be ordering her some Brix Chocolate for Wine for her Mother’s Day gift. I ordered a bunch for her, she ordered a bunch for herself and for gifts, and Brix actually sent her a huge bag once as a treat. To say she was obsessed is an understatement.

You can pair this chocolate wine, as the name implies, or just enjoy it on its own. The bricks it comes in (hence the name) are meant to be cut into pieces, but my grandma would just eat it like a huge 4 oz. chocolate bar. “If you chop it, you’re going to waste the crumbs,” she told me once.

The Brix Chocolate Collection comes with four variants: Extra Dark (70 % Cacao), Medium Dark (60 % Cacao), Smooth Dark (54 % Cacao), and Milk (46 % Cacao). The Smooth Dark was my grandma’s favorite. Your mom will get the chance to try all four and choose her favorite.

A box of chocolate-dipped fruit from Edible Arrangements.

Chocolate-Dipped Fruit From Edible Arrangements

I’ve never been disappointed by Edible Arrangements. Every time someone has sent me chocolate-dipped fruit from there, it has been incredible.

Let me tell you a quick fact about me: I’m allergic to certain fruits. I can’t eat pineapple, honeydew, or cantaloupe. And if there’s a fruit bowl that has other fruits but also has that trio, I can’t eat it.

There’s a large fruit smoothie chain that, despite assuring me machines are cleaned between smoothies, gives me allergic reactions from cross contamination. Edible Arrangements never does. Even though each facility does have the fruits I’m allergic to, I’ve never one had any issues.

So go ahead and get mom any chocolate fruits from any brand you like. But if she has any sort of fruit allergy, stick with the fruit bouquets at Edible Arrangements.

Four containers of Johnson's Popcorn on an outdoor table.

Johnson’s Popcorn

If you’ve ever been to Ocean City, NJ, you’ve been to the boardwalk. And if you have, you know the smell of Johnson’s Popcorn’s caramel corn that fills the air. It’s sort of like how chocolate fills the air of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

What you also know, if you’ve been to Johnson’s Popcorn is that the staff overfills the bag. The secret I learned from a local is to bring a bucket to fill in a plastic bag. The staff will fill your bucket so much that you need that plastic bag to catch the leftovers.

And that’s exactly how Johnson’s Popcorn fills its online orders as well.

The brand sells more than just caramel corn. Our actual favorite is the cheddar cheese with butter as a very close second. There’s also peanut crunch, which is similar to Cracker Jack. You can purchase a gift basket with four flavors, if you want mom to try them all, or, if she only likes one flavor, you can get her a small tub, large tub, or tin.

Three bacon chocolate bars.

TBJ Gourmet Bacon Chocolate Bar

Bacon makes everything better. Even chocolate. So if you want an unforgettable gift for mom, a TBJ Gourmet Bacon Chocolate Bar is a really good gift idea.

It’s delicious semisweet chocolate mixed with Fruitwood smoked bacon and sea salt (and, actually, it’s Vosges bacon chocolate in a TBJ Gourmet wrapper — which I’ve had before and just absolutely loved, so I was excited to open the TBJ package and see Vosges printed on the bars).

If your mom is a bacon lover, you’ll want to pick her up TBJ Gourmet’s Bacon Jam too. There are a few varieties (sweet chili, black peppercorn, and more). We use bacon jam in our mini meatloaf recipe. Mom will absolutely love adding this to her meatloaf (Ma! The meatloaf!), burgers, chicken, or whatever she feels like making.

A hand holding two boxes of Crumbl cookies.

Crumbl Cookies

My latest obsession since Valentine’s Day have been Crumbl Cookies. They’re so good. And the best part is that every week, the cookies change. So even if your mom has had Crumbl Cookies before, they’re still a great option because you have a chance of getting her ones she’s never had.

And even if she has had them, well, it’s still a thoughtful gift. Because for cookies, Crumbl is expensive. So the mom in your life isn’t running out to get them on a regular basis. And you can’t just pick them up at the grocery store. So this is good.

Plus — and this is a small plus, so don’t tell mom — you can pick up Crumbl Cookies at the last minute unlike some of the other gifts on this list, which need to be ordered in advance.

Shortbread Cookies  Flower Cookies  Easter  Mother's Strawberry (12 Pack)

Order Edible Mother’s Day Gifts Online:

Of course, these aren’t all the edible Mother’s Day gifts out there. There are ones that didn’t fit our list, like the very pretty Shortbread Flower Cookies above.

For more ideas, check out the links below:

Also, don’t forget about checking a store’s minimum cart total in order to qualify for free shipping. Plus, be mindful of the delivery date when you’re ordering. You want to make sure the gift arrives on or before Mother’s Day.

A wrapped gift basket with the words "10+ Great Gift Baskets To Gift" digitally written on top.

More Food Gift Ideas:

If you want a gift with a bit more variety, a gift basket is a great way to go. To help, we have a list of 10+ Great Gift Baskets To Give with fruit baskets, sweet treats, and more.

What’s great about those is you can have them delivered directly to your recipient. So, if the most important woman in your life doesn’t live close enough for you to see her on Mother’s Day, you can have a gift basket shipped directly to her front door.

If your mom loves a cup of tea, be sure to check out our list of Gifts For Tea Lovers. They’re not all edible, but they’re all tea related. And if coffee is more her jam, our Gifts For Coffee Lovers list will help you find the right gift for her.

Which of these edible Mother’s Day gifts do you think your mom will like best?

Cara ~ Vintage Style Gal

Tuesday 9th of May 2023

Wow, what wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing


Sunday 7th of May 2023

I think the smash heart would be my favorite, but the box of chocolate-covered salty treats comes up next. These are all great.


Thursday 4th of May 2023

So many yummy ideas!