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30+ Epic Pool Floats

Pool floats make your pool time so relaxing. But you don’t need a boring inner tube. Pick up one of these 30+ Epic Pool Floats.

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A woman floating on a pool float with the words "30+ Epic Pool Floats" digitally written above her.

It’s summertime, and that means pool life. We spend so many Sundays just lounging at our community pool. Our pool allows pool floats, which makes pool time really relaxing. We actually have one of the epic pool floats from this list — the Dunkin’ Iced Coffee Pool Float (it’s number 31 on this list and the one in the photo above).

This list focuses on vinyl pool floats. Those ones can come in very fun and vibrant designs, plus they’re easier to store at the end of the season because they roll up compactly.

Foam pool floats are an option as well. Those pretty much only come as flat long rectangles with a pillow. Nothing special, so no full list for those. They’re also a lot harder to store since they don’t deflate.

I split this list into three categories: food-shaped pool floats, animal-shpaed pool floats, and miscellaneous-shaped pool floats. That last category has an iced coffee and rosé bottle, which kind of could fit in food, but not really.

Be careful to check the sizes of the pool floats before you purchase them. You don’t want to get one that won’t fit in your pool.

The list of epic pool floats is followed by a how to take care of your pool floats sections. That’s broken into three parts: before using your pool float, after using your pool float, and when pool float season ends.

30+ Epic Pool Floats

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Food-Shaped Pool Floats

Relax on ramen noodles, lay on an eggplant, or sit in an avocado while you play catch with the pit.

Pineapple Pool Float.

Pineapple Pool Float

A pineapple is the perfect shape for a pool float. Your head fits on the crown and your body fits on the fruit.

Giant Ramen Pool Float.

Giant Ramen Pool Float

Who wouldn’t want to float around a pool on a giant ramen? Plus, since it’s a square, that’s a pretty comfortable shape for a float.

Doughnut Pool Float.

Doughnut Pool Float

A doughnut is the perfect shape for a pool float since it’s basically an innertube — but this one has a bite cut out for a cute effect.

Pizza Slice Pool Float.

Pizza Slice Pool Float

A slice of pizza is a great float shape. It gives you a bunch of room to rest your head up top, then comes to the perfect point for your feet at the bottom.

Giant Cheeseburger Pool Float.

Giant Cheeseburger Pool Float

This cheeseburger pool float is basically an innertube that’s decorated to be a little fancy.

Avocado Pool Float.

Avocado Pool Float

The most fun part about this avocado pool float is that when you remove the seed, so that you can have a space for your booty, you can throw it around like a pool ball.

Animal-Shaped Pool Floats

We actually had the alligator pool float when we had a pool, and we absolutely loved it. The two handles on it made it really easy to balance.

Llama Pool Float.

Llama Pool Float

This llama pool float is ready for a fiesta. You can hold onto its neck and it’s tail in the back will help you stay on.

Swan Pool Float.

Swan Pool Float

If you are worried about balance, this swan pool float is for you. It’s wings will help you to balance and hold onto the float.

Peacock Pool Float.

Peacock Pool Float

If you need some help sitting on a float, this peacock pool float has you covered. Its feathers are a huge spot to rest your backside.

Alligator Pool Float.

Alligator Pool Float

This alligator pool float is a great two seater — with handles on each side for both riders to hold on tight.

Dragon Pool Float.

Dragon Pool Float

The tail on this dragon pool float is great to help you relax and not fall off this float and into the pool.

Flamingo Pool Float.

Flamingo Pool Float

Two wings, plus two handles, on this flamingo pool float really help you balance when you’re floating in the pool.

Whale Pool Float.

Whale Pool Float

We used to have this whale pool float and it’s really easy to balance on. It’s also really easy to tip people over when they’re on it.

Weiner Dog Pool Float.

Weiner Dog Pool Float

This Weiner dog pool float is nearly four feet long, which is way bigger than your actual dachshund.

T-Rex Pool Float.

T-Rex Pool Float

A t-rex can’t clap, but it can help you float in the pool if you pick up this float.

Giant Chameleon Pool Float.

Giant Chameleon Pool Float

The best part about this chameleon pool float is that it has an eye that moves.

Unicorn Pool Float.

Unicorn Pool Float

This super colorful unicorn pool float will look great when you’re floating around the pool.

Dinosaur Pool Float.

Dinosaur Pool Float

This dinosaur pool float has handles on the dinosaur’s next so you don’t fall off, which is super helpful.

Rubber Ducky Pool Float.

Rubber Ducky Pool Float

You need to have a big pool in order to use this gigantic rubber ducky pool float in it.

Shark Pool Float.

Shark Pool Float

This shark pool float is perfect for anyone who is a fan of Discovery’s Shark Week.

Miscellaneous-Shaped Pool Floats

We have the Dunkin’ float, but my favorite is actually the pirate ship pool float because it has a squirt gun. Adults can use that, right?

Pirate Ship Pool Float.

Pirate Ship Pool Float — with a squirt gun

The best part about this pirate ship float is that it has a squirt gun, which you can use to hunt down your friends.

Mermaid Tail Pool Float.

Mermaid Tail Pool Float

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a mermaid, this mermaid tail float will help you become one.

Palm Tree Pool Float.

Palm Tree Pool Float

This palm tree pool float will take up a huge chunk of your pool, but it’s like your own island in your pool, so that’s cool.

Hula Skirt Pool Float.

Hula Skirt Pool Float

Wearing this innertube like a pool skirt is a really fun way to float in the pool.

Hibiscus Flower Pool Float.

Hibiscus Flower Pool Float

This hibiscus flower is the perfect shape for a float. Put your head on the flower and relax your feet on the leaf.

Rosé Bottle Pool Float.

Rosé Bottle Pool Float

Rosé all day. In the pool. With this float.

Diamond Ring Pool Float.

Diamond Ring Pool Float

If you know someone getting married soon, this diamond ring pool float is the perfect gift idea.

American Flag Pool Float.

American Flag Pool Float

If you love America, you’ll love this flag float.

Dunkin' Iced Coffee Pool Float

Dunkin’ Iced Coffee Pool Float

This Dunkin’ float is the one in our main photo. It takes a lot to blow it up, but it’s so worth it.

Pool Floats: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the easiest way to inflate pool floats?

These pool floats may need a lot of air to inflate them. When we were using a huge pool float during a recent to Florida, it took all my breath to partially inflate it. My mom and aunt had the bright idea of bringing it to a tire pump to inflate it. That was amazing.

If you don’t have a tire pump nearby, you can use an air pump for inflatables instead. Those are typically used for air mattresses, rafts, things of that nature. When you’re buying an air pump, keep in mind that there are manual or automatic ones. Manual takes more effort, but automatic air pumps are more expensive. So keep that in mind while you’re picking the one to buy.

Some air pumps will actually deflate your inflatables as well. Look for one of those when you’re purchasing an air pump because it’s a lot easier to hook one up to deflate your pool float than trying to lay on top of yours, hold the plastic piece perfectly, and get the air out.

A cocktail pool float.

How To Take Care Of Your Pool Floats

This section is split into three topics: before using the pool float, after using the pool float, and after pool float season is over. I would suggest reading through all of them at the start and end of each season, just to refresh yourself with what to do.

Before using the pool float:

  • When you get your pool float, read over all the warnings on the package and/or on the float itself. Some floats have weight restrictions, so you want to be aware of them and adhere to them for everyone’s safety.
  • Before you inflate your pool float, be sure to check it for any holes or cracks. If you see any, be sure to repair them with a proper repair kit before inflating the pool float.
  • Don’t overinflate your pool float. The air inside can contract and expand with the weather. So, if you fill it completely, when the air expands, it can actually push out too far from within the pool float, have nowhere to go, and damage your float.

After using the pool float:

  • Remove the pool float from the pool after use. The sun and pool chemicals can cause the pool float to break down and get damaged.
  • Rinse down the pool float after use to remove the pool chemicals or the salt from the ocean from the float. Both pool chemicals and salt can cause damage to the float, so be sure to rinse your pool float with clean water.
  • After every use, be sure to let the pool float dry completely before storing it. If you store it wet, mold and mildew can form on it and you’ll have to throw it away.
  • If you left it outside to dry, and the temperature dropped, your float may lose some of its air. Just add a little bit more before you use the float again.

When pool float season is over:

  • When you’re done with the pool float for the season, empty it completely before storing it.
  • Store the deflated pool float in a cool, dark place. Somewhere climate controlled is best. Don’t leave it somewhere warm or well lit. That will cause the pool float to fade.
Heart Shaped Bride To Be Pool Float.

Purchase Pool Floats Online:

These aren’t all of the pool floats out there, just our favorites. For more pool floats, like the heart-shaped bride to be float above, check out the online stores below:

Be mindful of a store’s minimum cart total to qualify for free shipping. Also, consider instore or curbside pickup to avoid shipping costs.

A pool with the words "10+ Fun Gifts For Pool Lovers" digitally written on top.

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Which of these epic pool floats caught your eye?


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