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40 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

DIY Valentine's Day cards are great. Find 40 DIY Valentine's Day Cards For Kids in this list on

When I was in school, it was so much fun to pick out your box of Valentine’s Day cards and hand them out to your class. But now, in the days of Pinterest, everyone is making super cute cards. So of course, I had to put together a list of DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids to get your creative juices flowing.

Now, I’ll be honest. If you get the box cards, you’re good. Those are completely fine. And I actually have a list of cute ones after the list of homemade ones. Because sometimes, you just need to do what’s easy. I get it.

If you want something between boxed cards and Pinterest masterpieces, some of these DIY Valentine’s Day cards are actually just printables. So as long as you have a working printer, you can do them.

40 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

It's so easy to make DIY Bubble Wrap Heart Valentine's Day Cards. Find out how on

1. DIY Bubble Wrap Heart Valentine’s Day Cards

Save your bubble wrap from any packages you get at home and use them to make these bubble wrap Valentine’s Day cards.

A handmade card with a card stock pizza on it with the words "DIY You Have A Pizza My Heart Valentine's Day Card" digitally written on top.

2. DIY You Have A Pizza My Heart Valentine’s Day Card

If you’re making a card for a pizza fan, or if your kid is old enough to understand puns, this DIY You Have A Pizza My Heart Valentine’s Day Card is the best one on this list.

Valentine's Card with Embroidery Thread

3. Valentine’s Card with Embroidery Thread

Are these threaded cards not the absolute sweetest? They’re definitely ones that can be framed and used as Valentine’s Day décor year after year.

4. exStraw Special Valentine’s Day Card

If you want to stay away from giving out candy for Valentine’s Day, a bulk pack of silly straws and this really fun card are a great non-candy treat.

Kids Crayon Valentines

6. Kids Crayon Valentines

Dress up a box of crayons with this really cute valentine. The tutorial requires a Cricut to make it, but you can adapt it if you don’t have one.

7. DIY Invisible Letter Card

Use an invisible ink pen to write a secret love letter, then find out how to wrap it in this cute tutorial.

8. “Valen-Slime” Cards

Slime is still really popular. This post not only teaches you how to make slime, but it also gives you a free printable for the slime cards.

Free Printable Will you be my Valentine card

9. Bee Valentine’s Day Card

This bee-themed card is a free printable, so it’s really easy to make this one for a class valentine.

10. Birdseed Heart Valentines

This DIY Valentine’s Day card is a heart made of birdseed, which is a really incredible idea for a candy-free valentine.

Learn how to make Thaumatropes for kids! These simple Valentine's Day cards create a classic optical illusion that will wow their friends. #STEAM #ValentinesDayCard #Thaumatrope #STEMActivity #ValentineSTEM #ValentineCraft #HomemadeValentine

11. Thaumatropes Valentines For Kids

When you make these valentines, you make a really fun optical illusion. Kids will absolutely love the “magic” you make from these.

DIY Gumball Machine Valentine Craft

12. DIY Gumball Machine Valentines

These Valentine’s Day cards are amazing. The post gives you the free printable for the gumball machine and really good instructions on how to make it.

DIY Playing Card Valentines are fun to make using a deck of ordinary playing cards.

13. DIY Playing Card Valentines

If you have a pack of playing cards that lost a card, don’t throw it away. Instead, turn it into these really cute Valentine’s Day cards.

 You can get these free printable pencil Valentine completed in minutes.

14. You Are Write For Me Classroom Valentine

Pencils are a really good non-candy Valentine’s Day treat, especially when you give it with these really punny cards.

Paper trimmer with printed Baby Yoda Mandalorian Valentines

15. Baby Yoda and Mandalorian Valentine Cards

These Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day cards are super easy because the printable is already made for you. All you need to do is break out a paper trimmer and cut them.

Two Valentine's Day donut treats with the words "Valentine's Day Donut Treat & Free Topper Printables" digitally written on top.

17. Valentine’s Day Donut Treat

Donuts are a really fun treat idea, and they’re even better with this adorable printable Valentine’s Day topper.

Race Car Valentine's Day Cards with Free Printable! | Where The Smiles Have Been

18. Race Car Valentine’s Day Cards

A small toy race car is the perfect non-candy valentine. This printable comes with four different designs. All you need to add are the race cars and washi tape.

19. Turtle Valentine’s Day Cards

Turtles are my favorite animal, so I love these valentine’s day cards. I also love that they have a positive message on them. And they’re easy. You just print and cut.

nintendo valentines | super mario brothers | free printables

20. Super Mario Valentines Printables

These Super Mario valentines are my favorite ones on this entire list. The plays-on-words are adorable. They’re a free printable too, so super easy for you.

Simple Valetines Cards for Kids: Love Birds

21. Love Bird Card

This sweet card is a fun way for kids to draw, glue, and hide a special message inside.

free printable valentines day tic tac toe pinterest

22. Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe

A little candy and a little game make this Valentine’s Day card incredible sweet.

Baby Yoda Valentines Pin

23. Baby Yoda Valentines

Baby Yoda makes his second appearance on this list with these really cute printables. All you need to do is cut them and you’re good to go.

24. Minecraft Valentine’s Day Cards

Kids are still obsessed with Minecraft, so they’ll be obsessed with these Valentine’s Day cards.

A greeting card with an image of bacon and eggs, that reads "We belong together".

25. Bacon & Eggs Valentine

Don’t go bacon your valentine’s heart. Instead, print him or her this cute bacon and eggs card.

Bubble Valentine - Creative Ramblings

26. Bubbles Valentine’s Day Cards

Pick up a pack of bulk bubble wands and you’ll be ready to go with these really cute candy-free valentines.

27. Printable Frog Valentines

Jumping frogs were always the coveted arcade prize when I was young, so I know these jumping frog Valentine’s Day cards will be a big hit with your kid’s class.

Free Printable Star Wars Valentines | These funny Star Wars puns will have all Star Wars fans laughing. Kids will love passing them out at school! #starwars #starwarsfan #valentinesday #valentine #classroom #elementary #freeprintable #simpleeverydaymom #BB8 #r2d2 #darthvader #bb9e

28. Star Wars Valentines

The Star Wars plays-on-words are strong with these cards. And kids will love them. You’ll love that all you have to do is print and cut them.

29. Dinosaur Coloring Valentine’s Day Cards

You’ll need a Cricut to make these cute dinosaur coloring pages, but if you have one, this is a fun and easy project.

free valentine's day printables

30. Coffee-Themed Valentine’s Day Cards

If you’re making cards for older kids or adults, these coffee-themed cards are super cute.

Donut Worry Be Happy. Valentines Day Puns. Valentines Day Bookmarks. Cute Valentines Day Puns. Donut Worry Be Happy. You are one in a melon. Fun Valentines day puns. Bookmark Puns. Non-Candy Valentines Day Ideas. Food Puns for Valentines Day!

31. Valentines Day Puns Bookmarks

I love puns, so I love the puns on these valentines. I also love that they’re bookmarks, so they can be kept and used instead of just tossed in the trash.

32. Printable Pirate Valentines

These cute pirate Valentine’s Day cards will definitely be a big hit with your kids’ class.

Give Star Wars BB-8 Valentines Day

34. Star Wars BB-8 Valentines

How adorable are these BB-8 cards? I love the “BB Mine” sentiment on them.

These are so cute and so simple! Love the free printable too! Sunglasses Valentine's Day Cards with FREE Printable & Silhouette Cut File | Where The Smiles Have Been

35. Sunglasses Valentine’s Day Cards

If you have a small class, or if you’re only making these for your kids, these Valentine’s Day sunglasses are adorable. Although, honestly, you can get a great deal on bulk sunglasses.

36. Pokémon Valentines Cards

You guys know I love my Pokémon Go, so I love these Pokémon-themed Valentine’s Day cards.

free printable coloring page valentines pinterest

38. Coloring Page Valentines

All you need to add to these cute coloring pages are some crayons. There are four different designs that you can print, which is great.


39. Printable Valentines Day Card + Make Your Own Crayons Gift Pack

Find out how to make heart-shaped crayons and print a cute Valentine’s Day card to go with them in this post.

baby yoda valentine printable pinterest image

40. Printable Baby Yoda Valentines

And one more Mandalorian printable to end this round up because kids really do love Star Wars. Speaking of, have you seen our list of Star Wars gift ideas?

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Which of these DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids is your favorite?