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Advent Calendar Ideas For Families

Christmas is coming. Which you may not know if you haven’t bought your Advent calendar yet. If you’re still looking for one, our list of Advent Calendar Ideas For The Whole Family will help you decide.

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A chocolate Santa on top of an Advent calendar with the words "Advent Calendar Ideas For The Whole Family" digitally written on top.

Every year, my brother buys me a chocolate Advent calendar for my birthday and I use it to count down to Christmas. It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions and such a fun way to get excited during the Christmas season. He bought me one this year … but gave it to me in front of his two sons. And, according to them and all the open little doors on the calendar, Christmas has already come and gone.

Unless you have nephews who can devour their weight in chocolate men in a single setting, you’re still getting ready to count down to Christmas. So, one of these really festive Advent Calendars For The Whole Family is sure to appeal to you.

We tried to fill this list with a variety of the best Advent calendars, not just the same one in different packaging.

We also have a DIY Advent calendar in this list too. And, we have another DIY Advent calendar post that we’re planning on writing this year, so we’ll be sure to add that to this list as soon as it’s written. So, be sure to save this post (pin it, bookmark it, etc.) so you can come back and see what we’ve added.

A Christmas tree in a shopping mall with the words "Drugstore Divas' Holiday Gift Guide" digitally written above it.

Advent calendars are a way to count down to Christmas — which means they basically show you how many shopping days you have left.

Speaking of shopping, our Holiday Gift Guide can help you find great ideas for gifts for everyone this holiday season.

Advent Calendar Ideas For The Whole Family

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A coffee Advent calendar on the shelf at ALDI.

Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar

If you’re buying an Advent calendar for a coffee lover, this Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar is perfect. Each day, your recipient will open a different K-Cup.

That’s absolutely perfect since your recipient is going to start their day with a cup of coffee anyway. This is a great way for them to add a little bit of festive fun into that routine.

I’m not sure if every K-Cup is different, although it would be so much fun if it was. You’ll just have to pick this up and find out.

The Kids Craft Christmas Countdown box with felt ornament kits.

Kids Craft Christmas Craft Advent Calendar

If you have kids who love crafts, this Kids Craft Christmas Craft Advent Calendar is absolutely perfect.

There are 25 craft kits inside, one for every day through Christmas Day. Each kit contains all the contents to make a felt ornament, everything from the instructions to the string to hang it.

I made a dozen or so of these with my 2-year-old niece and 5-year-old nephew (obviously not following the proper Advent schedule), and it was actually so easy for them to make them. For my niece, I was pointing out the differences between the three step instructions so she could easily see what to do next. With my nephew, I asked him to find the differences.

​They both needed a little help pulling off the backing to expose the sticky side of the felt, so definitely have a family member around to help little kids with that. But other than that step, they were able to make these on their own.

Plus, when Christmas is here, you have a ton of ornaments on your tree (or to give away as small gifts for family members).

A Peanut Christmas Tree Advent calendar.

Peanuts Countdown Calendar

Everyone loves the Charlie Brown tree. But what about Charlie Brown on a tree. Even cuter.

This Peanuts Countdown Calendar is basically just that. Each day, you open a different Peanuts character and hang him or her on the Christmas tree. By Christmas Eve, the tree is full of friends. 

What’s even cuter is that each character is dressed in their costume from the play they do in A Charlie Brown Christmas, which I just think is such a sweet addition to this.

The best part, though, is that this is a reusable Advent calendar. You can put the figures back in the packaging and open it again next year, which is really great as far as sustainability goes.

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A Playmobil Advent Calendar.

Playmobil Advent Calendar

Playmobil toys make great gifts. They’re perfect for little hands and really good quality. We give them as gifts to our nieces and nephews when they’re young because of how well they hold up and how they encourage play.

So I love that Playmobil has an Advent calendar. Even better, though, it has a new one every year. So even if you opened one with your child last year (and the toys from that set have gotten misplaced because of excess play), you can purchase a new calendar this year.

After Christmas, your child can use these new toys with their other Playmobil toys.

This year’s calendar is a Princess Magic version, filled with cute items like a pink snowman and fairy characters. But, my all time favorite was the Christmas Manger Advent Calendar from a couple years ago where each day you opened a piece that told the story of the birth of Jesus. I gave that one to my godson for Christmas and I just imagine him opening it every year and setting up the nativity scene.

A Mickey Mouse and Disney Princesses Advent calendars.

Disney Holiday Countdown Calendar

Disney fans will love this Disney Holiday Countdown Calendar. (Except if you’re like me and a little crazy because they call it a Holiday Countdown Calendar when it’s obviously a Christmas countdown calendar because it has 24 little doors and literally says Noel on the front. But, I digress.)

Each door hides a piece of milk chocolate, just like a classic Advent calendar from back in the day.

We had this type growing up, so it’s so familiar and classic to me. Plus, when Christmas comes, the calendar is finished and can be tossed in the trash (so no small toys to find space for once the calendar is fully opened).

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A Harry Potter socks Advent calendar.

Harry Potter 12 Days Of Socks Box

Harry Potter fans will absolutely love this Harry Potter 12 Days Of Socks Box.

Each day, you open a new pair of socks. There are eight pairs of ankle socks and four pairs of crew socks, all with different Harry Potter-related designs.

My cousin said that a better way to make this would be to allow you to only be able to open one sock a day so it’s a true Advent calendar and has 24 days worth of surprises. So, if anyone is looking for a marketing genius, email me and I’ll send you her number.

And, if you need another gift for your Harry Potter fan, our list of The Best 20 Gifts For Harry Potter Fans is sure to help.

A piece of chocolate coming out of a Godiva Advent Calendar.

Godiva Advent Calendar

One of our family traditions growing up was that my mom would buy us each our own Advent calendar that was filled with tiny chocolates. When we were a little older, she would make her own DIY Advent calendar of sorts and wrap chocolates in wrapping paper and we’d open one every day.

My brother keeps that tradition alive for me by buying me an Advent calendar every year.

Last year, he got me a Godiva Advent calendar filled with sweet treats like chocolate Santa figures, caramel-filled squares, and more. I really did look forward to opening a special treat every night after dinner, just like I did when I was a little girl.

Dog with a homemade Advent calendar with the words "DIY Dog Treat Advent Calendar" digitally written on top.

DIY Dog Treat Advent Calendar

We said this list was for everyone in your family and that includes your pets.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to incorporate Fido or Fluffy into your Christmas activities, make this DIY Dog Treat Advent Calendar.

A great thing about this Advent calendar is that it’s reusable, so you can make it this year and then use it every year from now until eternity. All you’ll have to do in the future is purchase a box of small treats to use to fill the pockets.

Purchase Advent Calendars Online:

Of course, these aren’t all the Christmas Advent calendar options out there, just our favorites. There are more like the Tidings of Joy Fabric Advent Calendar pictured above.

You can find more at the following stores below:

You can also find a variety of Advent calendars at your local grocery stores. I found a bunch at LIDL this year. You can order those and have them delivered via Instacart.

Be mindful of a store’s minimum cart total to qualify for free shipping. Also, consider instore or curbside pickup to avoid shipping charges.

Which of these Advent Calendar Ideas for the entire family are you picking up this year? Let us know in the comments.