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5+ Tips For Updating Your Closet For Fall

Get ready for the new season with these tips for updating your closet for fall. There are great tips to help you stay organized and keep your wardrobe fresh.

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The weather is still insanely hot here, but the kids have gone back to school and Halloween decorations are everywhere, and that is helping me remember that it’s fall. And that means it’ll start feeling like fall, so we need to reorganize the closet and dresser to move out the summer clothes and move in the winter clothes.

To make things a little easier for when you start updating your closet for fall, I put together a list of tips to help you.

You can use these tips for other seasons seasons as well, although we always find the biggest adjustment is summer to fall and then winter to spring, so these would be most helpful then.

5+ Tips For Updating Your Closet For Fall

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Remove your summer pants and shorts from your closet.

My favorite shorts are closest to the door in my closet. That way, I’m able to grab them when I’m getting dressed. I won’t be wearing those on cold fall days, though, so they have to get out of the closet.

And my super fun blue and white floral capris that I’ve had longer than most everything in this house, they have to make way for corduroys.

Put all your summer bottoms in a tote, then put that away in the attic until next summer. Then, grab the tote with your fall bottoms and hang those back up in your closet.

Put away any non-layering tops.

I’m a huge fan of layering in the fall. Nothing too bulky, but I love a knit top over a tank top. And I’m always carrying around a thin shirt with sleeves in case it’s cold wherever we go.

Graphic tees can’t be layered this way, so those should get folded up and put in your tote box with your shorts and summer pants. Anything you can layer with — solid camisoles and thin tank tops — get to stay year round.

Grab your tote with your fall tops and start hanging those in your closet.

Donate items that don’t fit.

Be honest. There are a lot of items in your closet that just don’t fit anymore. Shirts that you avoided wearing all summer long. You know which ones they are. So, when you’re packing up your clothes and putting them in totes to go in the attic, put the items that don’t fit into a box for donation.

Include items you just don’t wear anymore in this too. If you have items that have just sat in the back of your closet all summer long, donate those too. If you didn’t feel like wearing them now, you’re not gonna want to unpack them back into the closet next year.

A woman in an orange cardigan.

Pick up a few new trendy pieces.

Don’t purchase a whole new wardrobe for fall. Instead, make sure you have a couple capsule pieces, like a plain black bodysuit. That can go under so many items during so many seasons.

Then, pick up a few trendy pieces for the season. That’s a great way to wear mostly old clothes but feel like your clothes are fresh for fall.

The biggest trend for fall 2022 is a white tank top and blue jeans, which is so easy. Another big trend is long cardigans. You can easily pair those. The white tank top and blue jeans are part of your capsule pieces, so all you need to add is the cardigan.

For this fall, I have the Cody Cardigan in Crush from Haute Shore. That’s the one in the photo above. So if you want to match me, you should definitely pick that up as well. It wears so well. I absolutely love how it fits. It’s super comfortable, flows well, and is really eye catching so you totally stand out (which is the point of these types of pieces).

A woman's feet in flip flops.

Say goodbye to flip flops.

Open-toed shoes don’t really have a place in cold weather. I live in flip flops during the summer. But my flip flops get bagged up and put away in the fall.

While you’re doing this, be sure to take inventory of your flip flops. If your white flip flops have been darkened by too much summer wear, and washing them just isn’t helping, this is the time to get rid of them.

Also, make sure that each flip flop has a match too. You laugh, but sometimes they get left behind at beaches and hotels. So, if you have a flip flop looking for a mate, toss that one in the trash. Just remember to buy a new pair in that color next summer.

Move the scarves around.

I wasn’t a scarf person for a really long time because I just didn’t understand the whole fashion scarf thing. I grew up in New York where scarves kept you warm in the winter and that was that. Fast forward to now, when we live in North Carolina and I finally get fall scarves.

I usually keep these in the back of my closet during the summer (because the one hanger they’re on doesn’t take up too much room), but I move it closer to the closet door during the fall.

They’re cute to pair with solid tops that need a little pop of color. Plus, if you get a little cold on a fall night, you can open it up and use it for a little warmth.

A silver necklace on a bag.

Change your jewelry.

Summer jewelry is colorful and chunky. You’re usually wearing such light clothing that the juxtaposition of statement jewelry is the perfect balance.

But in the fall, when your clothing gets bulky, you want your jewelry to be simple. That’s the balance there.

Pete’s favorite fall jewelry is a silver necklace. He’s convinced it makes an outfit. So if you want to help your man update his wardrobe for fall, you can twin Pete with this Lucleon necklace from TrendHim. Specifically, he has the 8mm Silver-Tone Chain Necklace. It’s perfect with his Timberland boots, which are definitely more of a fall shoe than a summer shoe.

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Which of these Tips For Updating Your Closet For Fall is the most helpful?

Jan Wild

Monday 21st of August 2017

Great tips and it is such fun to have a purge at the end of the season and look forward to adding a few new bits and pieces.


Thursday 17th of August 2017

Great tips. I need to purge too. Tired of some of old. I do you keep your scarves. I'm forever finding them on the floor

Pamela Smith

Monday 14th of August 2017

Great tips! Can't wait to find a comfy plaid shirt for fall!