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Refreshing Your Routine For Fall

This Refreshing Your Routine For Fall post is sponsored by Babbleboxx.

Fall is starting, so it's time to refresh your routine for fall. Get some tips how in this post from #takemakeboxx

I called my mom a few weeks ago to come over and help me try to zip a dress for my brother Mike’s wedding. I had bought it online for my brother Joe’s wedding four years ago, but I never wore it.

Turns out, I never wore it because it didn’t zip.

I have a wide rib cage and sometimes, dresses don’t fit the way they should. It’s a frustrating problem to have.

The next day, I got an email telling me Maidenform shapewear was on its way to me. What a coincidence! It wasn’t going to arrive in time for Mike’s wedding, though. But it was arriving in time to refresh my routine for fall.

Refreshing Your Routine For Fall

Three of the items in this post — the sneakers, contacts, and shapewear — are all part of Babbleboxx’s Makeover & Takeover’s box. This BabbleBoxx promotion is a co-sampling initiative that involves multiple brands.

Fall is starting, so it's time to refresh your routine for fall. Get some tips how in this post from #takemakeboxx

Update your footwear.
Flip flop season is officially over, so now we are into the time of cute sneakers. And oh my gosh. I’m obsessed with my new ones.

I got a pair of Boomer shoes from Earth brand and they are the cutest sneakers I’ve owned in a long time. I picked the black multi pair, which means the main part of the shoes is more of a heathered black or a black and gray. They also come in olive and black, which is a solid black. Mine match all my dark fall clothes, but the heathered black means I can get away with them when I’m wearing anything light as well.

Plus, these are really comfortable shoes. I wore them on a recent bar crawl downtown where we were doing so much walking. It was my first time wearing them, and you know, first time shoes can hurt your feet. Not these. They fit my feet perfectly on Day 1 and have been great ever since. Maybe it’s the memory foam footbed or the reinforced arch support. I’m not sure. But what I’m sure about is these are my new obsession. 

Change your sheets.
There are few things I love more than freshly washed sheets. I wash dry them with two dryer sheets and it’s like sleeping in a cozy warm hug. And isn’t that exactly what you need for fall?

Fall is a good time to change your sheets and comforter too. Take off the lighter colors that you’ve been using during summer and change to darker sheets to match the season.

That’s also a really simple way to redecorate for the new season without actually going all out. Just  change the sheets, change the throw pillows, change  the comforter, and you bedroom looks like it got a full makeover.

Fall is starting, so it's time to refresh your routine for fall. Get some tips how in this post from #takemakeboxx

Refresh your eyes with AVEO contacts.
I’ve worn contacts since I was a junior in high school. Before then, I could see just fine. But that year, my eyes started to weaken and I needed glasses. My mom was telling me to wear eye makeup to school and it would give me confidence so I wouldn’t be self conscious about the glasses. I don’t think it worked because almost as soon as I got glasses, I got contacts.

I’ve always had two-week disposables. AVEO is my first time with daily contacts.

What a difference. My night routine is completely simplified. Since you open a new pair every day, you don’t need to clean and sanitize your contacts at night. Instead, you just toss them away. That bit of time that it saves you really adds up.

And the savings adds up too. You order them online and it’s under $1 a day for the subscription. Plus, they ship free and you can get your first month free too. You can use your current prescription to order them or get a new one using your smartphone.

Change your air filters.
The coming of fall means fall weather is almost here. And while we don’t have to put on the heat until winter, different parts of the country need the heat starting now.

What we all need to do, though, is change your air filters. You should change them quarterly (so a change with every season is a good way to remember this). Your home’s air filters get really dirty from use, and that ends up making it harder on your HVAC system. It will require more energy to work, which raises your electric bill. It also won’t work as well, which means that your home won’t be as toasty warm (or as cool) as you want it to be.

It’s actually pretty simple to change them, and it makes a big difference when you do it.

Fall is starting, so it's time to refresh your routine for fall. Get some tips how in this post from #takemakeboxx

Say bye bye to your sundresses.
Part of why I love summer is because you can get away with wearing sundresses everywhere. It’s a good excuse to not have to put on pants. But, come fall, all those cute loose-fitting dresses get put in the back of the closet and it’s time to break out the tight-fitting little black dresses.

If you need a little help getting into yours, you want to check out the Maidenform Open Bust Body Shaper. It comes in sizes Small to 2XL. You can get it in either black or latte lift, and both colors are made from an anti-static, cling-free fabric. So when you wear it, it won’t stick to your dress (and no one will really know you’re wearing it).

What I like about this is that you can wear your own bra with it. I’m so comfortable in my own bras, so I’m glad that I can wear my own and feel comfortable up top, and then still get the benefits of shapewear.

Fall is starting, so it's time to refresh your routine for fall. Get some tips how in this post from #takemakeboxx

Which of these items from the Babbleboxx Takeovers & Makeovers box would be the best bet to help you refresh for fall? Let me know in the comments!

Teri Schuler

Tuesday 23rd of October 2018

Great ideas for refreshing for fall! I love those sneakers!! Definitely going to check them out!


Saturday 20th of October 2018

great new leaf you turned over for fall. They all sound awesome and so glad you shared them


Friday 19th of October 2018

Loving the sneakers, they look so comfy! #ThatFridayLinky