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Wilmington Sharks: A Family-Friendly Good Time In Wilmington, NC

The Wilmington Sharks 2022 season will open on May 25, 2022, the Coastal Plain League announces. 

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Spend a family-friendly night out at a Wilmington Sharks baseball game. Find out all about it at

A couple weeks ago, I saw a tweet from Wilmington Sharks giving away free tickets for the baseball team’s home opening scrimmage. The team was calling the day Fan Fest and had a band, Folkstone Stringband, playing for an hour before the game. The best part, though, were tickets were free.

Of course, we had to go and check it out.

We had such a fun time. If you’re coming to Wilmington, NC, or if you just live here, definitely catch a game if you get the chance.

Wilmington Sharks: A Family-Friendly Good Time In Wilmington, NC

Who are the Wilmington Sharks?
The Wilmington Sharks are a collegiate summer baseball team that plays in the Coastal Plain League.

Where do the Sharks play?
The team’s home field is Buck Hardee Field at Legion Stadium (2149 Carolina Beach Road). To locals, the field is affectionately known as “The Shark Tank.”

This was also home to the semi-professional soccer team, The Wilmington Hammerheads, until 2016.

Is the team new?
Nope! The Wilmington Sharks baseball club was founded in 1997, the same year the Coastal Plain League began.

Spend a family-friendly night out at a Wilmington Sharks baseball game. Find out all about it at

Who else is in the Coastal Plain League?
There are four divisions of the league: North, South, East, and West. The Wilmington Sharks play in the East division, along with the Fayetteville SwampDogs from Fayetteville, NC, the Holly Springs Salamanders from Holly Springs, NC, and the Morehead City Marlins from Morehead City, NC.

How many games are in a season?
There are 52 regular season games during a full-season (2020 may have less), with a mix of home and away. The majority of the games are played in the division, but additional games outside of division match ups are played.

After that, the Pettit Cup Playoffs begin with divisionals, regionals, and then the championship.

Have the Sharks ever won the championship?
The Sharks have, in 1998 and 1999.

Have the Sharks ever had a famous player?
Surprisingly, yes. Back in 2002, Tom Mastny, a former pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, was a member of the Sharks.

Mastny is the only Indonesian-born player in Major League History, which is pretty cool.

Is there a Wilmington Sharks mascot?
Yup! Sharky the Shark.

How much are tickets?
Tickets ranged from $7 to $12 for the 2020 season. If you check out the Wilmington Sharks seating chart, you can see what seats are what prices.

Spend a family-friendly night out at a Wilmington Sharks baseball game. Find out all about it at

Is there a concession stand?
There is. You can buy water, soda, hot dogs, chili cheese dogs, pizza, nachos, and ice cream.

But is there beer?
There is. At our game, Landshark pint cans were $3 and came with a koozie with the Wilmington Sharks logo on one side and the Landshark logo on the other.

Thursdays are Thirsty Thursdays and select beverages are only $1.

Are there other promotions?
There are. The Wilmington Sharks have a full promotions schedule for 2020.

There are postgame fireworks on Friday, July 3; Friday, July 17; and Friday, July 31.

Pets are allowed at the park for Jaws-N-Paws on Wednesday, July 15; Wednesday, July 29, and Wednesday, August 5.

And there are giveaways too. Friday, July 3 is a team poster giveaway for all fans. Saturday, July 11 is a replica blue jersey giveaway for the first 250 kids. Saturday, July 25 is a replica Hawaiian jersey giveaway for the first 250 kids. Saturday, August 8 is a Sharks logo baseball giveaway for the first 250 kids. And on Friday, August 14, there will be various prizes given away one per inning.

Spend a family-friendly night out at a Wilmington Sharks baseball game. Find out all about it at

Is there entertainment?
This is actually part of why I love rec leagues and minor league teams. There are usually games between innings and periods. And the Wilmington Sharks don’t disappoint. Between innings, a child (previously selected) can race Sharky the Shark. There are also potato sack races, relay races, and more.

Are you planning to go to a Wilmington Sharks game this season?

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Monday 10th of June 2019

I actually didnt know Wilmington,NC existed. Glad to know its a family friendly place!

Reika Misaki

Saturday 8th of June 2019

This looks really fun. It’s nice to know that you had a great time.


Friday 7th of June 2019

How fun! I’ve never been to Washington but I would like to go.

Brittany Vantrease

Friday 7th of June 2019

My parents used to take us to ball games when I was younger. We'll have to check out something near us because going to a game sounds like fun!

Terri Beavers

Friday 7th of June 2019

Now I've got to add Wilmington NC to my bucket list. We are a sports-loving family so we always look for sport-themed outings when we travel. Baseball is top on our list.