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What To Know About Blues-N-Brews Fayetteville, NC (2021 Update!)

Blues-N-Brews 2021 in Fayetteville, NC is taking place October 30, 2021. This post was updated with the most accurate information for that event.

Drugstore Divas was hosted at the Blues N Brews Festival in Fayetteville, NC in 2017.

If you like drinking and music, you'll love the Blues N Brews Festival in Fayetteville, NC. Find out all about it in

Pete loves blues. Loves it. We used to go to a weekly blues open mic and he would sign up to play. It took me a long time to understand how five guys who never met each other, who met only by putting their names on a piece of paper, could figure out how to play three songs together and sound like a cohesive unit.

“It’s the blues,” Pete would say. “It’s like knowing your ABC’s.” I know my alphabet, but I can’t play guitar, so no open mics for me. But sometimes, when Pete’s playing the blues, I’ll catch a riff or sequence of notes and think, “Those are the ABC’s.”

What To Know About Blues-N-Brews Fayetteville, NC

I wonder how many of the attendees will hear the ABC’s at the Cape Fear Regional Theatre’s Blues N Brews Festival in Fayetteville, NC. The annual festival is taking place on October 30, 2021 from starting at 4 pm at Festival Park (335 Ray Avenue).

So, let’s talk about the blues part first. There are four acts: Nattalyee Randall, Willie Bradley (who, once upon a time, played with jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie!), 2 Bald Guys Dueling Piano Show, and The Guy Unger Band (during the VIP hour),

Yes, there’s a VIP hour. VIP tickets are available for $75. You get access to the festival at 4 pm, which means a full hour of beer and music before the crowd shows up.

You also get a catered meal and a unicorn beer from The Mash House, access to the VIP area with private lawn and covered seating, exclusive BnB merchandise, and more.

We had this ticket in 2017, and it was incredible. It got hot during the day, and it was really great to be able to go into the VIP tent and sit in the shade. We were also able to sit in chairs in the section as well.

Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages were available too, so we could sit in the shade and eat some chips while still enjoying the music.

Two people at the Blues N Brews Festival in Fayetteville, NC.

Pete’s favorite perk about the VIP tent was actually being able to get beer there. There were beers all day long in the VIP tent, so you didn’t have to go into the crowd when it was packed.

But, you were also able to hit up the really popular tents before anyone else got there, since VIP ticket holders get into the festival an hour before everyone else.

So we made sure to hit what we really wanted to try at 4 pm and spend that hour relaxing. It is definitely worth the extra money because once the general admission ticket holders get there, the lines can get pretty long and some of the beer runs out.

This year will be a little different though because this year, VIP ticket holders get five beer tickets and general admission ticket holders get four beer tickets. When we went in 2017, it was unlimited samples.

If you don’t want to a VIP ticket, you can purchase a general admission ticket for $30 ($40 at the gate, which opens at 5 pm for GA). Admission includes four beer tickets. Plus the music, of course.

You can also pick up a non-drinking ticket for $10.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Food is not included in the ticket price of the non-VIP tickets. You can, however, purchase food from various food trucks that will be around.

There will be beer samples from brewers in North Carolina, like local Fayetteville brewers Dirtbag Ales and The Mash House Brewing Company (which is actually one of the stops we recommend in our 24 Hours In Fayetteville, NC trip post).

Other local North Carolina breweries will be available, like Red Oak Brewery from Whitsett, NC and Foothills Brewing from Winston-Salem, NC.

In the past there were large names as well, but there aren’t any national or out of state breweries listed for 2021.

The festival is a fundraiser for the Cape Fear Regional Theatre, so you can feel good about going.

My biggest tip from 2017 is if you don’t buy a VIP ticket, bring a captains chair. You can set them up in front of the stage. And you definitely will want a seat because it’s a long day.

Make sure your chair has a cup holder, too. It helps.

Also, the Blues N Brews Festival was the first time I’ve ever seen a captains table (at least, that’s my name for it), so we quickly bought one and use it all the time. It’s a collapsible table with a bag, just like a captains chair. It has cup holders for your drinks, plus enough space for food. We love ours.

Get more details on the Blues N Brews Festival in Fayetteville, NC here.

And of course, check out the video Pete made of the festival in 2017.

Blues N Brews Fayetteville, NC 2021 Update:

Drugstore Divas has no affiliation with Blues-N-Brews, so all this information is as accurate as we can find. But, it is subject to change and Drugstore Divas isn’t held liable for that.

It is a mostly outdoors festival (except for the restrooms), so be sure to follow the local ordinances for outdoor activities.

Images of Fayetteville, NC.

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Are you planning on going to Blues-N-Brews in Fayetteville, NC this year?


Wednesday 5th of June 2019

This looks my kind of event. I would love to attend.

Jennifer L

Sunday 2nd of June 2019

wow this festival sounds like a ton of fun. I can't believe you get all those perks for the vip ticket...definitely a bargain compared to Coachella.


Saturday 1st of June 2019

I could SERIOUSLY do with a festival like this!! Would have loved to have gone when I lived in NY

Paula Stewart

Saturday 1st of June 2019

It sounds like the VIP pass is the way to go. This is something that my music and beer loving man would love to attend.


Saturday 1st of June 2019

This sounds like my kind of event! I want to go!!!!