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5 Fun Ways To Use Valentine’s Day Stickers

There are a ton of ways to use Valentine’s Day stickers this holiday season, from decorating cards to labeling gifts.

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Stickers, washi tape, and scissors on pink card stock with the words "Fun Ways To Use Valentine's Day Stickers" digitally written on top.

It’s finally February, so we are officially allowed to shout about Valentine’s Day now. All hearts all the time.

Honestly, this is my favorite time of the year for crafting. I love hearts. I love DIY Valentine’s Day cards. It’s all so adorable to me.

If you don’t want to break out the scissors and cut hearts from construction paper, you can just use heart stickers instead. Valentine’s Day stickers are a really great way to be festive without having to dive into your crafting supplies for every piece of your craft.

A white heart on top of a pink piece of cardstock with the words "10+ Easy To Make Valentine's Day Crafts" digitally written on top.

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5 Fun Ways To Use Valentine’s Day Stickers

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A circle with the words "You Have A Pizza My Heart" glued onto card stock.

Give Stickers As School Valentines

Most kids give out those paper Valentine’s Day cards that come in a box of 30 or so. And those are fine, but when they’re brought home, they’re the first thing that gets thrown in the trash.

Instead, pick up a roll of stickers and have your child give those out as school Valentines instead. Kids love stickers and have sticker books, so it’s a good Valentine for sure.

A roll of stickers is usually perforated, so it’s a little easier to buy that than sheets of stickers, but either option is fine.

To make it a little easier for your kid to hand out in class, you could have your child fill out those paper cards, then tape a sticker from the roll to each one. That way, the cards can easily be delivered to each student’s Valentine’s Day mailbox.

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Decorate Drinkware/Bowls

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day at home and you want to use festive drinkware, but you don’t have any, stickers can make that easier.

Stick a sticker to the outside of a water bottles or plastic cups. And, if you’re eating out of plastic bowls, stick a sticker onto there too. Instant Valentine’s Day place settings. Then, after dinner, just peel them off. If there’s any sticker residue left behind, you can use Goo Gone to get rid of it, then wash your cups and dishes as you usually would.

If you’re going to do this, I suggest using vinyl stickers or sticker tape (like I used to make our DIY Pumpkin Glasses) because that peels off a lot easier than foam stickers, which have a much sticker backing. If you’re not leaving the stickers on for a long time, it should be fine. But, have the Goo Gone handy just in case.

It's so easy to make DIY Bubble Wrap Heart Valentine's Day Cards. Find out how on

Make Cards

One of my favorite things to do is make and send cards for holidays. You can easily make homemade cards if you use stickers.

Cut a piece of card stock into four pieces. Stick a Valentine’s Day sticker (or the whole sticker sheet) in the center of the card. Write your recipient’s name above the sticker and your name below the sticker. It would be so much fun for kids to make their own cards for their siblings and the rest of the family.

Or, if you want to be a little more involved, you can do something like our DIY You Have A Pizza My Heart Valentine’s Day Card. Instead of cutting a heart shape out of a red piece of paper a bunch of times for the pepperoni, just use different sizes of heart stickers to stick to the pizza. It’ll save you so much time and potential cramps in your hand.

A reverse canvas heart wall art piece displayed on a floating shelf.

Make Valentine’s Day Crafts

We have a Reverse Canvas Heart Wall Art tutorial where we painted a heart onto a canvas to use as a decoration.

If you wanted to make a similar decoration, but don’t want to use acrylic paint (especially if you’re crafting with kids), you can simply use stickers.

Stick with the reverse canvas method, which means you remove the canvas from the frame. Let your kids stick cute Valentine’s Day stickers all over the canvas, paint the frame (if you want), then stick the canvas back into the frame, and display it.

A paper bag filled with treats.

Label Gifts

Plain gift bags are cheaper than Valentine’s Day gift bags. But, they’re not as cute. So, what you can do instead is stick an adorable Valentine’s Day sticker on the outside of a gift bag. That way, it looks festive and you didn’t pay extra money for it.

This works really well with brown paper lunch bags, but you could do this with clear gift bags too.

Punny Valentine’s Day vinyl sticker pack.

Purchase Valentine’s Day Stickers Online:

If you don’t have any Valentine’s Day stickers at home, you could make your own stickers with a printer and vinyl sticker paper. But, if you’d rather just purchase some fun stickers, like the Punny Valentine’s Day sticker pack above, online at the following stores:

Be sure to check a store’s minimum cart total to qualify for free shipping. Also, consider instore or curbside pickup to avoid shipping charges.

A hand putting a sticker with the name "Lisa" on it onto a water bottle with the words "10 Reasons To Use Name Stickers At School" digitally written on top.

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Which of these Fun Ways To Use Valentine’s Day Stickers are you going to use this year?