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Fun Ways To Use Valentine’s Day Stickers #StickerandCoValentine

There are a ton of ways to use Valentine’s Day stickers this holiday season. Find out about them, and about buying stickers from Sticker & Co. for all your Valentine’s Day fun.

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A sticker that says "You Are One Hot Dog" with the words "Fun Ways To Use Valentine's Day Stickers" digitally written on top.

With only a week until the big day, we are deep in the heart of Valentine’s Day crafting. Hearts are everywhere right now.

Honestly, this is my favorite time of the year for crafting. I love hearts. I love DIY Valentine’s Day cards. It’s all so adorable to me.

If you don’t want to break out the scissors and cut hearts from card stock, you can just use stickers instead.

Valentine’s Day stickers, like the ones from Stickers & Co., are a really cute way to be festive without having to dive into your crafting supplies.

Fun Ways To Use Valentine’s Day Stickers

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Before we get into the ways to use stickers, let’s talk about where you can buy them. We recommend Stickers & Co.

Sticker & Co. has a bunch of Valentine’s Day stickers. There are ones that say I Love You (in words and in sign language), You Are My Everything (with a graphic of an everything bagel), a dachshund with the words “You Are One Hot Dog”, and more.

My favorite is Sticker & Co.’s “You Have A Pizza My Heart” sticker. And my brother’s family has pizza every Friday. So I thought that the sticker would be the perfect inspiration to make a punny Valentine’s Day card.

You can even purchase a sticker greeting card set at Sticker & Co. There a few different sticker card options. You can add your own images and text, which is fun.

Plus, right now, you can save 20% sitewide at Sticker & Co. with the code SWEETIE.

Use Stickers As School Valentines

Most kids give out those paper Valentine’s Day cards that come in a box of 30 or so. And those are fine, but as soon as they’re brought home, they get thrown straight in the trash.

Instead, pick up a roll of stickers and have your child give those out as school Valentines instead. Kids love stickers and have sticker books, so it’s a good Valentine for sure.

Use Stickers To Decorate Drinkware/Bowls

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day at home and you want to use festive drinkware, but you don’t have any, stickers can make that easier.

Stick a sticker to the outside of a water bottle or plastic cup. And, if you’re eating out of plastic bowls, stick a sticker onto there too. Instant Valentine’s Day place settings. Then, after dinner, just pull them off. Or keep them on there. Either works.

It's so easy to make DIY Bubble Wrap Heart Valentine's Day Cards. Find out how on

Use Stickers To DIY Cards

You can easily make homemade cards if you use stickers.

Cut a piece of card stock into four pieces. Stick a Valentine’s Day sticker in the center of the card. Write your recipient’s name above the sticker and your name below the sticker. Done.

Or, if you want to be a little more involved, you can do something like our DIY You Have A Pizza My Heart Valentine’s Day Card.

A heart traced onto a piece of canvas.

Use Stickers For Valentine’s Day Crafts

We have a Reverse Canvas Heart Wall Art tutorial where we painted a heart onto a canvas to use as a decoration.

If you wanted to make a similar decoration, but don’t want to paint (especially if you’re crafting with kids), you can simply use stickers.

Stick with the reverse canvas method, which means you remove the canvas from the frame. Let your kids stick stickers all over the canvas, paint the frame (if you want), then stick the canvas back into the frame, and display it.

Use Stickers To Label Gifts

Plain gift bags are cheaper than Valentine’s Day gift bags. But, they’re not as cute. So, what you can do instead is stick an adorable Valentine’s Day sticker on the outside of a gift bag. That way, it looks festive and you didn’t pay extra money for it.

A hand putting a sticker with the name "Lisa" on it onto a water bottle with the words "10 Reasons To Use Name Stickers At School" digitally written on top.

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Which of these Fun Ways To Use Valentine’s Day Stickers are you going to use this year?