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5 Homemade Heart-Shaped Food For Valentine’s Day

If you want to add some love to your table for Valentine’s Day, heart-shaped foods are the way to go. For some made with love, make our Homemade Heart-Shaped Foods For Valentine’s Day.

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A heart shaped cookie with pretzels and pink paper shred behind it with the words "Homemade Heart-Shaped Foods For Valentine's Day" digitally written on top.

I love any excuse to make really cute food. If I can make something adorable or on theme, I’m in. Which is why I love Valentine’s Day so much. There are so many really cute heart-shaped food ideas out there. And that’s just a really fun way to celebrate, even if you aren’t going over the top celebrating this year.

If you agree, you’ll love this list of Homemade Heart-Shaped Foods For Valentine’s Day. We kept this to foods that are heart shaped as opposed to foods are Valentine’s-themed because they have pink icing. Those foods are on a different list.

This list is also of homemade food that you make from scratch (or scratch-ish). So, recipes that require a little more effort than opening a bag of heart-shaped French fries and heating them up in the oven.

A heart doughnut surrounded by sprinkles with the words "Where To Buy Heart-Shaped Food For Valentine's Day" digitally written on top.

If you don’t feel like cooking, our list of Where To Buy Heart-Shaped Foods For Valentine’s Day is going to be more your speed.

There are items that you can buy and make at home, like heart-shaped pasta and chicken nuggets, or food that you can buy in store and bring home, like heart-shaped doughnuts.

Homemade Heart-Shaped Foods For Valentine’s Day.

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A heart-shaped pizza on a spatula with the words "Heart-Shaped Pizza made from 2 ingredient dough" digitally written on top.

Heart-Shaped Pizza

Pizza is such an easy meal, especially if you make it with our simple homemade pizza dough: two ingredient dough. It’s literally two ingredients: flour and yogurt. It makes a tasty crust, which is so festive if you cut it with a heart cookie cutter before topping it with traditional pizza toppings.

Your whole family will love their individual tiny heart pizzas and you’ll love how simple they are to make.

Three heart-shaped hard boiled egg pieces on a piece of bread with the words "Heart-Shaped Hard Boiled Eggs" digitally written on top.

Heart-Shaped Hard-Boiled Eggs

Breakfast is a great way to start the day and heart-shaped eggs are a great Valentine’s Day breakfast idea.

This does take a little bit of preplanning, though. You need to boil the eggs the right before, then let them chill overnight in a homemade contraption of cardboard, rubber bands, and a chop stick in order to create the cute heart shape But, trust me when I tell you it’s so worth it. 

Heart cookies with chocolate, white zigzag chocolate, and XO sprinkles on them with the words "Nutter Butter Cookie Hearts" digitally written on top.

Nutter Butter Cookie Hearts

If you’re looking for a semi-homemade treat, where you’re just doing decorating, these Nutter Butter Cookie Hearts are for you.

Cut the cookies on an angle, flip one side over to form the two pieces into heart-shaped treats, then cover with melted milk and white chocolate to decorate. Add some festive sprinkles and you’ve got one of the cutest and easiest heart-shaped desserts to end your meal with.

Six elephant ear cookies on a blue tray with the words "Elephant Ear Cookies (aka French Palmiers)" digitally written on top.

Elephant Ear Cookies (Palmiers Cookies)

Elephant Ear Cookies being heart-shaped cookies are a happy accident. They’re called Elephant Ear or Palmiers cookies because of their shape: elephant ears or palm leaves, depending on how you look at them. But, if you’re like me, I look at the golden brown cinnamon sugar cookie and see a heart. And so, they’re accidentally Valentine’s Day cookies.

They’re made from store-bought pastry dough, then folded and cut. They form their heart shape naturally; no heart-shaped cookie cutter needed. They’re really easy and the perfect way to finish your Valentine’s Day dinner.

These Candy Cane Chocolate Hearts are a super simple Valentine's Day Treat. Find out how to make them on

Candy Cane Chocolate Hearts

If you still have mini candy canes left over from Christmas last year that you’ve been trying to eat, you’re in luck. You can turn them into a tasty treat for Valentine’s Day. Face two of them together on a cookie sheet to form the shape of a heart. Melt two together, then fill them with melted white chocolate. That’s it.

If you wanted, you could add a lollipop stick to make these into lollipops, which are a little easier to eat than just holding these in your hand.

Chocolate covered nuts with white chocolate and heart sprinkles and the words "10+ Easy Valentine's Day Dessert recipes" digitally written on top.

More Valentine’s Day Treats

These are all of our heart-shaped recipes. But, they’re not all of our Valentine’s Day desserts. We have a bunch of others, some that are decorated with colorful sprinkles and other with Conversation Hearts.

Check them all out in our list of Easy Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes for more ideas.

Which of these Heart-Shaped Foods are you going to make for Valentine’s Day this year? Be sure to let us know in the comments.