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Patriotic Recipes For 4th Of July

Incorporate the red, white, and blue into your menu thanks to this list of Patriotic Recipes. There are patriotic party tips too.

For some non-patriotic things to cook, check out all of our recipes.

A cupcake with red, white, and blue sprinkles with the words "Patriotic Foods (And Patriotic Party Ideas)" digitally written on top.

I’m a big fan of themed foods. Anytime we go to the pot luck at our clubhouse (which hasn’t happened since March!), I make some sort of whimsy themed recipe. Honestly, you can always tell what I brought because it looks like the closest holiday. Mardi Gras chocolate bark for the Mardi Gras party, ghost meringues for Halloween, you get the point. So of course, I want to make some patriotic recipes for 4th of July.

And I figured you might too.

So I put together this great list of patriotic recipes.

All these recipes had to have some sort of red, white and blue component. I wasn’t just going to add a strawberry jam because it’s red.

As we add more patriotic foods to Drugstore Divas, I’ll update this post. So be sure to bookmark it and come back before Memorial Day.

We also have some Patriotic Party Tips at the end of the post, so definitely check those out if you’re the house that’s hosting July 4th this year.

Patriotic Recipes

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Red, white, and bleu kale salad.

Red, White & Bleu Kale Salad

This Red, White & Bleu Kale Salad is a great option to start your patriotic dinner. Or to end it, depending on when you serve your salad course.

The base of it is green, thanks to the kale, but the toppings are red, white, and blue: red raspberries, white croutons and white bleu cheese dressing, and blueberries (plus, the aforementioned bleu cheese dressing is where this fun play on words comes from).

For your next Memorial Day BBQ menu, or if you're looking for a July 4th dessert, check out this Patriotic Fruit Flag recipe from

Patriotic Fruit Flag Kabobs

These entirety of this fruit flag is fruit on skewers. And sure, if you say fruit on skewers, it sounds boring. But these Patriotic Fruit Flag Kabobs are anything but boring.

Strawberries and bananas are cut, then skewers with blueberries in a way to make an American flag. It’s such a fun way to display the fruit that you might have trouble getting someone to take the first one and ruin the flag design.

White chocolate shaped into stars, decorated with red and blue, and the words "Red, White & Blue Patriotic Chocolate Stars" digitally written under them.

Red, White & Blue Patriotic Chocolate Stars

These Red, White & Blue Patriotic Chocolate Stars are so unbelievably easy to make, but they pack such a punch. People will be amazed at how incredibly adorable they are, and you’ll just sit back appreciating the simplicity.

What’s also great about this patriotic dessert is that you can make it ahead of time and then bring it out whenever you’re ready to serve it. That frees you up to spend the actual morning of your party doing everything else you have to do to get yourself and your home party ready.


Patriotic Pound Cake

This Patriotic Pound Cake is really fun to make. You start by making a blue edible glitter (which is a lot easier to make than it sounds) and then using it to decorate strawberries to be red, white, and blue. Plop those on some homemade or store-bought pound cake for this delicious treat.

Unlike the chocolate stars above, you can’t completely make this ahead of time. You can make the berries ahead of time, but you don’t actually want to assemble the pound cake until you’re ready to serve. The edible glitter will bleed into the whipped cream and you’ll end up losing some of the effect if you plate these too early.

What’s great about these patriotic recipes is that even though I’m posting them ahead of July 4th, they would also be great to make for Memorial Day too.

An American Flag kitchen towel hanging on an oven.

Patriotic Party Tips

If you’re throwing a patriotic party, like a 4th of July or Memorial Day BBQ, I have a few tips to help you out.

  • Decorate with red, white and blue. A patriotic tablecloth should be easy to find this time of year. If you pick a nice one, you can keep it for the future (or just keep a disposable one because that’s what we do).

    Set out red and blue plastic cups for drinks. Paint wood to look like firecrackers. And have a lot of flags all over.
  • Stay hydrated. This time of year, it’s really easy to have your guests congregate near the grill and then overheat. So you definitely want to set out a cooler with ice and fill it with bottles of water for your guests.

    Sugary drinks may not hydrate your guests. So even if you’re making something like our Watermelon Lemonade because it’s summer-y, have water available.
  • Set up patriotic games. My parents have a Captain America corn hole set. We bring that out for every gathering, but it totally fits when we have a patriotic party.

    If you’re playing something like flip cup, you can set up red, white and blue cups for your game. Giving people something to do besides just sitting around chit chatting is a way to make your patriotic party a lot more fun.
  • Put on patriotic movies. Your guests will most likely congregate outside, but they might stop inside for the bathroom or some air conditioning. Play some “yay America” movies on whatever TV is closest to the front door. People might stop to watch a few scenes, which is great.

    If you’re looking for ideas, we have a long list of Patriotic Movies to help you choose.

Do you have other patriotic recipe ideas? Be sure to leave them in the comments.

sherry brubaker

Sunday 5th of July 2020

All these ideas are AMAZING!! My friends will love when I show up with some fun patriotic treats!