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National Cold Brew Day Freebies & Deals

Cold brew is delicious — and free (or cheap) on National Cold Brew (April 20). Find all the National Cold Brew Freebies and Deals here.

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A cup of Starbucks cold brew with cold foam and the words "National Cold Brew Day Freebies & Deals" digitally written on top.

Cold brew is so good. It’s way better than iced coffee because it tastes more like coffee. And it’s better than hot coffee because the cold brew gradual brewing process makes it naturally sweet, so you don’t need to add any extra sweetener to it.

​Adding a dollop of cold foam on top doesn’t hurt, but I don’t need to add any sugar to my cold brew.

If you like cold brew, you’re in luck. April 20 is National Cold Brew Day, which means a bunch of coffee shops and national chains are giving away free and discounted cold brew to celebrate.

We put together this list of the best freebies and deals in honor of National Cold Brew Day so all you coffee fans can get your java on.

Also, quick note: National Cold Brew Day is different than National Coffee Day. That day happens annually in September. Coffee lovers get more excited about that day than National Cold Brew Day because way more locations participate and give out a free cup of coffee in honor of National Coffee Day. So, if you’re a coffee fan, mark that day on your calendar.

A calendar open to June 2023 with the words "Top 20+ National Days For Freebies And Deals" digitally written on top.

National Cold Brew Day is just one of the annual holidays when chains offer freebies and deals to celebrate. Check out our list of the Top 20+ National Days For Freebies And Deals to make sure you mark your calendar and don’t miss any of the free food and drink all year long.

National Cold Brew Day Freebies And Deals

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National Cold Brew Day is Saturday, April 20th. All of these deals are valid on that day only unless otherwise noted.

Also, we only included national or large regional chains on this list. Your local coffee shop may be participating, but it we included every local coffee shop, this list would be too overwhelming.

A cold brew coffee with cold foam in a Dunkin'.


Dunkin’ Rewards Members can get a free medium cold brew with any purchase with the coupon in the Dunkin’ app.

If you’re not a member, find out how to sign up for Dunkin’s rewards program here.

The outside of a Dutch Bros coffee shop.

Dutch Bros.

Loyalty members who order a cold brew will get the NCBD app sticker.

Also, Dutch Rewards Members who purchase a cold brew or nitro cold brew (between April 2 and 20) will be entered to win weekly prizes. Lucky winners will receive prizes like free cold brew for a month, 2,000 bonus points, and more. You can enter twice a day.

Two cans of La Colombe coffee on a shelf.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Get a free 11 oz. can of the new cold brew draft latte with any purchase at La Colombe cafes.

You can also get a free can of a draft latte or any canned latte (up to $3.49 back) with an offer in the Ibotta app. There are limited quantities available for the Ibotta offer and it can only be redeemed at specific stores, so be sure to double check the offer before you run out.

Also, through May 21, you can sign up here with your email address and/or phone number to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a $500 gift card. As an added bonus for entering, you’ll receive a coupon for 15% off for the coffee brand’s online store.

Paris Baguette

Every PB Rewards member will get an exclusive offer for a medium cold brew for only $3.

The Pilot logo on a Pilot convenience store.

Pilot/Flying J

Rewards members can get a free cup of cold brew with the coupon in the myRewards Plus app. The coupon is valid on flavored cold brew.

Two acai bowls from Playa Bowls.

Playa Bowls

Playa Rewards members can get a FREE 16 oz Sweet Cream Cold Brew when they purchase a Superfruit Bowl. This is valid on your in store order, mobile order, or online order on April 19th only.

The outside of a Scooter's Coffee drive through.

Scooter’s Coffee

Get a medium cold brew for only $1 using the coupon in the Scooter’s mobile app.

A Starbucks cold brew with cold foam on a counter.


​If you make a purchase, you’ll get 10 stars. If you make two purchases, you’ll get 20 stars. This isn’t specific to cold brew purchases.

Also, you can get $1 back when you purchase Starbucks cold brew, iced espresso, or iced coffee from the Ibotta app.

Tim Hortons

Rewards members will get 200 bonus points with any cold brew purchase.

You can save $1 on Tim Horton’s cold brew concentrate via the Ibotta app.

Learn how to make cold brew coffee at home with this Super Simple Cold Brew Coffee recipe on

Make Cold Brew At Home:

If you don’t want to go out to pick up a coffee shop’s cold brew and would rather make it at home instead, check out our Super Simple Cold Brew Coffee recipe.

Where are you going to get a free drink to celebrate National Cold Brew Day? Let us know in the comments.