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5 Clothing Items For Your Husband’s Stocking

This list of 5 Clothing Items For Your Husband’s Stocking will help you come up with stocking stuffer ideas for men.

Christmas stocking with the name Pete on it and socks, a hat, and shirt coming out with the words "5 Clothing Items For Your Husband's Stocking" digitally written on top.

Last week, I started wrapping presents. I had to send stuff up on the pony express with Pete’s dad, so I decided to pull everything out of our gift closet and wrap everything I have already.

I’ve been buying them on and off since last Christmas whenever I find something my recipients might like. Then, I put them in our gift closet until our tree is up.

I have a bunch for Pete’s stocking, including a lot of clothing items. I figured if you’re looking for gift ideas, this post could help you out.

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This 5 Clothing Items For Your Husband’s Stocking list is just one of the gift guides we have on Drugstore Divas in hopes of making your shopping life so much easier.

Be sure to check out Drugstore Divas’ Holiday Gift Guide for all of our shopping guides.

5 Clothing Items For Your Husband’s Stocking

This list says husband, but it’s really good for any men on your holiday shopping list.

Black and brown knit hat.


A few Christmases ago, I gave Pete a knit hat. He absolutely loved it, until he couldn’t find it. It’s still missing, if you can believe that. Every so often, he brings up that hat. And every so often we’re reminded it just disappeared into thin air.

If you live somewhere where it’s cold, or you travel to places that are cold, a hat is the perfect stocking stuffer for your husband.

Pete recently got Fawler’s Frencis Black & Brown Montagna Beanie and he loves it. It fits on his head really well and is really warm on chilly mornings. Plus the brown matches one of his favorite heavy winter sweatshirts, so he can wear it when he’s not wearing his jacket.

The hat comes in a couple other two toned color patterns, so you can find one that your husband would love.

And when you’re choosing colors for the hat, think about his wardrobe. Pick one that with either match or compliment his winter jacket, heavy sweatshirts, work pants, etc.

Custom Face Socks Photo Socks with Face Christmas Xmas image 6


I buy Pete socks every year for Christmas. But not a bag of five pairs of boring white socks. Instead, I get him one really fun print a year. My brother once said “white socks are a wasted opportunity” so I don’t often buy white socks if I can help it.

And if you always buy your husband a pair of socks, that means he’ll always be able to get rid of a pair of old socks. And that’s great.

This is also a great way to incorporate his favorite movies or TV shows into his Christmas stocking. Let’s say you’re looking for Rick & Morty stocking stuffers, but all you’re coming up with are things that your husband wouldn’t enjoy. Get him a pair of Rick & Morty socks. Everyone’s happy.

But, if you really want to outdo yourself, you can make him these custom photo socks from the image above. You can choose ones with your face on them, your face and text, your pet’s face, and more. It’s the funniest stocking stuffer on this list.

Black knit scarf.


Wintertime means it gets cold out, so a scarf is always a good winter item to have. If your husband doesn’t have one, or if he is always stealing yours, put a scarf in his stocking.

Pete recently got Fawler’s Frisco Black Urban Tube Scarf from TrendHim, and it’s amazing. I’ve never seen a tube scarf before. It’s basically a heavy, knit neck gaitor.

It’s the perfect option for a man who wants to keep his neck warm but doesn’t want to deal with the long hanging tassels of a traditional scarf.

Plus, since it’s like a gaitor, your man can easily pull it up over his nose and ears to cover the bottom portion of his face while still warming his neck. And it will stay in place there without trying to tie it somehow. So it’ll actually keep him warmer than a traditional scarf will.

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We have really large stockings. They can’t fit a pair of pants, but they can fit a t-shirt. A funky t-shirt is a fun stocking stuffer. Anything with long sleeves is more of a box under the tree sort of gift.

You can get him a nice collared t-shirt or a t-shirt with a funny saying on it, depending on what you think your man would like.

Fruit of the Loom Men's Boxers.


Fun guys need fun boxers. So a pair in your husband’s stocking is a fun idea. I’ve actually seen a lot of cute Christmas-themed boxers in stores this year, so that’s a fun idea too.

I vote for cute. But you can also purchase some wildly inappropriate boxers too, if that’s more of your thing.

Just be sure your man wears boxers before buying them for him. Some guys are briefs only. And you want to get him something that he will actually use, not just turn around and donate.

Funny Graphic Long Socks Hot Chips Doritos Skittles image 1

Purchase Stocking Clothing Items Online:

These items are our favorite clothing stocking stuffers for your husband, but they’re not all the items your can find online. There are a bunch out there, like the funny graphic long socks above.

Peruse the shops below for more ideas:

Don’t forget to look at a store’s minimum for free shipping before placing your order. And keep curbside and instore pickup in mind to save on shipping costs.

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Which of these clothing items for your husband’s stocking are you buying this year?