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10+ Stocking Stuffers For Girls

If you have young girls on your Christmas shopping list this year, be sure to check out this 10+ Stocking Stuffers For Girls list on for inspiration and ideas of what to buy.

Do you have a little girl on your shopping list? Shopping for her can be hard because what’s hot and popular changes so often. So, since we have a few nieces to shop for, I put together this list of 10+ Stocking Stuffers for Girls.

Pretty much everything on this list is items we’ve either bought for our nieces, considered buying, or have watched them play with a gazillion times.

10+ Stocking Stuffers For Girls

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Hatchimals CollEGGtibles 4-Pack

Kids still really love Hatchimals. They were super popular a couple years ago and the craze hasn’t stopped. So this Hatchimals CollEGGtibles 4-Pack is the perfect stocking stuffer.

This pack comes with four in-egg Hatchimals and one out-of-egg Hatchimal.

If you’ve never seen a Hatchimal before, the concept is simple. You basically hold the egg in your hands to “warm” it and the animal inside starts to hatch out. They’re actually super cute.

Hatchimals Pixies Riders

If your kids are a little old for the Hatchimals that are animals, above, there’s also these Hatchimals Pixies Riders.

They’re just like Hatchimals in the sense that they hatch out of a blind box, but these come with a pixie and a glider, which is a little more fun for older kids to play with.

Lip Smacker Unicorn Magic Lip Balm

Unicorns are still the it animal, despite sloths putting up a good showing on their attempt to dethrone the unicorns. I guess they were too slow (bah dum tss).

So your little girl would be so happy to find this Lip Smacker Unicorn Magic Lip Balm in her stocking.

There are a couple others as well — bunny, fox, kitten, and panda — in case your girl is over unicorns.

There’s also a unicorn and Iron Man double pack, which makes no sense to me, but maybe there’s a correlation there.

Purchase here.

Bread Scented Cat-Shaped Jumbo Squishy

Squishies were the hot toy last year. You could seriously buy any shaped squishy and your little girl would be impossible to calm down. They were that popular.

This year, they’re still popular, but you have to do a little more work to get that reaction.

So I suggest you pick up this Bread Scented Cat-Shaped Jumbo Squishy. I don’t know why it smells like bread. I don’t know why it has butter on its back. But I love it.

Purchase here.

Funko Snapsies

Funko Snapsies

I’m sure you’ve heard of Funko Pop! figures. They’re super popular and are embedded in pop culture now.

Well, the brand that brought you those launched Snapsies, exclusively at Target, last month.

Snapsies combine building and blind bags in one toy. There is a large ball filled with three blind bags. Opening each bag reveals another piece to put together the Snapsies. You can mix and match the pieces within each Snapsies and with other Snapsies in the collection, making over 1,000 combinations.

Some of them, like the one pictured above, are glittered and some are super rare. If your girl opens one of those, it’ll be a very exciting moment. Trust me.

Purchase here.

LEGO Unikitty! Collectibles Series Blind Bag

Blind bags are so popular for kids. They love the surprise of not knowing what toy they’re getting.

And of course companies love them because it encourages more spending. But ’tis the season.

So make your little girl happy with a LEGO Unikitty! Collectibles Series Blind Bag in her stocking. There is one of 12 potential Princess Unikitty and Prince Puppycorn figures in the bag, and they’re all super adorable.

Purchase here.

Hog Wild Yeti Popper

Hog Wild Yeti Popper Toy

I have a confession. I once bought Pete’s nephew a Hog Wild popper toy because one) it was soccer themed and two) because I knew I wouldn’t be the one chasing the tiny balls all over the room.

Each popper toy comes with a handful of soft foam balls that shoot out of the toy’s nose. There are a ton of different shapes, from pugs to narwalls to pickles.

But, for Christmas stockings, we suggest grabbing the Hog Wild Yeti Popper Toy since it’s winter themed.

Purchase here.

My Little Pony Blind Bag

You know what else had a resurgence? My Little Pony. I’m all about that. I love My Little Pony when I was young, so I just want them to stay forever.

Your little girls will be all about this My Little Pony Blind Bag. As with the others, what you’ll get is a mystery.

Purchase here.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman Kit

When I was 15 or 16, we were going from New York to Florida for Christmas. So I bought a snowman kit from the store so we could have snow at Christmas.

It was really cute.

So, if you’ll be somewhere warm this year, pick up this Do You Want to Build a Snowman Kit so your little girl can have snow at Christmas. Three kits come in a pack, so you can stick them in three kids’ stockings.

Purchase here.

Bag Of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

We always got chocolate and treats in our Christmas stockings, so I definitely suggest adding those to your little girl’s stockings.

And she will be filled with laughter when she opens this Bag Of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy. I can imagine her face laughing over and over, so be sure to have the video camera ready for that.

Purchase here.

A young girl hugging a blow up llama with the words "!0 Stocking Stuffers For Girls" digitally written above her.

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Which of these stocking stuffers for girls is your favorite? Be sure to leave us a comment to let us know.


Saturday 21st of December 2019

OMG THESE ARE SOOOO CUTE!!!! Great idea, i really wish i came across your post earlier, amazing.

Krysten Quiles

Friday 20th of December 2019

The reindeer farts cotton candy totally cracked me up. That's too funny! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!


Friday 20th of December 2019

These are some really great ideas for Christmas gifts! Too bad I don't have my own kids yet. :)

Laura G

Friday 20th of December 2019

My girls are obsessed with Hatchimals and I had no idea Lego did the square heads in a smaller models now! I always gift the kids some Legos for Christmas!

Marie Phillips

Friday 20th of December 2019

I have finished my regular Christmas shopping and still need to do the stockings. So much work! But these are some perfect ideas for both my daughters and granddaughters! Thank you.