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7 Easy DIY Coasters

Homemade coasters are a good gift. Find out how to make some Easy DIY Coasters. There are paint pour coasters, Instagram coasters, and more.

I really like making homemade coasters. It’s one of my go to gift ideas. But, here’s the thing when you make gifts. You have to make them so good that it looks like you didn’t make them. I think I achieved that with these 7 easy DIY coasters.

These are all the ones I have posted, so far, on Drugstore Divas and our sister site, A Bride On A Budget.

As I add more coaster tutorials to the blogs, I’ll be sure to add them to this post as well.

7+ Easy DIY Coasters

A can on a football coaster next to a football coaster on a football field tablecloth with the words "DIY Cork Football Coaster" digitally written on top.

DIY Cork Football Coasters

A piece of cork paper is the perfect medium for this DIY Cork Football Coasters. They look just like footballs without you having to paint the actual coaster.

You do, however, need to paint the lines and laces, but that’s really simple.

Homemade Photo Coasters are a great personalized souvenir after a trip. Find out how to make them at

Homemade Photo Coasters

These Homemade Photo Coasters are ones that I’ve made a bunch of times already. It’s really simple to personalize, making them a great gift idea.

Your best bet is to make these from photos you’ve taken yourself. But, if you’re making these for a friend, you can borrow photos from their social media accounts to make them. That’s a really sweet way to grab some photos and make this gift without them knowing ahead of time.

I’ve actually made a few sets of these photo coasters that way, and the gift recipients were always super happy with them.

They’re really easy to make, but they do take a little bit to dry, so you want to plan these ahead of time.

These DIY Wooden Coasters Wedding Favors are perfect for your rustic wedding. You can use actual fresh tree or purchased unfinished wood slices to make them.

DIY Wooden Coasters Wedding Favors

I am such a fan of these DIY Wooden Coasters Wedding Favors. And don’t let the words “wedding favors” throw you off of them. They’re great for a gift or home use too.

This version uses actual pieces of a tree from the backyard, cut into coaster size. If you don’t feel like tearing down a tree or just don’t want to get your saw covered in sap, you can just purchase some unfinished wood slices in order to make your coasters.

If you do make them, we suggest making a set of four because that’s how they’re generally packaged in a store. You don’t need to make four matching ones, although you can if you want, but just having four makes it look like you’re gifting a whole set. Gifting less than four looks like you split the pack between two or four people, depending on how many you give.

If you're looking for a great geek gift idea, these DIY Comic Book Coasters are perfect. Find out how to make them on

DIY Comic Book Coasters

If you have a friend who is into comic book, these DIY Comic Book Coasters will make for the perfect gift.

But, here’s a big tip. Don’t use your friends comic books to make these. That will cause a panic that will overshadow the thoughtfulness of your gift. Instead, purchase a comic book at a secondhand shop or order a graphic novel online and use that to make your homemade coasters.

Actually, graphic novels are probably a little easier to work with when you’re making these, if this is your first time using Mod Podge. Paper from comic books is a little thin and might wrinkle more than the thicker paper used in graphic novels will. Just something to keep in mind if you’re looking through the donation pile to grab something.

And, don’t worry. No comic books were damaged in the making of this comic book coasters tutorial.

Need a gift for a wishing well? Check out this DIY Coaster Set Bridal Shower Gift from

DIY Coaster Set Bridal Shower Gift

If you have a bridal shower to go to and you want to make something to go with your gift, or if you’re looking for a housewarming gift idea, this DIY Coaster Set Bridal Shower Gift is a great idea.

Not only do you learn how to make the coasters in this DIY coasters tutorial, but you also learn how to make a matching catch all tray.

These homemade coasters are really easy to make. They just take a little bit of concentration to make sure everything is straight. But if it’s not, that’s okay. They’re made mostly from washi tape, which is incredibly forgiving. So if you don’t get it the way you want the first time, you can just peel it off and try again.

A red, white and blue coaster with a cup and coaster in the back and the words "DIY Patriotic Painted Coasters" digitally written on top.

DIY Painted Patriotic Coasters

If you’re looking for a way to dress up a patriotic holiday barbecue (Memorial Day or July 4th), serving drinks on these DIY Painted Patriotic Coasters is great. They add to the ambiance and the décor, but also keep your table safe.

These homemade patriotic coasters are pretty simple, although a little time consuming. You have to wait for some of the paint to dry before moving on to the rest of the paint. Hopefully you have something else you can do while you’re waiting because waiting for paint to dry is as exciting as, well, watching paint dry.

Paint pour coasters are really easy to make at home. Find out how in this Paint Pour Coasters tutorial on

DIY Paint Pour Coasters

If you’re looking for a more challenging homemade coaster tutorial, go for these DIY Paint Pour Coasters.

They do take a little more time and thought that some of the other coasters on this list, but they yield such an incredible reward. They’re also the coaster most likely to look store bought. Which, like I said, is always my goal of DIY crafts. You want to make them yourself to put your heart into something and to save a little money, but you never want to look like you made the craft. If you do, it just looks like you’re cheap.

These paint pour coasters look anything but cheap.

They do take a lot of time to set completely, so if you’re making these for holiday gifts, now is a good time to start.

Purchase Coasters Online:

If you don’t want to make your own coasters, but now you realize you need coasters or want to give coasters as a gift, you can purchase coasters online.

Our favorite stores for coasters are:

If you are shopping online, be sure to hitting each store’s minimum purchase price or choose curbside or instore pickup to save on shipping costs.

Which of these 7 Easy DIY Coasters are you going to make first? Let us know in the comments.