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Pie Deals For Pi Day

Celebrate Pi Day (3.14) with these fun pie deals for Pi Day. Get the full list of over 25 pizza and pie deals on this list, updated for 2024.

If you’re excited about today because you love pizza, you’ll love our other posts about pizza.

A handdrawn sign that says Happy Pie Day with an image of pie above pies and the words "Pie Deals For Pi Day" digitally written on top.

Thursday is March 14th, also known as 3/14. Also stylized as 3.14, which is the mathematical equation for the first three digits of pi, making March 14 Pi Day. It’s a great excuse for businesses to have great deals on pizza and sweet pie.

And, it’s the perfect excuse to pick up a pizza for dinner. Of course, at a discount. There are a bunch restaurants and grocery stores with sales on pie today, so we put together this list of the best Pi Day deals.

Some of these require a rewards account and some are available for all customers. We listed that, and as much additional information, as was available. If the name of the restaurant is linked, you can click that link to go to the chain’s site for more information.

Also, we only included chains on this list. Your local shops may be offering its own pizza deal, but including all those would have made this list too long.

A calendar open to June 2023 with the words "Top 20+ National Days For Freebies And Deals" digitally written on top.

Pi Day is just one of the fun National Days that restaurants and shops celebrate annually. Check out our list of the Top 20+ National Days For Freebies And Deals to make sure you don’t miss any fun days and food deals this year.

Pie Deals For Pi Day

Affiliate links are included in this post and Drugstore Divas may make a small commission if you use them.

All the deals are valid on Pi Day (March 14) only unless otherwise notes.

The outside of a 7 Eleven.

7 Eleven

7Rewards members can get any whole pizza for only $3.14. It’s valid in store or through the 7-Eleven app for pickup and delivery orders.

BJ’s Brewhouse

Get a mini one-topping pizza for $3.14.

Get half off large pizzas for take out or delivery with the promo code HALFOFF. This is valid every Tuesday through Sunday, not just for Pi Day. On Mondays, you don’t need a code.

Blaze Pizza

Get an 11-inch pizza for $3.14. It’s valid in store only and it’s one pizza pie per person. This is for the original crust and unlimited toppings. Different crusts will have an upcharge. This year, you don’t need the Blaze Pizza app for the deal, which is nice.

If you’ve never been before, be sure to check out our Blaze Pizza review.

Bonefish Grill

Downtown the restaurant’s new app and get a free slice of pie with the purchase of an entree.

A Burger King restaurant.

Burger King

Get a free Hershey’s Sundae Pie with any $3.14 purchase with the offer in the app.

A box of frozen California Pizza Kitchen pizza.

California Pizza Kitchen

Get an Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, Pepperoni, or Traditional Cheese pizza for only $3.14 with any $25 purchase.

Also, get $3.14 back when you purchase two frozen pizzas and submit your receipt via the Ibotta app.

A hand holding two boxes of Crumbl cookies.

Crumbl Cookies

No deal, but this week’s Mystery Cookie is pie flavored.

Boxes of frozen DiGiorno Pizza.


If you ordered pizza and it wasn’t great, DiGiorno wants to help. Head over to and upload a photo of your whole pie. Depending on the “damage,” DiGiorno will send you a coupon, up to $2.

Harris Teeter

All large pizzas are only $5.85.

The logo inside a Hungry Howie's shop.

Hungry Howie’s

Get a large Pepperoni Duo pizza for $12.99 with the code DUO.

Jet’s Pizza

Get 20% off all regular price pizzas with the code 314DAY.

Marco’s Pizza

Order any large or XL pizza (online or with the app) and get a medium one-topping pizza for $3.14.

Marie Callender’s

Head to the Marie Callender’s website and get an offer for $3.14 off select pies at Walmart.

Papa John’s

Get large one-topping pizzas for only $8.99 (this is a limited time deal and happening after Pi Day as well).

Papa Murphy’s

Get 31.4% off online orders with the promo code PIDAY24.

A pizza in a box in the back and a closed Pizza Hut box in the front.

Pizza Hut

Buy one large menu-priced pizza and get a 1-topping large pizza for free, from March 12 to 14.

The inside of a Royal Farms location.

Royal Farms

Mobile app users will have a coupon for a free Royal Farms pie, any flavor. This is sweet pies, like apple pie and cherry pie, not pizza pie.

While you’re there, we suggest picking up some Royal Farms World Famous Chicken. It’s so good.

A Schlotzky's restaurant.


Get $3.14 off pizza or flatbread.

A Smoothie King restaurant.

Smoothie King

Get a 20 oz. Apple Pie Smoothie for only $3.14 through the new Smoothie King Healthy Rewards app.

Speedway Stores

Speedy rewards members can get any whole pizza for only $3.14 through the mobile app.


Members can get any whole pizza for only $3.14.

Your Pie

Get a 10-inch pizza pie for only $5.

A phone showing a Dominos Hotspot, Dominos Pizza and garlic knots are nearby.

Order Pies Online:

If you don’t feel like cooking tonight, you can just order pies (pizza or savory) online with the following delivery services:

  • Goldbelly (You can get up to 31.4% off all dessert pies and pizza pies during the Pizza Pi Day Sale through March 17)
  • Grubhub 
  • Instacart
Pizza on a pizza stone.

Homemade Pie Recipes:

If you would rather make your own pies in honor of Pi Day, we have a ton of great pizza recipes in The Ultimate List Of Homemade Pizza Recipes. There are recipes for traditional pizzas, twists on pizza, and more.

And, don’t forget. Pie doesn’t have to be pizza and it doesn’t have to be sweet either. Pie lovers can indulge in savory pies too. For some ideas, check out our list of Tasty Savory Pie Recipes.

Shirt with the word pizzatarian on it, with jeans and black and white flip flops.

Order Pizza Gifts Online:

If you’re excited over Pi Day because of the pizza, not because of the ratio of the circumference of a circle (yes, that’s what pi measures), check out our list of 10+ Gifts For Pizza Lovers. There are some really fun ideas there.

Which of these Pie Deals For Pi Day are you ordering to celebrate Pi Day tonight?

Sheree Ho

Friday 15th of March 2019

Thanks for sharing all the deals. Hopefully someone benefited from these deals. xo ~ Sheree


Friday 15th of March 2019

I love Pi Day! Every year I try to look for the best deals on pizza and pie where we live too. :P


Thursday 14th of March 2019

I had read memes about pi and pizza piece but never knew something like this actually exists. This is a pretty interesting idea. The offers value and the list of pizza varieties everything sums up cool


Thursday 14th of March 2019

This looks amazing deal. But here in India we dont celebrate this PI day. But I am sharing with few of my friends who lives out of India

Cindy Ingalls

Thursday 14th of March 2019

My go-to homemade pizza contains spinach, garlic, and feta. It's something I started eating in grad school and haven't stopped since. It would be perfect for Pi Day.