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PAW Patrol: The Movie Review

Wondering if your kids will like PAW Patrol: The Movie? Check out this PAW Patrol: The Movie review. Get streaming info and more too.

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Wondering if your kids will like PAW Patrol: The Movie? Check out this PAW Patrol: The Movie review. Get streaming info and more too.

Michelle recently went to the movie theater (for the first time in two years!) to take her two youngest sons to see PAW Patrol: The Movie.

In case you were wondering if it’s worth it, she wrote this PAW Patrol: The Movie review for us. Drugstore Divas is not associated with the movie, and this PAW Patrol: The Movie review is not sponsored.

PAW Patrol: The Movie Review

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My baby turned 2 last month, so to celebrate we brought him to see his first movie ever in the movie theater — PAW Patrol: The Movie.

My 4-year-old has loved PAW Patrol for two years. Recently my youngest son showed interest in the children’s series that features three heroic puppies.

I wasn’t sure how the boys would be in the movie theater, so we chose the earliest time slot. To make your life easier, you can actually order tickets ahead of time on Fandango’s website so you can skip the line when you get to the theater. This is a lot easier for little kids.

And, we loaded up on snacks. We went to AMC Theatres, which has the AMC KidsPack: a combo that includes a kid-sized popcorn, a kid-sized drink, and a pack of AMC Frooti Tootis. The boys were so excited to have their own treats!

We arrived during the previews so they wouldn’t see the other people in the theater and think they could go chat. This worked out really well and is a good movie theater hack for young kids.

The previews were really loud. Maybe it was because we haven’t been to a movie theater in two years or because the theater wants people to be quiet, but it was really loud. I was prepared so I put the hoods on their sweaters up when they started getting upset at the noise. It worked. And once the movie came on they were so excited to see Chase and the gang, they settled into their own seats and enjoyed their snacks.

PAW Patrol: The Movie is under 90 minutes long, which was absolutely perfect. Any longer and I would have been chasing them around the theater.

PAW Patrol: The Movie is about the PAW Patrol team moving to a nearby city and fixing all the mistakes Mayor Humdinger creates. I wish I could explain more of the plot to you, but this is a kids movie, so this one sentence is basically the whole movie.

The music is fantastic. Our new favorite song is Adam Levine’s “Good Mood”, which was written specifically for the movie.

My boys were disappointed when the movie ended, just because it ended, and they wanted to watch it again.

The universe must of known my boys would love the movie because I started seeing ads for PAW Patrol: The Movie streaming Paramount+ — and there was a 7-day trial! We signed up and surprised the boys with the movie at home and matching PAW Patrol pajamas.

We’ve streamed PAW Patrol: The Movie three times so far and they only want to wear their new pajamas. Good thing for washing machines! My favorite thing is the dance party we have after the movie to our new favorite song.

PAW Patrol: The Movie: Frequently Asked Questions

What is PAW Patrol: The Movie rated?


How long is PAW Patrol: The Movie?

1 hour, 28 minutes

Who stars in PAW Patrol: The Movie?

Several of the regular voice actors from PAW Patrol reprise their roles for the movie.

Tyler Perry (Gus), Dax Shepherd (Ruben), Kim Kardashian (Delores), and Randall Park (Butch) also voice characters in the movie.

Where can I watch PAW Patrol: The Movie?

PAW Patrol: The Movie is currently in theaters and streaming on Paramount+. You can also watch PAW Patrol: The Movieon Amazon Prime with a Paramount+ subscription.

What genre(s) is PAW Patrol: The Movie?

PAW Patrol: The Movie is a CGI-animated action-adventure movie.

What age group is PAW Patrol: The Movie best for?

PAW Patrol: The Movie is best for young children (toddler age and preschoolers).

When was PAW Patrol: The Movie released?

August 20, 2021

PAW Patrol: The Movie Trailer

If you want to preview the movie beforehand, check out the official PAW Patrol: The Movie trailer below.

Purchase PAW Patrol: The Movie

You can stream PAW Patrol: The Movie on Amazon Prime or you purchase PAW Patrol: The Movie on DVD.

Animated Movies Similar To PAW Patrol: The Movie

If your family liked PAW Patrol: The Movie and you’re looking for animated movies that are similar to watch next, we have a few options for you.

The Secret Life Of Pets

The pups of PAW Patrol really do a lot more than your regular house pet. So if your kids love PAW Patrol because they like watching the dogs do things that domesticated dogs don’t do, they’ll love The Secret Life Of Pets.

In The Secret Life Of Pets, Max, a dog, is living his best life until his owner Katie brings home another dog, Duke. Comedic drama ensues. Parts of it can be a little scary for toddlers and young kids (it’s rated PG not G like PAW Patrol: The Movie).

Stream The Secret Life Of Pets here.


If you kids like animals (and don’t solely like PAW Patrol because of the dogs), Rio is a great animated movie for them.

Rio is about endangered birds and love and (to put it mildly) how to stop the species from going extinct. Although, a lot of the reviews complain that there is too much innuendo in this movie for young kids, even though it did earn a G rating. So, keep that in mind when deciding if this is appropriate for your little ones.

Stream Rio here.

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