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How To Throw A Tail Waggin’ Good Paw Patrol Party

If your kid is in love with Paw Patrol, check out this how to throw a tail waggin' good Paw Patrol party from job is too big, no pup is too small … no party too awesome. If your kids are obsessed with the Nick Jr. show Paw Patrol, they’re not alone. It’s super popular, and there’s a good chance your kids want a Paw Patrol Party. We have everything you need for the perfect Paw Patrol party (which, really, is just so much fun to say).

How To Throw A Tail Waggin’ Good Paw Patrol Party

Start off with invitations. I always say that’s the key to a themed party. If you don’t use them, your guests don’t really know you’re throwing a themed party. For your Paw Patrol party, check out these Paw Patrol Invitations. Each pack has eight invitations and envelopes, and the entire Paw Patrol theme is featured on them.

Once your theme is set, you need to start thinking about your party decor. What’s great s you can pick up items that match your theme. Transport your guests to Adventure Bay with Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, and the rest of the gang with the Paw Patrol Scene Setter and Swirl Decorations. When your guests get there, get them in on the fun. Each guest will love a Paw Patrol Paper Mask as soon as the party starts. That means everyone will be dressed up (even the kids whose parents didn’t realize it was a themed party).

You can also have games that go with your theme. Check out these Paw Patrol Party Games. You can just play traditional games like hot potato and musical chairs, then for prizes, you can give out Paw Patrol Medals.

Don’t forget about incorporating your theme into your food and drink. You can make sandwiches, then cut them with a dog bone shaped cookie cutter. Serve chips and other snacks in dog bowls instead of regular bowls. And you can top the cake with the Party Patrol Birthday Candles.

What else would you add to your Paw Patrol party?

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nicole dziedzic

Friday 27th of February 2015

Awesome party theme, lovin the décor, and games are always a must for a great party and the favors.