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Great Gifts For National Parks Lovers

​This list of National Park gift ideas is filled with the best gifts, everything from tote bags to games to maps.

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A map of the United States hanging on a wall with the words "Great Gifts For National Parks Lovers" digitally written on top.

We’re so lucky that in the United States, there are so many (63, to be exact) National Parks around the country that we’re able to access. And, even more than that, there are over 400 designated national lands (like National Forests, National Wildlife Refuges, National Conservation Areas, etc.) that are accessible to the public.

A ton of people have visiting all of America’s National Parks on their bucket list.

If you know some of those National Park lovers, and you’re looking for the perfect gift for them, you’re in luck. We put together this list of Great Gifts For National Parks Lovers. You’re bound to find a few gifts for them. 

Just a quick note about this list. We kept it to National Park-themed gifts, not gifts that your National Park fan could use in the parks. So you won’t see anything like a water bottle or a hiking stick. You can find items like that in our list of gifts for hikers, though. We excluded those types of gifts from this list because it would be too much overlap.

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Gifts For National Parks Lovers

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America The Beautiful Pass

I’ve definitely recommended an America The Beautiful Pass before because it’s such a good gift. The pass, sold by the National Park Service, allows entry into any public lands managed by the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and US Army Corps of Engineers at no extra cost.

Generally, these lands all charge a fee, per carload. If you friend is going on a National Parks road trip, entrance fees can get super expensive. So the annual pass is a great gift.

Seniors (like, adults, not in high school) can get a lifetime pass for a flat fee, so this would be a good one time gift for them. For travelers who are a little bit younger, this might be a gift you could buy each year.

A National Park Yahtzee spread out on a wooden table.

National Park Yahtzee

If you’re shopping for a National Park fan who also loves board games, National Park Yahtzee is a really fun way to combine those two things.

The classic game comes in a National Park-branded can. Instead of having pips on them, there are six different National Park-themed images: trees, a drop of water, a deer, a ranger’s hat, and more. It’s cute.

The game comes in a travel container because Yahtzee knows this game is being bought by travelers on the go. So it’s compact enough to be left in the camper without taking up too much space.

The cover of the All Aboard National Parks book.

All Aboard National Parks Book

Any National Park lover wants to share that love with future generations, including their (literal) future generations — aka, their children.

So, a nice gift would be to get their child the All Aboard National Parks book. It’s a board book that’s perfect for little hands. The pictures are really bold too, so kids will love it.

It’s a handful of pages, so it can only cover so many parks. The most popular parks, like the Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountain National Park, are covered, but it’s a great book to introduce young kids to the parks.

A woman on a staircase carrying a tote bag with a map of Red Rock Canyon on it.

Xplorer Maps Tote Bags

If you go into a gift shop a the visitor’s center at one of the National Parks, you’ll find a bunch of souvenirs, like t-shirts and Christmas ornaments and stickers for water bottles. But, if you’re not on that trip, how can you get a gift from there. Enter Xplorer Maps.

The site has designs for various locations, including National Parks like the Great Smoky Mountains and Grand Teton. You can then have that map printed on various items, everything from blankets (which are perfect for cold winter nights) to mugs to puzzles.

My personal favorite is the tote bag, though. We have one with a map of Red Rock Canyon, which is a National Conservation Area outside of Las Vegas. If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, we highly suggest you plan an afternoon to hike there. We did that in July (yes, the heat of July) and it was amazing. The red rocks don’t even look real. They’re incredible, just like the tote bag.

A National Park Scratch Off Map in a frame on a wall.

National Parks Of The USA Scratch Off Map

If you have friends who are looking for a way to keep track of the National Parks they’ve visited, a National Parks Of The USA Scratch Off Map is the perfect way to do that.

There are so many different versions in different styles. Some are a map of the United States with the parks marked. Some are just images of the National Park passport stamps that correspond with the park. And others have a section to scratch off each state and a section for the parks themselves.

Go through them all, find one that best fits your friends’ style, and pick it up for them. Keep in mind that most of these don’t come framed, so you’ll have to pick up one of those separately.

The Wander Club National Park Tokens.

The Wander Club National Park Tokens

To say I’m obsessed with The Wander Club’s National Park tokens would be an understatement.

You purchase a keychain (or necklace, but the keychain makes more sense) and then a token for each of the National Parks you’ve been to. They have the date the park was established on top, a gorgeous image in the center, and the name of the park on the bottom.

This is such a unique gift, one that your recipient can add to every time they check a new park off their list.

A retro Smokey Bear slap koozie and a pin.

Smokey Bear Slap Koozies

If I’m being technical, Smokey Bear is the brainchild of the U.S. Forest Service, not the National Parks Foundation. But you’ll find his likeness at national and state parks — and on fun gifts for your friends. Plus, this is my list. I make the rules. So Smokey stays.

​Slap koozies are really good for good for travelers because they lay flat, so they’re easy to store (much easier than foam koozies that don’t flatten at all).

If your friend uses an insulated water bottle and doesn’t need a koozie, you can purchase a Smokey Bear enamel pin (which is maybe better because enamel pins are so popular right now) or Smokey Bear sticker.

Personalized National Parks Blanket.

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Which of these National Parks gifts do you think is best? Let us know in the comments.